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Donnie Darko Decoded

So this article is on the movie Donnie Darko, one of my favorites. Supposedly it was hard to find a producer to pick up this screen play with all the major production companies turning it down. Drew Barrymore picked it up with her production company Flower Films. She also agreed to play a part in it as Karen Pomeroy, Donnie’s English teacher. What I find amazing about all of this is that the movie is put together so well. Meaning it is encoded so well. Each little detail ties in. The beginning is connected to the end. And all the little subtleties in between. It doesn’t seem to me to be some amateurishly written story looking for a home. So to me it seems that the controllers wanted to get this story out but didn’t want it to get a lot of attention. They knew it would resonate with a lot of people. And it did. It is a cult classic now. So let’s take a look…


The whole movie takes place in only 28 days in the month of October. Ending just before Halloween. October is the only month that equals 33 in numerology. Orange is the color for October. Orange is the only color in numerology that equals 33 as well. Notice October and Orange start with O. O represents the Omega energy. And 33 for the ones not familiar with it, is the Prime number of the Freemasons. One can go through the first 32 steps but the 33rd is by invitation only. Thirty-three degrees is one above freezing, where the truth is revealed.

October sign lettering

It is also the month in which the Knights Templar got arrested on orders of King Philip and the Pope, on a Friday the 13th in 1307 to be exact. Notice the Masonic checkerboard floor.


And this event in the movie ending just before Halloween, which is one of the two main holidays of the Satanists.

In addition, 28 days is 4 weeks. Each week consists of 7 days, so we have 7777, code for the 4 Pi, otherwise known as the Process Church. Notice that the symbol for the Process Church is very similar to the Knights Templar Cross, just twisted, like a swastika.

The Process Church worship four gods, each of which are represented by a 7 or P. They are Jehovah, Lucifer, Satan and Jesus, with the vast majority worshiping Lucifer. They demote Jesus to Messenger status. That is why you usually see only the three depicted in their writings.


If we look at the movie title and name of the main character, Donnie Darko, we see DD= 44. Forty-four is a Master Number. It was used by the Son of Sam sect. Son of Sam stands for Sons of Samhain. Their favorite weapon of choice was the Colt 44.


Then we have dOn as opposed to dAn. (O in the middle instead of A) Tribe of Dan, the Jesus line, but the A or Alpha, related to the active masculine, is replaced by an O or Omega, the negative feminine. We get further confirmation in the last name, “Dark O”, Dark Omega, Moon Energy, energy from the dark, the night. And what is the first song we here? Echo and the Bunnymen singing about the KILLING MOON.

Notice too that we have a BunnyMAN in the movie as well… his name is Frank.


So what does this tell us about Donnie? Is he evil? So far the movie is more reminiscent of Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis than a “light” movie.


So the movie takes place in the year 1988. We find out that Time Travel comes up. Now remember that nothing is by coincidence. They picked this year on purpose. Eighty-eight has to do with infinity squared.


Like Time Travel being TT. T squared. Times Square. Time Squared. TT equals 22 and is the sign for Master Builder and the Fool of the Tarot Deck- the Christ card. It is also hidden in the Pi sign. Again tied to the Process Church.


Remember in Back to the Future, they had to reach 88 miles per hour for the time machine to work? Eighty-eight is also HH and HH is used by the Nazi’s. It stands for Heil Hitler. Adolf Hitler’s birthday is only one of two birthday’s the Satanists worship, the other being Aleister Crowley’s.

Christ’s number is also 888 which equals 24. Twenty-four is the symbol for Jupiter. Jupiter is associated with Zeus. Zeus means “of Jesus”. Are we seeing the connections? Jesus is a Time Traveler.


Another example is Curtis Everett. The main character in the movie Snowpiercer. His name is an anagram for Curist. Switch out the ‘U” with an “H’ and you have Christ. Everett is “vere” which means “truth” and TT. Again the TT is for Time Traveler. So you have Christ ever true the time traveler.


