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The Truth is in the Code.

Avatar Decoded

So a couple of things before I start. First off, if you want me to follow a script and hurry up, get on with it, you don’t have a lot of time and don’t want me to waste any of it, then this decoding isn’t for you. Go away. Being here, in this space and time, is VOLUNTARY. So just go away and you won’t be bothered by it. It’s that simple.

Second, I’ve been watching a lot of Russian Vids work (this is a different person from the No Trees guy) and find it exceptional. He exposes the propaganda in the news, entertainment industry and in the political realm. I do a similar thing although I focus more on the movies. He uses a bible quote at the beginning of some of his vids that I want to share here, because doing this is truly a labor of love. Ephesians 5:11 says, “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” That’s what my decodings are all about. I am trying to relay the people behind these films, agenda’s being pushed, where they are steering humanity and their ultimate goal.

So with that said, let’s begin.

We can start by looking at the production company behind Avatar, 20th Century Fox. So most people know that FOX in numerology is 666, but we have a few other things as well. Notice the colors, purple and gold. Gold is the color of illumination. The two light beams are illuminating upwards. The purple represents the ones in power- the blue bloods, one shade away on the rainbow spectrum from violet. Violet, purple, is the color of the Abyss, the color of Lucifer. Oprah’s The Color Purple, Hendrix’s Purple Haze, Prince’s Purple Rain…you should be noticing the use of purple now in bogus news stories.

Notice the TTT in the base. This stands for Triple Tau and 222. Twenty-two is the number for the Master Builder. It is Christ’s number. They take his number and use it for themselves. A tripled number is even more powerful, instead of squared(2D), it is cubed (3D).


Here is the Triple Tau on the left. Displayed here with some other masonic symbols. All in plain sight. Notice the purple symbol across from it.


So we see a masonic tie with the producer, Fox, but do we have one with the director, James Cameron? Well of course we do. Cameron in numerology is 33 so we have that right off the bat. Thirty three is the degree just above freezing. So it stands for “the ones in the know”. Now if we look at some photos of Cameron they give us more clues.

This photo is masonic black and white. Cameron is looking straight into the camera. His mouth is closed. This shows us he not only is in the know, but he is a Handler as well. He is pressing his finger onto his LEFT cheek, pointing to his LEFT eye, his MOON eye, the eye of Lucifer…..


just like Aleister Crowley.

download (1)

We also have James here with his silver hair and blue tie. Silver and blue are also the colors of the Left, the feminine negative, Lilith or Lucifer. He is holding his hands in a downward V or the water symbol. The water is the element of the moon, again tied to Lucifer.


Now if we look at the release date of Avatar, it shows it was released on December 18, 2009. December 18 is also the date that fellow Luciferian George Lucas released Star Wars. Why on the 18th? Because 18 is 666 and 18 is the MOON card of the Tarot deck.


Making a Murderer was also released on December 18. Remember that Steve Avery was jailed for 18 years before he was released, as were the West Memphis Three. Making a Murderer has the MM alliteration. MM is code for 33. Avery and the West Memphis Three were all guilty, but because our justice system is so corrupt, the Mason’s had them released symbolically after (666) 18 years each.

Here is Avery in masonic black and white jail clothes. The presiding judge was Judge Fox and the main news coverage was by FOX 11 (so Fox- 6+6+6 = 18, which is 1 +8 = 9, so you have 9/11 there.)


Avery reminds me of Aviary and brings me back to our movie Avatar and the Na’Vi. In Na’Vi we have Naïve, which is another word for natural, innocent or pure. We also have Avian, which is related to birds. And we will see how that relates in a bit.


Now the world they live on is called Pandora. If you look at the picture that they show us of it, it looks like the global version of Earth that they push. And they have Jupiter right behind it. So they are telling us, this story, Avatar, takes place on Earth. Now Pandora is derived from the  Greek word “pan” meaning “all” and “dora” which means “gift”. So you have “all endowed”. A gift from the Prime Creator to humanity- Midgard, Middle Garden, the only other garden is Asgard, which is Heaven. So a place to cherish. Remember that Earth is an anagram for Heart.


Now there is a reason why they showed Jupiter behind Pandora (Earth). It is because Jupiter is symbolic of Jesus. Jupiter is the sign of Sagittarius and Sagittarius is the Archer. The Archer is the “ruler of the Arch”, the Arch is Noah’s Arch, or Noah’s Ark, depicted in the constellations above our Earth. The center point is the North Star or Polaris, which is also know as Arthur. Arthur is Archer. King Arthur sits in the middle of the Round Table surrounded by his 12 knights, just like the 12 constellations, just like Jesus and his 12 disciples. Avatar is an archer.


