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Hawaii Decoded

So… many of you now are familiar with my work. I find hidden symbolism in movies that expose the true agenda behind what is happening to humanity. One of the side effects, once you learn how to decode, is seeing symbolism everywhere, not just in movies. And you can’t turn it off. Because of this I’ve noticed quite a few things where I live and wanted to share them with you.

The Hawaii connection started with this Black Keys poster from one of their concert tours. Let’s break it down. For starters, the BLACK Keys as opposed to the WHITE Keys. So we have the masonic checkerboard colors. Black representing night and the Moon, white representing day and the Sun. Keys is also KI’s. KI is the Sumerian word for Earth.


So the Black Keys is the Black Earth…. the Earth ruled by the Moon or the feminine negative, represented by Lillith/Lucifer. It’s interesting to me that there is a group on Facebook that recently popped up called… The Black Earth. I would say this group is dealing with the feminine negative energy. When I put “Black Earth” into the Google search engine this image popped up. Looks like a spider.. like a Black Widow… see how it “spells” Black Earth?


Now the island in the poster looks like a tower. It twists up and up and even reaches the clouds. This is the Tower of Babel. The one that Nimrod wanted built in defiance of God. It could also represent Mount Meru, the tower in the center of the Earth. Notice the tower is taller than the Sun. And there is a flag at the top representing surrender. The WHITE flag… the Sun energy…surrendering… an inversion here. The ship is wrecked and reminds me of Captain Cook, when he discovered the Hawaiian Islands.

The orange snake in the water is the Leviathon. It is making two circles like O’s… the O’s represent Baal as in Tubal Cain… Two Ball.. and the Tower would be Cain or Cane… a POLE..the North Pole…

Now the most interesting aspect of this poster to me is the head of a “cat” in the left bottom corner. It doesn’t show the body. Why is there a cat in this poster? Isn’t this odd? Now see what looks exactly like this image of a cat…


The cat in the lower bottom corner is THE BIG ISLAND of HAWAII! Just turn the map slightly to the right and it fits PERFECTLY. Now why would they have the Big Island represented in their poster?

Let’s look at some more clues and see if we can figure this out…

So around the same time I discovered the Big Island on the Black Keys poster, Hawaii was in hurricane season. Hurricane Loke… low key or LOKI as in the Norse God… was swirling in the Pacific, along with Ignacio. Ignacio was headed directly for the Hawaiian Islands. It actually made landfall on The Big Island and then took a sharp turn south missing the rest of the island chain completely. It was the strangest thing. I remember that night, when we were supposed to get pummeled with rain. I woke up at 3 am and went outside. The air was completely still. Not a leaf was stirring. And there wasn’t even a single drop of rain. Now 3 am was supposed to be when the storm was directly on top of Oahu, where I was. But nothing!

A day or two later Kilauea erupted oozing hot lava onto the landscape. The flow remained active for several weeks and threatened the town of Puna. So this was a FIRE and ICE ritual… the Big Island has a volcano erupting just days after it gets pummeled with the storm from Ignacio. Ignacio reminds me of Igneous, the type of rock that is formed by lava…. so you can see how this is all linked.

Also note that during this time we had the Ice Bucket Challenge going on. And was quickly followed up by stupid people lighting themselves on Fire. All by design.

Now if we look at the map we not only see the “CAT” from the Black Keys poster, but we also see a “DOG” head facing east!


This reminds me of the shape of Australia, which also has a CAT and DOG in its land shape. Here the DOG is facing west (looks like a Schnauzer) and the CAT is facing south east.


So it does seem that there is something “special” about Hawaii doesn’t it? Let’s look further. When doing my decodings in film, I came across hidden references to Hawaii. Let me show you….