In the opening scene the sun is rising. Notice the “purple haze” in the sky. Purple is the color of the Abyss. The sun is shining on Donnie’s name. He is connected to the Sun/Son.


Donnie wakes up from apparently sleeping on the bike trail. He doesn’t know why he is there, then it dons on him and he smiles. Dawn… Dawnie….the rising Sun/Son.


He rides back down to his town called Middlesex (reminds me of Midgard) or Middle Garden, which is another name for Earth from Norse mythology. So this story takes place in a town but is representative of Earth as a whole. Look how similar this picture looks to where Donnie was just sitting.


A Trans Am drives past Donnie. It is the same car that will be involved in the “killing time” as the song plays.


Donnie jumps on the trampoline with his sister.


His mom Rose, is reading Stephen King’s IT, about a scary clown that appears out of nowhere. So they want us to associate Donnie’s rabbit with this evil clown.

Rose is an anagram for Eros, which is the God of Love.


Notice the eye on Donnie’s right. It is a “right” eye, letting us know Donnie is “of the right”. The right hand of God.


There is an Owl on the fridge, meaning Donnie can see the unseen- the occulted knowledge.


And another Owl under his lamp in case you missed the first one.


The clock strikes midnight and events begin. Notice the frown face. The killing time.


Notice the American flag where the jet engine will be crashing through.


It reminds me of the hidden flag symbolism in the movie Avatar as well.


“Frank” wakes Donnie up and tells him to go outside.


He wakes up on the golf course.


And notices he wrote a date on his arm with a black marker.

Frank tells him that, “This is when the world will end.”

So I was looking at this number and I got two things out of it.

One, that if we add 2+8 and 6+4 we get 10 twice and in numerology we drop the zeros, so we have 1+1+2+1+2. If we put coinciding letters to it we have a+j+t+a+k which is ajtak. If we look up “ajtak” we find, in India “Aajtak” news service.

AAJ TAK is a 24-hour Hindi news television channel, in India, owned by TV Today Network. AAJ TAK loosely translates as “Till Today” or “Up to the Minute”.

So “up to the minute”. And then we have Ajtak flipped is Katja. Katja is a form of the name Freyja which is the Norse Goddess similar to Diana. India is an anagram of Diana.

Also if we take out 2016 from the date, we are left with 8, 4 and 2 and 2. If we add the 8 and 4 we get 12. So we have 12-22-2016 as a date of the “world ending”. But will it?


Donnie walks up and finds out something happened at his house.


An airplane engine is pulled from the house’s ceiling and put on a truck bed to be taken away. One worker is in orange. Remember orange is 33. The other is in a “space suit”. Is this from “inner space”?


Notice that the engine makes a spiral pattern with rays coming off of it.


The rays and the spiral are connected to the Sun. The sun is believed to be a portal. We come in through the sun and leave through the moon.


The spiral also comes up in The Revenant, connected to Hugh Glass…


and in Snowpiercer, associated with the hero Curtis…


The family is relieved to see Donnie appear since they didn’t know if he was in his room when the engine crashed into his bedroom.


“Men in Black” have the Darko’s sign a confidentiality agreement.


“They don’t know where it came from.” says Elizabeth chuckling.


“Remember that kid at the Middlesex prom? He said he was doomed. Jesus! They could have said the same thing about Donnie.” said Donnie’s dad.

Associating the word “Jesus” with “Donnie” here.


Notice the “rainbow” next to Donnie. The rainbow is also associated with Jesus. Remember that the rainBOW ARCHes at 42 degrees. The sign of the ARCHer is Sagittarius. Sagittarius literally means “the archer”. The planet that is associated with the ARCHer is Jupiter. Jupiter’s symbol is a 24. See the connection to the rainBOW? And who is Jupiter? Jupiter is Zeus. Zeus means “of Jesus”. Jesus is the ARCHer, Jesus is the rainBOW. So when we see a rainbow associated with Donnie we know he represents Christ.


here we have the Bullies, the satanic characters. Notice the sticker on the locker, “What would Satan do?” He is doing a line of coke when the principal walks by, sees it, but says nothing and keeps on going.