Now the Hindu version of Jesus is Vishnu. Vishnu is called the Preserver or Protector. He is depicted as a pale blue being. Avatar is derived from the Sanskrit roots “ava” meaning “down” and “tri” meaning “to cross over”. So Avatar refers to “human incarnations of God.”

Now before we meet the “avatar” of our movie I wanted to mention a couple of stories related to Vishnu. Supposedly Vishnu incarnated a few times. In one incarnation he was Vamana, a dwarf avatar. In this story, demon king Bali gains disproportionately enormous powers, ruling the entire universe and abusing it. The dwarf avatar approaches Bali in the form of a monk, when Bali is trying to show off by giving alms at a sacrifice. Bali offers the dwarf any riches he wants, the monk refuses and asks for three steps of land. Bali grants it to him. The dwarf grows, in his first step takes the earth, the second all of the heavens, and for the third the netherworld where Bali returns to.

Notice how Bali is another name for Baal or Lucifer.

In another incarnation Vishnu is Kalki,  the last avatar and appears as man with a white horse with wings, projected to end the Kali yuga, in order that the cosmos may renew and rest. We are in the Kali yuga now. So our Avatar is playing Kalki, the last avatar, here to save humanity. Here to save the Na’vi, the naive.


So let’s meet him. His name is Jake Sully. Sully means to damage the purity or integrity of; defile. Seems an inversion of who he is and what his mission is. Notice how they show his RIGHT eye. And he is looking towards the right. It is because he “sees with his right.” He is the right hand of God. He is right, meaning he is good, he is with God. They show him in blue, foreshadowing what he soon will become.


Before we move on from the eye symbolism. Check out this right eye from a FOX show as well. It’s from Wayward Pines. It is Ethan Burke’s eye, the hero or Jesus character from that series. Notice it is green, just like Jake’s.

Now before you think that is “one eye symbolism” and has to be bad, let me read you this quote from the Bible, “Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth his flock! The sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye. His arm shall be clean dried up and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.” So we see the right eye is good. The left eye is the moon eye, the sinister eye, the eye of Lucifer.


So the year is 2154 and Jake is recruited by a mining company to work on a team that deals with their mining operations. He had a twin brother who was killed and since Jake shared the same DNA he was chosen as the replacement. Now this says a lot because DNA is an anagram for Dan, as in the Tribe of Dan. So they are saying that the Chosen One will come from the Tribe of Dan.  The coffin has 76 in the number and 33. It’s digital root is 93. 93 is an important number for Crowley. They use this as the distance from the Earth to the Sun, but since I believe the Sun is under the dome and only 3,000 miles away, I think the 93 is code for something else. Possibly the 9 worlds in 3 realms of Norse Mythology.


The medic tells Jake upon waking, “We’re there Sunshine, we’re there.” So he’s associated Jake with the Sun, or the Son, the son of God, which is Jesus. “You’ve been in 5 years, 9 months and 22 days.” Twenty-two, the Master Builder number again.


Here is the spaceship they came in on. Pushing their space propaganda. Notice the four golf balls. I wonder if Cameron likes golf. It seems to be an inside joke because later in the movie the businessman, Parker Selfridge, is seen using a putter hitting balls.


So when we get there we see it is a world of trees. with GIANT trees to be precise. Whole communities of living creatures live in these trees. We find out the Na’Vi are among them and call their tree Home Tree. Now are they trying to tell us something here? We had the YouTube vid just come out called No Forests on Flat Earth. Where they showed how certain landmarks such as Devil’s Tower appear to be sawed down Giant Trees. Mount Meru, located at the North Pole, could possibly have been the greatest of these trees, the Tree of Life, or Home Tree.


The next image is of their craft landing at their base. We can see clearly that it is a big quarry site. Again, similar to the vid on Giant Trees.


Here they show us an aerial view.


And then they show us the huge machines used for their mining operations. Is this truth hidden in this movie? Showing us what was done?


Their base looks like an oil refinery that we would see on Earth. Oil, or carbon, the Earth’s blood, like vampires sucking the life out of that world.


And an interesting comment here by the military guy. He says to Jake, “Let’s go Special K, do not make me wait for you.” Special K is K 19, or Potassium, the building block of life.


Jake goes straight to the “pep talk” by the Colonel. Notice the Colonel has four marines on his right and four marines on his left. Kind of like Jesus, with his six disciples on his right and six disciples on his left. But for Quarditch his team equals nine. Nine is the number right before completion. Meaning he’s on a mission and its almost done.  Now notice the flag behind them. Yes a “flag”, the American flag. So a mission almost completed that has to do with the US.


Notice here when Jake meets Norm Spellman. We have the 666 on the three pillars. Spellman is another name for a Wizard. Similar to M. Night Shamalan, or M. Night Shaman.  A shaman is another name for a spellman as well. Remember M. Night Shamalan was the director for Wayward Pines.


