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WestWorld Decoded S1 E2 (Chestnut)

I saw some things I wanted to point out in Episode 2. I might do more highlight article/vids depending on what I see in future episodes. So this will be a short one.

Now in the very first scene it is very reminiscent of Donnie Darko. When he is woken up from bed. By a deep voice. Telling him to go outside. Same thing is happening with Dolores.

The voice says, “Wake up Dolores.”


(She goes outside.)


It then says, “Do you remember?”


Now the rabbit in Donnie Darko was not good. He was a Baphomet. He tapped into Donnie’s dark side. He made Donnie do bad things- like destroy the school with water and burn down Cunningham’s mansion. So it seems this “voice” might be a Baphomet too. Leading Dolores to acts of destruction.


We then meet these two guests. William is light haired, light eyed, and Logan is dark haired and dark eyed. One is white and the other is black.


Logan is black. He indulges in matter. Service to self. Anything goes. He walks off with a man arm in arm.


A voice says, “Remember.”


and she does.


“Violent delights have violent ends,” she whispers to Maeve.


And this affects Maeve. What is it doing to Maeve? She is WAKING UP. Like us. A”virus” that gets passed on when we wake others up to the reality of our world.


The host asks Will, “Which do you prefer?” Notice the WHITE hats are on the RIGHT and the BLACK hats are on the LEFT. Black represents the Left Hand Path. Free will- choosing between good and evil. Choosing between the right hand or left hand path.


Maeve says, “This is the New World and in this world you can be whoever the fuck you want.” Now that is the philosophy of the Left Hand Path.


“You can’t play God without being acquainted with the Devil.” says Ford. Notice the mirror image of Ford. It forms a Janus- the two-faced God.


Like the double eagle of the Mason’s.


Lowe- “Its the simplest solution.”

Ford- “Occam’s razor. Someone sabotaging our creation? What you and I practice is so complicated. We practice witchcraft. We speak the right words and we create life itself- out of chaos. William Occam was a 13th century monk. He can’t help us now Bernard. They’d have us burned at the stake.” Controlled Chaos~ CC~33.

So Ford’s telling us HE practices witchcraft. That MASON’S practice witchcraft.

(and he’s looking to the LEFT.)


Remember the Red Umbrella with the bandits covered like Muslims in the last episode? Now in this episode we have the Black and White Umbrellas. And we see Logan (black) and William (white) as well to reinforce this duality.


Maeve says, “This is the New World and in this world you can be whoever the fuck you want.” Now this is the SECOND time Maeve says this phrase. Do I hear a third? (wink)

Also notice how Maeve is seducing a woman instead of a man- anything goes for them.


The Man in Black shows the sign of the devil horns. No mistaking he’s a Black Hat and going “full evil”.


“When you are suffering-that’s when you are the most real,” says the Man in Black. So he likes people to be real apparently because he is totally into causing suffering.


Ford remarks, “Everything in this world is Magic- Except to the Magician.” So true! And they are the “magicians”, the conjurer of spells cast upon US.


And again Maeve says, “This is the New World and in it you can be whoever the fuck you want.” So THREE times we hear this. Because they know by repeating at least THREE times this phrase will sink into our subconscious. They put a SPELL on us while we watch this! Their “anything goes” philosophy, they are trying to INSTILL in US!


At the end of the episode we hear the “Darko” voice again.


Dolores goes outside….


And finds a gun where the voice tells her to look. Remember in Donnie Darko the rabbit showed Donnie where a gun was hiding as well?


And Billy the White Hat meets Dolores.


Ford says, ” A new story line- something quite original.” And shows us a picture of a cross. The story of Jesus perhaps? But with a twist- “quite original”. We’ll see….


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6 responses on “WestWorld Decoded S1 E2 (Chestnut)

  1. lidy

    Goodmorning Rosette, it is quit revealing again. I’m learning a lot here. With your explination it gets clear that there is no such thing as magic, it’s programming. It’s men’s work. People are responsible for doing this sneaky work. They are no magicians, sneakers they are.

      1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

        Lidy in a way you are still correct. Sneakers are shoes you wear on your feet. So you would “sneak” about in sneakers. And yes they are sneaky. Look at that word. What is it an anagram for? SNAKEY. They ARE snakes.

  2. Luke Aspen

    There’s a 1992 movie called Sneakers. Starring Robert RedFORD! About a group of computer hackers or “sneakers”. Good movie about the CIA & programming. “There are no magicians just sneakers”, – perfect Lidy!

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