So here the word “Aloha” comes up in the movie Lucy. Notice it is the central focus of the board behind the drug mule character fleeing. Notice that ROME-Italy shows in the lower right. The Roman Empire is still in charge today. This is showing a connection between them and Hawaii.

lucy 2 122

Then we have the series Wayward Pines. Notice how the town has a motto, “Where PARADISE is HOME.” Now this association of Paradise and Home will come up again. And we know that the Hawaiian Islands are also referred to as the PARADISE Isles…


Now isn’t that a strange motto? The town is set in a cooler climate than Hawaii, has pine trees, Wayward PINES… but it IS connected to Hawaii. How do we know? Take a look in the upper left of the toy store. It says “AOLE” and shows a PALM FROND. Aole means “stop” in Hawaiian. And the palm frond is there so we know we are on the right track. Even the wood of the clock looks “tropical”. Now why would Aole be right behind where KATE was standing? Are they trying to tell her something?

A couple of other things I just noticed- mind blower for me- see the “toilet” with the debris on it below the palm frond? And see the “plane” hanging on the left there over the house? You will see the importance soon….


Are we seeing a pattern yet? Let’s look at the next association. In the Minion’s movie the Minions actually come out onto land in Hawaii, on Oahu.


The high steep cliffs look like the Pali, part of the Koolau mountain range on the Windward side of the island.


To make sure that we see the connection to Hawaii, they put another clue in a display window in New York that the Minion passes by. It says “out no” on the upper right… or “NO WAY OUT” and reminds me of Aole… stop… now “out no”… and we have a CAT watching… she is wearing PEARLS… so another CAT reference and the PEARLS will be significant soon…


Now let’s look at that Minion pic one more time, where the Minions are coming out of the water onto land in Hawaii…. see the greenery hanging and the high cliffs with water coming out?


Now look at the greenery hanging and the high cliffs with water coming out here! This is from Mad Max Fury Road! This is HOME where Furiosa asks Max to take her back to. HOME is the PARADISE ISLES. This version just shows Hawaii with the ocean dried up. But it IS Hawaii none-the-less.


Now let’s look at some of the Hawaiian words and their associations….

We have ALOHA… in it we have ALOE which is a plant that heals… we also have HA which means “the breath”. The breath is the soul that enters the body, without the breath there is no life. Now there is another interesting thing about the word… I noticed that it is one letter away from ALPHA… so by breaking off the leg of the P, the word is changed from masculine to FEMININE. O is the feminine energy.

From the Wiki, “Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion, and mercy. Since the middle of the 19th century, it also has come to be used as an English greeting to say goodbye and hello.”


Kane means “Man” in Hawaiian. Kane was also one of their gods. From the Wiki, ” In Hawaiian mythology, Kāne is considered the highest of the four major Hawaiian deities, along with Kanaloa, Kū, and Lono, though he is most closely associated with Kanaloa. He represented the god of procreation and was worshiped as ancestor of chiefs and commoners.”


Kane could also be pronounced CAIN as in Cain and Abel. Also if we switch the letters around we have ENKA or ENKI. It’s interesting to note that the “Greatest Movie of All Time” is supposedly Citizen Kane… same spelling of Kane… starring Orson Welles who played a fictional character based on William Randolf Hearst. (Hearst has HEART in it.) Interesting too is the last word spoken by “Kane” was Rosebud…


The movie was even portrayed on The Simpson’s. Now we know that if it was on The Simpson’s there is something behind it. So Kane would also be a CANE or stick… like in Tubal Cain… two balls and a cane… and it the “cane” of the F in the Facebook logo.


Hawaii also has a connection to New Zealand. The island of Oahu shares its name with a place in New Zealand called Ohau. Notice how the they are the same letters? Also they both use the word “KAI”. Kai means “ocean”. And we see “Arthur’s pass” could this be related to King Arthur? Perhaps… We also see Cook Strait, Captain Cook founded the Hawaiian Islands and it looks like he went to New Zealand as well. Christ and Queen are represented here too.


The native people of New Zealand are called the Maori.. which is very similar to Maui, one of the Hawaiian islands.


Now we know they like to say Obama is from here. But there is such an issue with his Birth Certificate that there is a good chance he is NOT. BUT they WANT us to think he is. Why? So he can come here frequently and no one would question it… for rituals perhaps?


