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There are No Forests on Flat Earth Decoded (Part 2)

So I wanted to do a follow up on the “There are No Forests on Flat Earth” vid done by the Russian guy.

People have been bringing up some valid points and I wanted to address them.

Ashes into Diamonds– One person commented that there is a company out there that turns your loved ones ashes into diamonds and so the Russian guy is wrong. Apparently you can defy all laws of physics, geology, and biology! Why? Because a business says its so.

So my question is, are they making REAL diamonds? Because if this was the case then there would be no need to mine for diamonds in Africa would there? There would be a million companies popping up producing and selling their own diamonds. So what they are “making” is probably Cubic Zirconia’s- fake diamonds. And how do we even know they are using the ashes? What proof is there that the ACTUAL ashes are being used? Wouldn’t this fit well with the pysops? To perpetuate the carbon trees magically turn into gems myth?


Concentric Rings– Someone else mentioned that trees when you cut them have concentric rings, not hexagonal patterns. But these are not Carbon trees, these are Silicon trees So they could have a different pattern than Carbon trees. Carbon trees grow outward from the center. Silicone trees are individual strands bunched together.


Stumps Not Forming Gems– Another person questioned, “Why doesn’t the tree have “gems” like the petrified forest trees?”  Well again, this could be another type of Silicon life form. Not all make gems.

The Devil Tower’s stump is “petrified” but looks more like cement than gems.


How the hexagonal columns run up reminded me more of a stalk- like the Giant stalk in Jack and the Bean Stalk. Take a look at a few pictures.


You can see that they are separate stalks connected together forming one big stalk. Similar to the Devil’s Tower “stalks” except these look round instead of hexagonal.


They like to hide truth in movies don’t they? (I did a whole series on how they do this. You can see the vids on my YouTube channel if you are interested.) Here’s a “stalk” from the movie Jack the Giant Slayer.

images (1)

Notice the Giants theme and the stalk reaching to the Heavens. Notice how the vines are twisting.


These vines remind me of the Caduceus with the intertwining snakes, or DNA going up the pole. The wings representing the sky, up to the sky. Remember where Mount Meru was located at? That’s right… the Pole. The North Pole- up….


Twisting up to the sky… Devil’s Tower…  Baal’s Tower, Tower of Baal or ….Tower of Babel twisting up to the sky….


Tower of Babel


Tower of Basil….in Basil, Switzerland.   One BANK to rule them all….


One RING to rule them all… Lord of the Rings….


and in Strasbourg… the EU Parliament Building… another Babel….

babel 7

Europe- Many Tongues, One Voice… with the Baphomet Stars…. notice the crane…. Great Work not yet completed…and the Tower of Babel….

babel 6

Before we move on from Devil’s Tower let’s look at what the Wiki tells us about how the name originated. Tribes including the Arapaho, Crow, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Lakota, and Shoshone had cultural and geographic ties to the monolith before non-Native Americans reached Wyoming. Their names for the monolith include: Bear’s House (Cheyenne, Crow), Bear’s Lair (Cheyenne, Crow),  Home of Bears (Crow]), Bear’s Lodge (Cheyenne, Lakota), Bear’s Lodge Butte (Lakota), Bear’s Tipi (Arapaho, Cheyenne), Tree Rock (Kiowa), and Grizzly Bear Lodge (Lakota).

Apparently bears love to hang out in TREES.

The name Devil’s Tower originated in 1875 during an expedition led by Col. Richard Irving Dodge when his interpreter misinterpreted the name to mean Bad God’s Tower, which then became Devil’s Tower.

How do you get “Bad God” out of Bear? I don’t think it was a mistake.


So from Devil’s Tower we can go to Devil’s Punch Bowl. Was this a misinterpretation as well? Apparently there is one with that name in Oregon and one with that name in the UK as well. From the Wiki on the one in Oregon we read, “Devils Punch Bowl State Natural Area is a state day use park on the central Oregon Coast in the United States. It is centered on a large bowl naturally carved in a rock headland which is partially open to the Pacific Ocean. Waves enter the bowl and often violently churn, swirl, and foam.”

I wouldn’t want to be thrown in there…


Here’s a pic at low tide….looks carved out…


And then we have one with the same name in the UK….Devil’s Punch Bowl –  From the Wiki, “The name Devil’s Punch Bowl dates from at least 1768, the year that John Rocque‘s map of the area was published. This was 18 years before the murder of the unknown sailor on Gibbet Hill, so this event was clearly not the origin of the name.”

Interesting that they mention 18 and a murder- 18 in numerology is also code for 666.


Here is a painting done of the site by Samuel Birch.

Birch, Samuel John Lamorna; The Devil's Punchbowl; Penlee House Gallery & Museum;

And The Bastion ridge above Devil’s Punch Bowl… seems like this is where the remains went into a pile here… Bastion… upholding or defending… what?