So here we have Norm showing Jake the body he will be occupying- or his Avatar. So he would be human (sully), entering a Na’vi (pure). So we have the Hu (pure) and Man (sully) connection.


So Jake is supposed to video log his activities as he goes. He says, “So here I am doing science.” Interesting because he starts out with this thought. That he is there to help the scientists (left hand path). We will see that he ends up helping the “priests” (right hand path).


So we meet Parker Selfridge and Grace Augustine. The businessman and the scientist. Working together to figure out how to move the Na’vi from the Home Tree. Notice their base is a Pentagram. A pentagram contains the five elements, the five pointed star, the symbol of Lucifer.


He reminds Grace why they are there. To obtain Unobtainium. It’s unobtainium because its just that, unobtainable. But Selfridge, or selfish, service to self, doesn’t care. He will do whatever it takes to get it.


Now Jake is put into his Avatar body for the first time. And what do we notice? His RIGHT eye lights up. He “sees with his right”. Further confirmation on who he is.


And if we are still not sure, they show Jupiter behind him in the same scene.


They have Grace go out and meet up with Jake. Notice the X’s in the railing behind her. X is 6 in numerology. So we have six six’s behind her. She is wearing a tank top that says Stanford on it. Stanford is one of the major sites for MK Ultra mind control projects.


Now we’ve seen the Giant trees, they are also showing us that the Avatar’s are Giants as well.


Remember the Master Builder number? We have 11 and 11 next to Jake. Eleven and eleven equal 22.


They show Chacon with the Pentagram patch. Symbolic of the Pentagon, the military industrial complex. And since they aren’t officially working for the military on this operation they would be considered like Black Op’s or Blackwater mercenaries. Water, the element of the left and black symbolizing the Abyss.


So they land in the jungle and Jake quickly gets separated from the group.The group returns to base leaving Jake to fend for himself over night. Notice Jake makes a spear. Like Arthur with his spear, in the constellation I showed you previously.


Neytiri finds him and was planning on killing him, but an Eywa lands on her arrow stopping her. Notice Neytiri is an Archer too.


Like Katniss in The Hunger Games, along with her friend Gale Hawthorne. Eywa is an anagram for Yahweh.


They again show Jupiter, associating her with Jesus as well.


Before Neytiri saves him, Jake protects himself with fire. Fire is the element of the right.


In Hunger Games, Katniss was known as the “girl on fire”.


After she rescues him the Eywa come and land on Jake. Neytiri says that they are seeds of the sacred tree, very pure spirits. So they sense this in Jake. He asks her why she rescued him. She says, “You have a strong HEART. No fear. But stupid, ignorant like a child.”


Jake gets taken back to Home Tree. Notice how big it is. How they live in it under the root structure. They also live in the branches and have hammocks for beds.

From the Book of Daniel: “The tree grew large and became strong
And its height reached to the sky,
And it was visible to the end of the whole earth.
‘Its foliage was beautiful and its fruit abundant,
And in it was food for all.
The beasts of the field found shade under it,
And the birds of the sky dwelt in its branches,
And all living creatures fed themselves from it.”


Jake meets Neytiri’s mother. She says how she tried to teach others before him but they couldn’t learn. That there cups were already full. Jake replies, “It is hard to fill a cup that is already full. My cup is empty. Trust me.” And then…”I’m no scientist. I was a marine, a warrior.” So you see his transition from “scientist” or mind, to “priest” or one of heart.

Moat replies, “We will see if your insanity can be CURED.”


So Jake would be a CURIST. Like Curtis in Snowpiercer. Curtis is an anagram for Curist. And Curist is one letter off from Christ. Just switch the “U” out for an “H”.


When he falls asleep he wakes in his normal body. Back to his paralyzed legs, back to the world.  He says, “Everything is backwards now, in there is real life, here, is a dream.”

He goes to the control room where he sees they are planning on going in and forcibly removing the Na’vi from their home.


They show a quick scene where Max Patel is the “insider” getting info for Grace against the company. Notice the downward pointing triangle on the wall. That is the water symbol, like I showed previously Cameron doing with his hands.

Max overhears Selfridge say, “Just find out what the Blue Monkeys want. We tried to give them medicine, education, roads.” So they mention roads here to show who they are; which are the Romans, the road builders.


So after Grace finds out their plan she takes the gang to the Hallelujah mountains in the sky.


Jake reenters his Avatar body and wakes up in Home Tree.


There Neytiri introduces him to dragons. She shows him hers and explains how you have to catch one and bond with it.


So Jake accomplishes this and flies off.


Jake reminds me of Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon, which came out a year after Avatar. The dragons look very similar. Why so much dragon imagery in movies? We have it in Game of Thrones and now there is a new movie out called Pete’s Dragon. WERE there dragons?

dragon 2

Notice the arches that they fly over and through. Arches for the dome over Earth? Arches for the Archer being Jake, the Avatar?