Did you know that Hawaii has its own TWIN TOWERS? That is what the locals call them. Take a look…


Now the towers in themselves wouldn’t be so significant, BUT there is a mind blowing association I want to share… a friend of mine, Sun Tze Wong, was researching the islands as well and he made an interesting discovery. First, he read that China had dragon energy and the dragon’s body was in China, but the HEAD of the dragon was in Hong Kong. He subsequently read that the United States ALSO had dragon energy. The body of the dragon was towards the west coast with the HEAD resting in… Los Angeles! The City of Fallen Angels has the head of the dragon. Now he discovered that the two dragons were facing each other… and in between the two dragons lies a PEARL. The PEARL resides on the island of Oahu! So we have EAST and WEST facing off… with the prized PEARL in the center….

Here is a link to Sun’s Youtube vid for more info…



So what is the prized Pearl? If we look at a map of Oahu we see that there is a town named Pearl City that is connected to Pearl Harbor…


Now where do the Twin Towers reside on Oahu? In Pearl City of course…. what else resides in Pearl City? Well it’s interesting to note that Oahu has a big military presence. Each branch of military is represented here. Why? Are they all here to PROTECT something? Or are they all here to STOP something? The Navy says that it needs to put its mobile missile radar system in our harbor. Let’s see what it looks like… oh… interesting… like a GIANT PEARL.


Notice it here in the harbor, right behind the Arizona Memorial, that looks like a white bridge…. now before we discuss the “bridge” connection, I need to mention a mind blower here… so we have the Twin Towers in Pearl City, and we have the “Pearl” radar in Pearl Harbor…


well as I was driving down the hill on my way to work I happened to glance over at the Twin Towers, and guess what was placed perfectly in the CENTER of the TWO TOWERS???? The PEARL!!!!! Now if this doesn’t smell of ritual I don’t know what does. There is a definite connection here with the Twin Towers that fell in New York. These are still standing at the moment and an important PEARL is located between them. Remember the Dragons prize the Pearl…


And so do the MORMONS. They have a big temple here as well as a university. The Mormon Temple is located in Laie, here on Oahu.


And one of the four books that they follow is called….The PEARL of Great Price!! So we see there is an important PEARL connection here. In the Parable of the Pearl, basically everything is given up to obtain this pearl. The pearl is supposed to be representative of the spiritual path. The Pearl would be Heaven. But in some interpretations it represents Jesus. I would surmise to the Mormons, MM = 33, that the Pearl represents Lucifer and the completion of the GREAT WORK. So it basically comes down to WHO obtains the Pearl determines the future of Earth…


And don’t forget we had the Cat in The Minion’s with the Pearl necklace taking an interest in Oahu….


As we make our way around the island on the KANEohe side we have the STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. It actually reaches the clouds…


If we keep going eventually we will be in the NORTH. Now remember that the Mason’s worship the East, South and West, but NEVER the NORTH. To them the North is Evil, but that is because they worship Lucifer. Christ is supposed to return from the North. So in the NORTH we have… Haleiwa.

Haleiwa means House of Beauty. It also means House of the Iwa bird… and then Iwa sounds phonetically like EVA… as in EVE. So we have the HOUSE OF EVE, or the divine feminine energy. Just like in the word alOha…


Remember the Arizona Memorial, how it looked like a white bridge? Well there is a white bridge in Haleiwa as well. It’s called the RAINBOW bridge because it arches like a rainbow.


Notice how the bridge looks like a DNA strand… so RAINBOW bridge and DNA…. now remember that the rainBOW is connected to the Archer and the Archer is the symbol for Sagittarius. The planet that is associated with Sagittarius is Jupiter. The symbol for Jupiter is a 24, when you flip it you have 42, which is the degree of arc for a RAINBOW! And don’t forget that “DNA” is an anagram for DAN as in the “Tribe of DAN”.


Hawaii is called the RAINBOW STATE and even has rainbows on its license plates… notice in this one we have the “22” in the upper right, as well as K9.. or 9/11…. Kate… like in Wayward Pines… and 268 is 88… so if we put Kate (feminine) in between the “88” we have “808”… and what’s the area code for Hawaii? 808!