The “mongrel”, school mascot, is chained. Reminds me of the Devil card in the Tarot deck.

Notice the “grumpy face”.


Notice the club. And how he is squatting.


Now look at the Tarot card for the Devil. Notice how he is grumpy. He is holding a club. And he is squatting. There are chains, but not on his legs, on the necks of the “students” instead. The chains are loosely bound, showing the “students” choose to be chained through their free will.


Kitty Farmer, introduces Jim Cunningham to the Principal. But is it the first time the Principal has met Cunningham? Well the handshake seems to tell another story.


Notice Cunningham putting his hand over the Principal’s, showing he is a Master Mason. In front of the oblivious Kitty or one of the Profane- as they would call her.

Jim Cunningham is the Luciferian character. At the upper levels this is who the Mason’s worship. Cunningham as in Cunning Man.

Just after, the English and Science teachers walk up. They shake Cunningham’s hand too- a normal handshake. The teachers are NOT Masons.


“It is as though this plan has been with him all his life. Pondered through the seasons. Now in his 15th year crystallized with the pain of puberty.” reads Miss Pomeroy.

Donnie replies, “Destruction is a form of creation. The fact that they burn the money is ironic. He just wants to see what happens when he tears the world apart. They want to change things.”

Now its interesting that Donnie says this because Donnie is 15 and Donnie does something similar. Does he want to see how the world will change by HIS actions?

The new girl Gretchen Ross, walks in and the teacher says, “Sit next to the boy who you think is the cutest.” She sits next to Donnie.

Notice that Gretchen Ross in numerology equals 88. So Gretchen is also a time traveler.


How old is Grandma Death? 101…Roberta Sparrow is 101. 101 is binary code…. 101 is also Laugh Out Loud….and Lucifer our Lord. One oh one represents the duality system we are in.


“I made an imaginary friend named Frank. He said follow me to the future and then he said the world is coming to an end,’ Donnie tells his therapist.


Donnie dreams of black monoliths. Monolith is Moon Lilith. So the black monoliths represent who is in control of our world, the Lilith or Luciferian energy, the feminine negative. Interesting they come up here. They come up in other movies as well.


The border of the world in The Giver…


And in 2001 A Space Odyssey….


And even the “door” that Truman goes through… Note that True Man is the Christ figure in that story….notice the background is blue like the sky and a black door like in Donnie’s dream….

the truman show jesus

His younger sister Sam writes a story about the last Unicorn. Donnie is also the last unicorn.


The chained Unicorn. Lion, Tribe of Judah, over Unicorn, Tribe of Dan. Dannie~ Donnie


The school custodian discovers the water main has been damaged by an ax. Water is flooding the school. Notice it says, “THEY made me do it,” not HE made me do it. And the “they” are? Notice the Mason’s reading the sign.

So first destruction by WATER.


“I was in jail once. I accidentally burned down this house. It was abandoned.” (Just like in The Destructors.)

“Donnie Darko. What kind of name is that? Sounds like some sort of super hero.”

“What makes you think I’m not?”


In an alternate universe he would be the Superman character. Gretchen and Donnie ~ Lois and Clark.


Notice the black and white checkered flag, representing the masonic connection.


“Where do you come from?” says Donnie as he looks into the mirror.


“Do you believe in Time Travel?” says Frank, “I can show you the way.” Notice Frank’s right eye is lit up. Foreshadowing events to come.


“The life line is divided into two Polar extremes- Fear and Love. Negative energy spectrum positive energy spectrum,” explains Kitty.

Donnie is upset because he hasn’t quite figured things out. He jumps on Kitty saying, “There is a whole spectrum of emotion. You can’t just lump them all together in Fear or Love.”