Deil's Punchbowl

We have one more Punch Bowl to look at… here in Hawaii where I live. We have Punch Bowl Crater. It does look like an old tree stump doesn’t it?


Here is an old painting done of it in the late 1800’s. Punch Bowl is the crater on the right.


So from the Wiki we read, “Punch Bowl Crater (546 ft) is an extinct volcanic tuff cone located in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is the location of the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

The crater was formed some 75,000 to 100,000 years ago during the Honolulu period of secondary volcanic activity. A crater resulted from the ejection of hot lava through cracks in the old coral reefs which, at the time, extended to the foot of the Koolau Mountain Range. The volcano is most likely a monogenetic volcano meaning a volcano only erupted once.

Although there are various translations of the Punch Bowl’s Hawaiian name, “Puowaina,” the most common is “Hill of Sacrifice.” This translation closely relates to the history of the crater. The first known use was as an altar where Hawaiians offered human sacrifices to pagan gods and killed violators of the many taboos.

During the late 1890s, a committee recommended that the Punch Bowl become the site for a new cemetery to accommodate the growing population of Honolulu. The idea was rejected for fear of polluting the water supply and the emotional aversion to creating a city of the dead above a city of the living… By 1947, Congress and veteran organizations placed a great deal of pressure on the military to find a permanent burial site in Hawaii for the remains of thousands of World War II servicemen on the island of Guam awaiting permanent burial. Subsequently, the Army again began planning the Punch Bowl cemetery; in February 1948 Congress approved funding and construction began.”


So think of a punch bowl… red liquid that you drink…. like blood… this is the site of human sacrifices and then later it continues by building a cemetery, city of the dead.


Now in Hawaii we have another famous crater called DIAMOND Head. The story goes that its English name was given by British sailors in the 19th century, who mistook calcite crystals on the adjacent beach for diamonds. Huh? I can tell you from living here, that nobody mistakes any beach rocks for diamonds. Ever!

And if you look at the crater it sure looks like an old tree stump to me. Now if we look up the Gematria for Diamond, what do we get? That favorite masonic number 33 again.


Here is a view from above… carved out….


And here is the view from Waikiki Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the world. To me it seems like a shout out from them saying, “Hey! Look what we get away with and no one has a clue! We can even put it on postcards and have millions of tourists come and give GOOD energy towards our dastardly deeds!” (deeds~deads)


Before we move on from Hawaii I wanted to mention we ALSO have a GRAND QUARRY… or another word for Grand would be GIANT.

So there is the Grand Canyon in Arizona…. or Giant Canyon, Arizona…


And there is Waimea Canyon on the island of Kauai. It is also a Giant Canyon and a popular tourist spot with thousands of tourists giving their energy to this State park.



We also have a Giant quarry on Oahu that runs 24 hours a day by Kaneohe Marine Corp Base. It’s called Kapaa Quarry. They are taking rocks out of the mountain and making tunnels within. Tunnels run all over this island. There is an Air Force military installation that is a mile below ground.

So even in beautiful Hawaii they killed the Giant trees, scooped them out and made Giant quarries.

kapaa q

Remember our Giant’s Causeway? Or Giant Highway… Highway to Hell…. why is there a stairway, single file to Heaven, and a wide multi lane highway going straight to Hell? Route 66…


And lastly, let’s go back to the biggest tree on Earth, General Sherman. Named after a War General. Similar to Punchbowl with the military cemetery. Also that Sherman has both SHE and HER then MAN in it. So it’s a he/she name- a Baphomet name. And what does Sherman equal in Gematria? The masonic number 33.


It is no coincidence that Matt Groening, a Mason, did a Simpson’s episode with a fish (the oldest living fish- similar to our tree) called General Sherman. Notice Homer’s hair in the form of M’s on each side of his head. The M’s are really disguised 3’s. Just turn them up and you have a 3. So one on each side, together they make 33.


And for people who are not familiar with The Simpson’s masonic ties you can watch the episodes that feature the masonic temple. They call it Stonecutter’s Lodge. A mason is a stone cutter. Notice the one eye symbolism and the flat earth dome on the roof.


There is even a scene with Homer doing an initiation ceremony of an apprentice Mason.

maxresdefault (1)

So you can see there is still a lot to work out on the true nature of our world. The ones in control are doing everything they can to hide the truth from us. We open one box to find we entered another box we need to figure out. We go from the Flat Earth box, to the Giant Tree box, and on and on… like the Nesting Dolls…uncover one level of hidden knowledge… find another….


We can also see how all these sites do have a common link, that of DEVIL, GIANT, MASON and MILITARY interwoven here. For we do know that the ones in charge are satanic in nature, that they invert everything, and as long as they can fool us, their system stays in place. Luckily many of us are catching on and their spells lose power over us.