808 also comes up in the 808 Bicycle cards… the Joker is riding a beach cruiser… so another Hawaii association… no coincidences here…. 808 is the two gates represented by the Twin Towers and the O is the Pearl in the center…


Hawaii also has a bus system called The Bus… check out Haleiwa’s route number…. it’s 76… as in 13, the number for Jesus. Remember Jesus has 12 disciples, Jesus makes the 13th, the one in the CENTER of the Round Table… the pole in the center…


Now Haleiwa has had some interesting events take place here as well…. we have the annual event called the Triple Crown of Surf… the first leg of which takes place at Haleiwa Alii Beach. Van’s Triple Crown…. we just had the 33rd annual, 3 events, 39 days… notice the Black and White masonic coloring as well. Also notice the two spirals at the top. The spirals represent the Christ energy as well. See my Revenant decoded vid for more on this.


Now what is interesting about the Triple Crown is that the Triple Crown is what the POPE wears…


And is reflected in the Hierophant card… you can see the three crowns in his head dress, also in the triple cross that he holds in his left hand. Now the card is represented by the ROMAN numeral for 5 which is the V. V in numerology is 22. Remember the bicycle card with the Joker and 808? The Joker is synonymous with the Fool and is represented by the 22. 22 is the completion of the Fool/Christ’s journey.

I heard on the radio today on the way in to work that Hawaii has…. 22 volcanoes! Imagine that.


Now there is another “Triple Crown” event. It has to do with horse racing, called the Belmont Stakes, located in KENTucky. (If you check my King Arthur Decoded article you will see a connection with Kentucky as well.) Notice the winner had a 2 on his helmet and a 2 on his shirt… so 22 again… And the name of the horse that won? American Pharaoh…. you can’t make this stuff up!


Now the Triple Crown of Surfing is called the JEWEL. And you can pay to fly out here and watch the event through PayPal… Papal… Pope… are we seeing a connection?


Now ALII means “royal” in Hawaiian. This is where the Hawaiian Royal family would come to vacation.


Alii Beach is also where they filmed the show BAY Watch. Did you ever wonder why a show that is next to the ocean would be called BAY watch?


I think it has to do with Bay… or Bey… or Queen Bey….


We also have The City by the BAY… or City by the BEY….known as San Francisco…


So Alii Beach is special… so special that they had a ritual at the park just a few months ago. Just off the coast from the beach park two helicopters crashed with six marines on each. (Remember Jesus had 12 disciples, 6 on his left and 6 on his right.)


The Army set up a command post at Alii Beach for the search and rescue. They were there for over a week. Contrary to reports, no debris was washed up on the beach.


Supposedly the crash happened that night, with several people saying they heard it. I remember waking up that night with one of the helicopters directly over my house. It was so close my whole house shook. I thought it was going to land/crash on our roof.

Now remember the picture of the toy store with “aole, the palm frond and the Hawaiian clock?” and then I said remember the “toilet bowl” with the debris and the “plane” over the house? Well “toilet bowls” is the surf spot just to the left of where the helicopters crashed! Notice the “debris” on the toilet! And notice how the “plane” is flying over the house! Just like they did over my house and street.


The reports were that no bodies were recovered although they did find several deployed life rafts. The seas before, during and after the crash were very rough although you couldn’t feel this on the land. No violent winds, no rain etc. So the water whipping up was very odd, very out of place. Almost as if artificially induced.

I personally believe Hurricane Ignacio was HAARPed as well. Ignacio was “given” energy before it hit the Big Island and then it was artificially steered south.


They also like to play “weather games” with clouds above Haleiwa as well. Look at this photo that I personally took at Kaiaka Beach Park which is just to the left of Alii Beach.

Now what does that look like to you? The Eye of Horus… watching… me….