Donnie has to go to the principal’s office with his parents. They are told that “His Iowa test scores, are off the charts.” Donnie is a genius. If anyone can figure out what’s going on it is Donnie.


“I’m worried Rose. Look in the mirror. Follow the righteous path. He doesn’t succumb and follow the path of fear.” ~ exclaims Kitty.

And you know what? Kitty is right. It IS a choice between Fear and Love and Donnie needs to figure out which path he is on.


Notice the sky light where the ceiling and the US flag used to be. Are they trying to tell us something? Mystery Babylon falling? Will the US be wiped out?


The next shot is of the cross and IHS. IHS is connected to the Jesuits. It stands for Isis, Horus, Set. Set connected to Lucifer, in whom the Catholics worship. Also if you switch the letters around you get SHI or SHE as in the feminine negative again. Worshiping the Moon, the moon Lilith, monolith.


“Can I ask you about Time Travel?”

Professor Monnitoff replies, “You need a vessel and a portal…” He is explaining the version he is allowed, the NASA version.

“Like a DeLorean? You know I love the way they shot that’s so um, like futuristic you know?”

Monnitoff~ moon it off… not of the moon


“She was a nun. Overnight she became a totally different person. She up and left. She became a teacher here. She wrote this book.”

The professor explains the science behind the “Einstein and Rosen Bridge” That a wormhole is a space controlled by MAN. In this version they take GOD out of the picture.

Notice the ball inside two magnetic rings. Is this how Time Travel works? Is this how our Earth works?


In the next scene Donnie is home lounging with his father, his father’s friend and son watching the football game. Notice the numbers on the screen. 25 and 22. Twenty-five is 2+5 equaling 7. Twenty-two divided into 7 equals Pi, 3.14. 22 over 7 is Pi in fractional form. Remember Pi is connected to Time Travel.


Donnie sees “worms” coming out of his chest and others. These worms go in front of the person they come out of. Like leading them. Notice how the worms are clear but made up of rainbow colors. They are connected to source.


Donnie is driven to his shrink appointment. He says to her, “I think he wants me to talk to her. (Frank talking about Roberta Sparrow) He talked to me about Time Travel and then she wrote a book about it. It can’t be a coincidence can it?” I would say… it couldn’t.

“What did she say to you?” asks the therapist.

“She said, Every living creature on Earth dies alone,” he replies.

She then asks, “Do you feel alone right now?”

“I’d like to believe I’m not. I’ve just never seen any proof. So I just don’t debate it and debate it. Over and over. Weighing the pros and cons. But then I still don’t have any proof. It’s absurd,” he retorts.

“The search for God is absurd?” she questions.

He answers profoundly, “It is if everyone dies alone.”

“Does that scare you?”

“I don’t want to be alone.”


In the next scene Donnie tries to kiss Gretchen but she stops him.

“I want it to be…” she says. He finishes her thought, “What?… want it to remind you of how beautiful the world can be?”

“Yeah…” she says. So you can see they are in sync. They think alike.

But there is a  fat man in the red suit watching them, spoiling the moment.

Who do you think of when I say fat man in red suit? Santa of course. And Santa is an anagram of Satan. He represents the material, the base, during Christmas time, while Christ is spirit, heart energy.


The next morning the students assemble in the auditorium where Jim Cunningham does his Fear versus Love presentation.


He puts a slide up which says, “Searching for love in all the wrong places.” It’s of Frank, and ironically talking about exactly what Donnie is doing. Donnie becomes unhinged.


“I might be troubled but I think you are the fucking anti-Christ.” he says of Cunningham.


The irony is that Cunningham is a bad man. Donnie senses this.


“There are chapters in that book I’m seeing. So it can’t be a coincidence.” This book is Sparrow’s Philosophy of Time Travel.


Like how we have an energy connection with source through our chests. Donnie can see these “worms’.


