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Hillary on Kimmel~ Health Psyops Pickle Jar

Hillary’s latest visit on Kimmel’s show opening a pickle jar and the health psyops. I compare it to Trump’s visit on Fallon’s and their masonic connections. All the world’s a stage. And they prove it.

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8 responses on “Hillary on Kimmel~ Health Psyops Pickle Jar

  1. Nathalie guiraudet

    Thank you for your kind words of response. A sane person to listen to in a dense forest of constant background chatter. I grew up with absolutely no spiritual or religious influence. Pretty much mocked everything of that ilk. Believe it or not it was chemtrails that guided me to the heart. We have a small farm so I’m outside all the time and have been watching them for years. Their was nothing I could do to get away from it. Here I was trying to grow healthy food. So I had a lot of anger to deal with. The anger effected my health, probably more so than chemicals. Following a path away from anger led me towards the heart. It was and is a long process, but the most interesting thing that has ever happened to me. The perspective change is mindblowing at times. Just nice to know I’m not alone.

  2. Lola

    Hello Dear Rosie,
    My goodness you have added so many new decodings and videos too! I love them all! I always learn something new whenever I visit your website. It takes me forever to read through just one decoding and to write my own notes accordingly. I tend to move rather slow like an old island turtle but eventually I make it to the end of your article. And by the time I do finish one decoding I always see that you have added yet another one. So my dear child you keep me quite busy. Always trying to catch up!
    Some things I want to share with you Rosie. My sister Carmella is still visiting in the US and she emailed me some photos taken in New York City. I remember you said YORK!
    One photo was a guy in Central Park wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a monkey. But the monkey was smiling an evil looking grin with it’s right eye closed and the left eye wide open. The monkey was also holding up it’s left hand showing the V symbol! Well I instantly thought that is nothing more than a Moon-Key! Is that correct Rosie?
    I told my sister all about it and she could not believe what I was saying. I kept telling her to please visit your website to better understand. She is starting to wake-up!
    Another photo she sent was one of a beautiul woman in the park but it was actually a man in female dress! I could not believe my eyes!
    It makes me think of the Cybele fountain statue in Madrid, Spain. Cybele was the Great Mother Goddess of Rome. She also was born with a penis and a vagina. The Gods feared her double sex and so they severed her penis. She went on to have a love affair with a boy named Attis. She drove him mad when he cheated on her and he castrated himself out of guilt. Her image exists as far back as 7,000 or 8,000 years, but only a few examples depict her as having both organs.
    Cybele was served by an order of self-castrating priests or priestesses, called “Galli”. These Galli were said to castrate themselves and adopt feminine attire. Very few writings by Galli remain, and none of them discuss gender identity. The Galli in Rome were locked away in a special precinct for 364 days a year. They were only allowed out for the Roman festival. They were also scorned and derided by the local people. I found this info long ago and had written it down in an old notebook.. Do youi know about the Galli?
    Well I hope and pray you and your family are safe and sound. Take care dear Rosie.
    Love, Lola

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Dear Lola! So glad to hear from you! I look forward to your messages to me. Always full of good heart energy and great information! Yes you are so right on the T-shirt! Moon-key! Two keys, Sun key and Moon key, moon key is the energy in power right now, of the left. And yes covering the right eye and exposing the Moon eye is what the Moon key is doing! If you look at my Batman V Superman Decoded vid, you will see Lex Luthor with a Moon Key shirt on as well! And YORK is THEIR town. Of the left. Like the York right of Freemasonry. Look at the word Mason. Is has Ma and Son in it. A Baphomet right in the name. Just like the Galli that you mentioned. And no I was not aware of them. Thank you so much for enlightening me on them. Look how they hold them sacred. That is exactly what their goal is for the rest of us.
      Take care as well dear Lola.
      Always a pleasure to hear from you,
      Love Rosette