So DID 12 marines die out there? I think that will remain a mystery. But what the “ritual” DID do is focus energy on that spot. The “accident” made national news. People cried over the men, they brought leis and placed them on the park sign… people were crushed by the news…

Alii Beach- 12 soldiers helicopter


So what was this ritual all about? It goes back to the Pearl… the Pearl of Great Price…. the Female Energy Center for Earth is located in Hawaii… we see it in the symbolism. I also discovered that the energy grid of Earth has seven special points that connect the Ley Lines. They coincide with the body’s chakra system. Well the HEART chakra is located in Hawaii! It is speculated to be on Maui, at a crater at Haleakala… but I think they got that wrong… I believe the heart is located on Oahu… all the symbolism leads me to believe this… the heart chakra is located at DIAMOND HEAD… the Diamond… the most beautiful JEWEL… the crater is a hole, a Yoni, a vagina… Anahata… Heart Chakra… Anahata means unhurt, unstruck, unbroken. How empowering is that? I love it. And don’t forget that HEART is an anagram for EARTH.


So I hope you can see what a special spot Hawaii really is. It is the HEART chakra of EARTH.

So “as above” the EARTH is the Heart Chakra of our Universe, HAWAII is the Heart Chakra of EARTH, and “as below” is the Heart within our bodies, in the center of our chests… our treasure chests… treasure the jewel within- the HEART.


P.S. YouTube Version Attached Below.


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43 responses on “Hawaii Decoded

  1. Anne Marie

    Hi Rosette,
    Absolutely fascinating info you’ve uncovered! I was wondering if you could explain more about the “rituals” that President Obama might come to Hawaii for? I’ve been reading comments and checking out various websites and it seems like Obama is quite corrupt to say the least! I’ve always had my own doubts about him but now I’m horrified by what I’ve read about him and Michelle too! Can all of it be true?

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha Anne Marie,
      Much appreciated!
      I could only speculate. There is a lot out there on rituals that the Royals have attended and Barack and Michelle are very chummy with them. Also remember the elite performed rituals at Bohemian Grove. The Cremation of Care ceremony is to wipe out CARE because CARE is the HEART based emotion. If you look into that one the offering to Moloch was supposedly just an effigy of a baby but I would say they DO use the real thing. You can look into Arizona Wilder’s testimony where she is interviewed by David Icke. The Luciferians and Satanists like to do rituals underground as well. So they can be closer to their god who is in the abyss. There is a big military presence over here and many underground buildings as well as in both mountain ranges.

  2. Anne Marie

    Hi Rosette,
    I’m aware of Arizona Wilder but I don’t know if I can trust David Icke. Both he and Alex Jones seem to play both sides of the fence and all too well! I forgot about the military presence in Hawaii, so that says a lot right there. I’ve also been reading about underground places too. It seems like the Satanic influence is so widespread and so many seemingly good people are involved. Makes me wonder just what will it take to wake-up the masses before all hell brakes loose? Your website speaks volumes so please continue putting more out!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha Anne Marie,
      I don’t trust David Icke or Alex Jones either. What I do know is they hide truth in their interviews, stories etc. They have to, to get people to follow them. The truth in the Arizona Wilder interview is that the controllers DO perform ritual sacrifice. The Satanic/Luciferian aspect is covered up by UFO’s, Greys etc. when what is really going on is abuse. They make the people think it’s Greys so they won’t be held accountable. People will either not believe them or if they believe them have no way to catch the perpetrators right? Eventually I will post an article on Serial Killers so you will see how that is linked here as well. It’s just such dark subject, I find it hard to finish it. And yes, Satanism is WAY MORE widespread then most realize.

      I also have a Youtube channel under my name if you wanted to hear these articles as well. Thank you for your interest!