He has a second conversation about Time Travel with his science teacher. Donnie says Free Will is not affected “if you travel in GOD’s channel.”

The teacher replies, “I can’t continue this conversation.”

“Why?” asks Donnie.

“I could lose my job,” he replies.

And why is that? Because we know that teachers are paid to teach what the bureaucrats tell them that they CAN teach. That is it based on Rockefeller science. It is science with God taken out of the picture.

It is Philosophy of Time Travel versus Stephen Hawking Science. It is Right hand path versus Left hand path. It is MAN versus GOD.


Donnie sees Charuta when he walks out of the classroom. He has been observing how troubled she is. He has empathy for her.

“I promise that one day, everything is going to be better for you,” he says.


Notice the red roses on the book on either side of Donnie’s name. Associating Donnie with the Red Rose. The red rose is the rose in the center of the gold cross. The red rose is symbolic of Jesus on the cross. Remember Donnie’s mom is named Rose as well. Showing the connection is through her.


He miraculously finds Jim Cunningham’s wallet when he is walking home. So now he knows where Jim lives. Reminds me of the miraculous finding of the hijacker’s passports after 9/11 in the rubble of the World Trade Center.


Jim lives in a rich opulent house. Does he get all that money with the help of his Masonic connections? Like through presentations funded by the Principal perhaps?


Donnie and Gretchen worked on a project together for their science class. Glasses that can be put on a baby where they see beautiful images while they are sleeping.

“Did you think infants need darkness?” asks the teacher. “That darkness is part of their development?”

Or is that what the Satanists want us to think? That we need the DARK? The Dark O?

Donnie and Gretchen work together, like Lois and Clark.


“What if parents put in pictures of Satan? Dead people. Crap like that,” says one of the bullies. Again associating these two with the violent arm- the Satanists. They then callously mention how Gretchen’s mom got stabbed by her dad.


Gretchen runs out crying with Donnie going after her. Gretchen gives Donnie a passionate kiss. To replace the pain that she is feeling. Replacing FEAR with LOVE.


They go to the movies later that night. Aero~ Arrow, another reference to the Archer.


“TWO for Evil Dead. TWO dollars.” They say two twice, for 22, the number of the Fool, Christ’s number.


Gretchen quickly falls asleep while Donnie has words with Frank.


“Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?”, says Donnie.

“Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?” says Frank. Because the Satanists want us to think of our bodies as meat suits, not the temples that they are.


Notice how Frank looks very similar to the Baphomet. Same pointy ears, snout and dark coloring.


Frank takes off the Rabbit head at Donnie’s request. We see that Frank’s RIGHT eye is injured. Frank sees with his LEFT. He sees with the MOON eye. Is Frank good? I would say….NO.


He sends Donnie out to Jim’s house to destroy it. Notice the “Last Temptation of Christ.” Donnie being “tempted” one last time.


Donnie is mind controlled into doing this act.


Second destruction by FIRE. Remember first was by WATER.


His little sister Sam is in a group called Sparkle Motion. Notice the sexualizing of the girls. Also their colors are black and silver, or black and white.


Similar to beauty pageants like Jon Benet Ramsey was in.

Jon Benet in Masonic black and white.


The fire fighters discover a hidden Kiddie Porn Dungeon, which has links to a child pornography publishing service. The Luciferians are all about sex magik. They believe the energy of the young is the best. Did Cunningham film Sparkle Motion?


Kitty tells Rose of her concern that Donnie is following the path of Fear. People scoff at Kitty but she is right.

She asks Rose to take the girls to their dance trial since she will be helping to defend Cunningham.


“How does it feel to have a Wacko for a son?” says Donnie.

Rose answers, “It feels wonderful.” Unconditional love- Eros.


The English teacher is packing up in the next scene. She ends up being let go because of her teaching style. She wants to break the kids from the “spell”, the apathy they feel. The principal doesn’t care because she is not a Mason. They protect their own.