If you liked this presentation may I suggest checking out my Flat Earth Decoded Vid. In it I go through how Flat Earth truths are hidden in our language and symbolism as well.

Attached below is the YouTube version. Thank you~ Rosette



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11 responses on “There are No Forests on Flat Earth Decoded (Part 2)

  1. Erik Lee

    what do you theorised about the top part of the tree after it had been ‘chopped’ ‘cutted’..? SHould they not linger around the stump?

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      They dragged it away and used it for something. If these are the Giants talked about in Norse Mythology then they came from Jotunheim. So they would rape and pillage our world and bring the spoils back to their own. If you research Giant Remains found you will see they have been discovered all over our world.

      1. Cy

        That is possible. I tend to think people at one time were larger due to the ecosystem of that time. Also they lived longer maybe 1,000 years as many ancients books write about. Thus think tress nowdays a 300 year lifespan is good some trees.. if man lived to be 1,000 years old that 15times more life..So a tree could lived to be 15,000 years old..that would be a massive tree!
        i tend to think the people on our plain cut these trees down and made things with them the same as we do today-ie homes, furniture, decorations. I think these trees being silicon based turned to fossils. this would explain the megalithic monuments in South America. They were wood building that when the great catastrophe happened turned them into fossils. Just my theory.

  2. Alan Hughes

    Hello Rosette, I thought I had almost every thing figured out in my new theory. I even put out 18 videos in the last two weeks. But your information on the Fasist symbol has given me fresh new leads that seem to be leading in a direction I did not expect nor do I welcome.
    You have answered some questions for me and I think I have some surprises for you.
    I am going to posit that the bowls could be Star Forts that were antediluvian. As the Bible implies in the there will be nothing new under the sun. Now we are sacrificing children and are told there is no right or wrong. I have only seen this one video of your but am going to watch more. I need help in the form of honest criticism. Thanks

  3. Yarusha Jimenez

    My name is Yarusha. I wanted to know if there was a way to contact you? I had something very special I wanted to share with you. I read your ode to Max and I knew I should share this with you. It’s pretty amazing in my opinion and I do feel it has to with Max. Plus in some way I feel he would want you to know this . I love and respect your work, and the ode you wrote was so important. My email is down below. It would be great if you could get back to me. Thank you kindly

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha Yaru, I emailed you. Please contact me there with whatever info you wanted to share. Much appreciated, Rosette

  4. Patti Lindgren Gera

    Hi again Rosette,

    I note that you do not respond to me, or post my comments. I suspect this is due my use of the word ritual. Didn’t think of that when I used it, but in reflection, it occurs to me that this is likely the trouble. I assure you I am a waking human with love in my heart, and as I watched your rice video today, I recognized how I might be able to connect with you.

    The work I do with the R word is spiritual awakening and emotional healing work – let’s call it ceremony – and the best way I can describe it is to say that we go in with the feelings that create the black water in the rice experiment you did and come out with the feelings that make vanilla water, better connected and more resilient, better able to be awake and aware and bringing the positive energy of love to community in a conscious way. Not walking around full of fear and paranoia, feeding the demonic possessors of our world.

    I don’t expect you to publish this comment; I’m just using it as a way to reach out to clear any confusion and bring clarity to my outreach. I am a simple woman with love in my heart who wants to connect with others honestly, understand the trouble better so that I can strengthen my own response and support others through these hard times and in their own awakenings. I appreciate your work and would appreciate a connection.

    Thanks again for what you do. Blessings to you. May all good folks get through this craziness somehow. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how we might succeed in this.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Patti I did post your comment? It is under There are No Forests on Flat Earth Decoded- not the Part 2? I do appreciate our connection and do appreciate you sharing. No worries on using the word “ritual”. Regarding things we can do- just go to nature whenever it becomes overwhelming. Do acts of kindness. Be around kids, pets, plants… especially the innocent. They remind us there is still good in the world and things WILL be okay again. Hug someone and mean it. Lend your ear to another. I think you know already. I can feel you are a kind and compassionate human. Best regards, Rosette

  5. Cy

    I would like to add ECOSYSTEM to the formula-
    Scientist did an experiment with fish in tanks and added more oxygen to them. These fish grew 5 times larger than fish in the normal world.
    OK so lets say our ecosystem was different at one time..and was more silicon based. This would explain many huge trees huge lifeforms and giants in the days of old. The giants are really our ancestor who lived in a different ecosystem and they too maybe were more silicon based. As the ecosystem wore down but cutting down the massive began to decay into a carbon based system.
    If you look at ancient megalithic monuments you wonder how they cut and placed these massive stones. My theory is these massive stones were once wood from these huge tree. They were lightweight and durable and were built like we build with wood today. These wood object became fossilized thus creating what appears to us to be huge stone monuments. Their were different trees like we have today.. Each tree when fossilized created a different type of stone.

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