Jake is acknowledged as one of them. He says, “Na’vi say every person is born twice. The second time is when you earn your place among the people forever.” Omaticaya~ A mi o catya…


The people are like the tree, a network of energy that flows through all living things- “all energy is only borrowed and one day you have to give it back.”


So back at the camp, the miners take off and destroy the trees.


Jake tries to stop them by knocking out the machines eyes.


These “eyes” remind me of Wall-E. And then I think of the destruction of that world. What this world would end up looking like if nothing is done to stop it.


At the control room the Colonel explains how the “hostiles” (notice the word choice) will go from 200 to 2000 in a day and in a week’s time will be 20,000. So we have the 222 code again there.

Max watched on and reported back to Jake and Grace that they are planning “some kind of shock and awe campaign”. Remind you of anything? George Bush and Desert Storm by chance? Notice the soldier doing the downward V or sign of the water element again, the sign of?…. Lucifer.


So the Colonel and his mercenaries blow up Home Tree or The Tree of Life.


They burn it so nothing will be left but ash.


They capture Jake and Grace but Chacon comes to their rescue. Not all the mercenaries are bad. Showing there is hope for us too.


Jake has a plan. The fearless one is going to ride the most ferocious dragon. Just like Hiccup did.


He rallies the Na’vi and has them go to the ends of their world to bring others to help in their fight. They realize the fight is all of theirs. That only together they can save their world.


They fight the metal dragons with their real dragons.


The real Giants fight the metal giants. All the creatures of the forest come and help as well.


Jake has to battle the Colonel. He has to battle what he WAS proving who he has BECOME.


The Colonel punctures the air container that Jake is in. Making him collapse from lack of oxygen. Neytiri pierces the Colonel with arrows. The archer kills the man of metal, of stone.


Like a good story, she gets to him in the nick of time and saves him.


Jake does a final log entry before signing off for good. The log started on May, 19 and ended on August 24, which happens to be James Cameron’s birthday. James Cameron was born in 1954 so this date would be exactly 200 years since his birth. August 24 will be just a day or two after I post this article and then YouTube vid. I wonder if we will have an event on that day?? A final battle?

August 24, 2154 is 39… 39/93… Crowley’s number again.


So they do a ceremony where Jake’s dream world becomes his real world.


He becomes the Avatar for good.

Always for good- Loads of Love ~ Rosette










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  1. James Toll

    Hi Rosette,

    I want to thank-you for all that you do to help the slumbering populace awaken from their slumber..

    I was inspired to write to you after I heard you and Isaac on the The Luciferian Agenda in Entertainment Podcast …. Also I saw your Your Tube review on The Russian guy who points out that there are no real forests on our flat earth. I was impressed by your non-politically correct approach to telling the truth..

    Little about me.. I had an awakening about 30 years ago.. The neat thing is that I was living in Hawaii at that time.. The influence of my Lemerian embodiment was in full bloom and I felt the love of truth freedom and Justice descend.. I was contacted by many Masters who reminded me of my mission and the rest as they say is history.. There is not much that I do not understand on how these fallen ones have enslaved the children of the light.. So my main reason for being is to help people awaken to Who they are?? and Why they are here in this time and space..

    I love how you have been able to decode the Illuminati and their plots and ploys against the ignorant masses…. I love how you have exposed these “fallen” ones in Hollywood/Media/entertainment/church/state, the Illuminati.. As you know they have been running our culture/society now for many centuries.
    I come from the spiritual side of life. Not religion, which is made by fallen man to control the masses. To cover the truth , in lies and deception.. all created/fostered promoted by the Elite/Illuminati.. I love your exposing this dark side because they promote their agenda in plain sight..

    I have come to know Jesus and many others as my friends in Truth, Freedom and Justice and the divine plan for America.. I understand the mission of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Confucius and many others who have served Earths revolutions.. I know the true nature and original foundation of the Masons, Rosicrucians. as well as others and how the Fallen Angels have done a reverse projection on the true nature of man.. And have promoted the lie.. I understand King Arthur and his mission..

    I am not here to aggrandize myself or empress anyone with what I know.. I am here here for the people, to help them awaken and stop following the “left” handed path..

    It would be great to forman alliance with you.. To help this world to awaken to a heaven on Earth.

    Fo me their are very few people that I align myself with because there is so much fragmentation of the truth..
    I have a strong feeling that you are balanced in your work and not trying to be someones Idol..

    If anything I wrote here piques your interest I would enjoy a meaningful communication..

    Obviously Hawaii has a very special meaning and place in my heart do to my awakening.. I lived on Oahu across the Pali HWY to Kailua..

    God Bless You and Your Work..


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