Written on the chalkboard is Cellar Door. Donnie asks why and she replies that it is the most beautiful phrase in the English language.

Cellar Door… Door is an anagram for Ordo as in “Ordo Ab Chao”, order out of chaos. Does the cellar door lead to Order? Ordo is on the right, Chao is on the left. Divine Order- peace and harmony through the Cellar Door.


Donnie goes back to his therapist, where he explains, “I have to obey him. He saved my life. I have to obey him or I’ll be left alone.” Donnie’s FEAR.


Since their parents are out of town and Elizabeth gets notice she is accepted to Harvard, they decide to have a party. Notice the pumpkin carving of Frank on the counter. They have a connection to Frank between them. Donnie’s bunny and Elizabeth’s boyfriend are one and the same.


The fat man in the red suit pops up at Donnie’s party. I wonder why? Does he know the events to follow are of violence? Santa ~ Satan


Gretchen comes to Donnie’s distraught. Her mother is missing and her father who previously attacked her is still out there. She fears the worse. They go upstairs where they replace the FEAR with LOVE.

Gretchen says, “I guess some people are just born with tragedy in their blood.” She means herself, but it is Donnie who will be the Martyr. M- Arthur, M- Archer. Christ on the cross.


His mom calls while boarding the plane with his little sister Sam, holding the last unicorn.


The clock is sad again. And striking midnight. The time is almost up.


Donnie follows his “worm” to the kitchen.


There is a note on the fridge saying that Frank (his older sister’s boyfriend) went to get beer. This Frank is Frank.


Donnie looks into the wormhole at Gretchen’s chest and sees that it is connected to source. This excites him. He knows what he has to do now.


While looking through Gretchen’s wormhole he says, “cellar door.”


They hop on bicycles with his two buddies.


Reminiscent of Elliott and ET, also on a Halloween type night. Also preceding a “supernatural event”.


They make it to Sparrow’s… cellar door.

While there the “bullies” show up meaning to rob the place. They are surprised to find Donnie and Gretchen. They accost them and drag them outside. They throw them to the ground.


Just then Frank drives up in his red Trans Am, the same one that passed Donnie at the beginning of the movie, and swerves to miss hitting Roberta Sparrow. Instead he hits Gretchen. Killing her.


Out of anguish Donnie shoots Frank with the gun that he ironically got with the guidance of Frank. He shoots Frank in the right eye and kills him.


Matthew 10:29

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? And one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.

Gretchen is on the ground. Gretchen is a Sparrow.


He takes Gretchen home where he kisses his sister on the forehead saying goodbye while she is sleeping. A portal opens up above his house. He has very little time left.


He drives Gretchen up to the hills where he can escape the police and watch God’s portal open up.


His mom and sister are on the plane that loses the engine.


It falls off on its way down to Donnie’s bedroom. Going through a huge portal.


The picture of the right eye on Donnie’s wall is shown. Donnie sees with his right. He sacrifices for the right, for the good, for God.


He laughs because he figured out that he will NOT be alone. And that is good.


The next day is October 2 again. The timeline has looped and started over.


But this time Frank doesn’t get Donnie out of bed. This time Donnie stays there and let’s the engine fall on him. Changing the time line for the better. He sacrifices himself so Gretchen has a better life. So Frank lives. So his mom and sister live. Charuta is now happy. Cunningham regrets his actions and is truly remorseful.


The Men in Black come again to this new accident scene. Do they really know what’s going on? Or are they trying to figure it out just like the rest of us? No matter how much MAN tries to control things, it seems GOD has a plan of his own.


They haul the engine away.


Although they have a sense that there is more to what happened, they don’t know. The little boy asks Gretchen if she knows Donnie and she answers “no”. But there is a sense she does. An amnesia block is in place. This is the block that we all have. That we have to work through to find the truth about our world.


She waves to Rose.


And Rose waves back. They share a bond but they don’t know why.


Just like Martha and Lois do…both loved Donnie, both loved Clark.


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