  3. Luke Aspen

    Hey Rosette.
    I was going to add some stuff about Hillary but when I read the comment left by Lola I nearly fell out. There was an article in yesterday’s paper all about the Galli!! It was written to coincide with yesterday’s Atlanta Gay Pride.
    The Gallus was a eunuch priest. Galli is plural. The 1st Galli arrived in Rome when the Senate officially adopted Cybele as a state Goddess in 204 BC. Roman citizens were prohibited from becoming Galli. That meant that all the Galli were orientals or slaves.
    The Galli castrated themselves during an ecstatic Roman festival called Dies Sanguinis or “Day of Blood”, which took place on March 24. And this, as Lola wrote, was the only day of the year they were allowed out for the Roman festival.
    At the same time they put on women’s costumes, mostly yellow in color, and a sort of turban, together with pendants & earrings. They also wore their hair long & bleached & wore heavy make-up. They wandered the streets begging for charity & in return they offered to tell fortunes.
    They also performed dances with their own music of pipes & cymbals. Cybele = cymbal.
    And remember, in The Color Purple, the main character is named Miss Celie, that Alice “Malsenior” Walker got from Cybele. And all the “cymbolism” throughout the book. Walker was raised in the black gospel church, which today she totally renounces. She said she is now full Pagan & lesbian & so linked with the gay movement.
    Back in the 80’s there was a restaurant here in Atlanta called The Gallus. Regular hangout for gays & drag queens. Never thought about that name until now! Also Gallus = Gal-lust?
    And Galli = Gal-lie = not really a gal but a lie?
    I live in Midtown Atlanta & I’m amazed how quickly it has grown into the gay mecca. There
    was a rainbow painted on a 4-way street intersection. God’s rainbow covenant in the sky is now just a rainbow to be literally walked on. More inversion!

    Are you familiar with Logo TV Ru Paul’s Drag Race? He’s originally from Atlanta & now a Millionaire. Back in the 80’s he was near homeless & photographed filling a grocery cart from a dumpster.
    He later appeared on Oprah & she kept telling him to keep doing & fulfilling his purpose.
    And now in Atlanta he’s considered a institution I’ve read he’s yet another MK monarch & seen many times with flashing the left eye & butterflies in his/her hair.
    Early in his career he helped Elton John remake the song Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart. That song actually has about 4 different lyric versions. Their version is actually known as the MK mix, written as such on the record label, by Giorgio Moroder, the “gay high priest of disco”. It has the line, “Oh, honey when you knock on my door, I give you my key”. That refers to back door sex & the key to access it.

    Barry Manilow last year got married to his long time manager Garry Kief. And his best man turned out to be Suzanne Somers, the “dumb blonde” on Three’s Company. It was a small, private event with only 30 guests, who had been told they were attending a “lunch”. Manilow is still very guarded about his sexuality & Oprah is one of his closest friends. He was also her most requested guest & appeared on her show 3 times. Women still go crazy for Barry & call themselves “fanilows”. Barry Manilow is also quite an atheist & insists his talent is not God given. He gets upset when that is mentioned. A good friend of his threw a tantrum when someone asked him about God & the Bible. And that good friend turned out to be Mike Nichols!

    I’ll post some update on Hillary. I’m curious to know what other stuff you think about her illness & I’ll follow that up to compare. Thank you Rosette.

  4. Luke Aspen

    I’m still researching the Galli! Had never heard of them until I read the news article along with Lola’s comment. Thanks Lola!
    Out of curiosity, I googled Gallus Restaurant Atlanta which sent me on a whirlwind for the last 5 days! Led me to a gal on FB that’s making a doc film all about ATL in the 80’s. She has me helping her do research & she knows RuPaul. That guy is well connected to so many dark celebrities, Many Masons & Monarchs abound! So for now that’s my focus & will share later. Rosette do you know anything else recent about Hillary? I have some new stuff to add but it’s kinda long. Will post as time permits. And still trying to finish the Trump-Cosby-Hefner thing. More mind boggling than ever!

  5. Andrejka

    What are your feelings now we are well into 2017? I am relieved Obama is out of the picture…and Hillary…yet…I wonder how things are going considering the elite or whatever runs so much?

    When friends tell me the news said this or that..I am skeptical because news is propoganda…so I prefer to believe what first hand experiences people I know have had…I guess it keeps it simple. Like the flat earth question…I don’t know for sure. When I bring it up none can tell me that they themselves have measured the curvature or not…what does one do?

    I guess the point is to meditate and be in touch with spirituality rather than know e v e r y t h i n g. It is a challenge to balance being informed, be curious and then knowing when to stop.

    Thank you for your fascinating presentations!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      It doesn’t matter WHO gets into office. They are ALL on the same team. ALL Andrejka. Don’t give them your energy. That is what they want. We need to take our power back from ALL of them. ALL government is BAD. We are meant to be free sovereign individuals on this plane. But keep seeking and you will find the truth for yourself. Nice to connect with you.

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