  3. Luke Aspen

    Hey Rosette,
    Great Job! It’s so cool how you can fit numbers, symbols and words together like a puzzle. There’s so much here for me to take in and I love the whole idea behind the Pearl. That made me think of John Steinbeck’s short novella The Pearl that I read way back in high school. It’s an interesting story of a poor native Hispanic struggling to survive as he makes his living as a pearl diver. His whole life completely changes when he finds the Pearl of the World which is the size of a birds egg. It is worth a massive fortune and when others find out about it they want to kill in order to have it. The story then becomes one tragic moment after another as the poor owner tries to elude those trying to harm him to get it and his infant son is killed. So the book has a great ending whereby the diver realizes the pearl has been nothing more than a peril-(I like the word play) and a symbol of destruction and corruption rather than of purity. So he decides it’s best to just take it back to where he found it and he tosses it back into the sea.
    That made me do some research on Steinbeck and he was very much influenced by the parable of the Pearl of Great Price. I also found out that it was later in life that he became a 33rd Mason! He had also spent much time at Pearl Harbor and one of his own favorite authors was Mark Twain, who was also a Mason!
    Interesting you mentioned Obama and his visits to Hawaii and as you know Rosette I’ve spent many hours researching his past. I found a guy on the internet who was doing the same with digging up as much he could and he struck it big when he googled the name David Obama. This led him to quite another important name……Renee L. Abena Obama! Did you know that name even existed? Apparently the most shocking discovery was hidden within David Obama’s “relatives” list and it casts a very dark occultic shadow on Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka Barry Soebarkah. An exhaustive search revealed the birth of a baby girl named Renee L. Abena Obama on October 31, 2004. The infant died less than 2 months later on December 25, 2004. Her death was not reported by any hospital in the state of Maryland, but by a funeral home indicated by the SSDI code 72. produced a social security number “215-71-0752”.
    Entering this number directly into a search revealed it’s owner: Renee L. Abena Obama with birth date of Oct 31, 2004 and death date of Dec 25, 2004. So Rosette you do notice the glaring dates which links it all to a Satanic sacrifice, well what else but? “Barry and Michelle” once again they just “do as thou wilt” but as you’ve said before (with Eminem) they will have to pay the piper later! If you want to read more about this just google the name Renee L. Abena, which pops up first on any search engine. There’s more there about Illuminati dates surrounding the child’s death.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hey Luke!
      I’ve read Steinbeck but not that particular story! Great connection! The lessons of the Pearl… I love the tie in with Peril! So it comes down to what the Pearl represents…. in Steinbeck’s novella it would represent Material Wealth, which is what Lucifer offers… Base energy… and we know to acquire Matter one sells their soul.. they also have to sacrifice a loved one… the infant son died… But if the Pearl represents Spiritual energy, the opposite happens. One is lifted up. One is filled with love. Good things happen. Somehow the “Pearl” is tied to Hawaii….Mormons, Masons, Military are here…and then the Obama connection as well. When I see OBAMA I see… O BOMB A…. Omega and Alpha… Omega bombing Alpha… negative feminine energy… and yes sacrificing his daughter.. those dates ARE significant.

  4. Luke Aspen

    Also this is the Big Weekend for the Bilderbergs June 9-12 held in Dresden, Germany. I always like to check their annual guest list to see who I might recognize. Mostly foreign rich folks again this year but 2 American names that I did catch: Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google but now he’s with their parent company Alphabet Inc. He’s been a regular guest every year for quite some time. Also Peggy Noonan, she writes for the Wall St. Journal, which I read every day. The odd thing was when I read her column today, it was written by a special guest writer instead of her. A small note attached saying “Peggy is away today” and no other explanation – yes, she’s at the Bilderbergs!! I always liked her until NOW which means she’s got some splainin’ to do!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      In Noonan I see NO ONE… Game of Thrones episode tonight is called NO ONE… No ONE and NO Thing…. her name is symbolic there somehow. Yeah I would say Peggy is a bad cracker! Ha ha. She sure does. SHAME on her. And I think the Orlando Nightclub shooting happened to give the Bilderberg group energy. I don’t think those people died. But people focusing on that spot and being sad gives THEM energy.

  5. Luke Aspen

    Hey Rosette,
    I found a way of connecting some very interesting dots here and a very special one with Noonan and NO ONE! But before I explain that let me start with all the new findings and how it all leads right back to dear ol’ Peggy. I did more digging on John Steinbeck since I could not believe that he being one of my favorite authors of Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden and The Pearl was a Mason! I mean just who in the hell can you trust these days? Steinbeck grew up in Salinas, CA and was actually raised to be that way by his father and mother, they both were Masons. So by May 24, 1929 at the age of 27 he became a Master Mason at the Salinas Lodge #204. There is also a hugh Mason community in the Salinas area. Steinbeck had proven to be a man of many contradictions during his lifetime, so kind outwardly yet hiding many dark secrets within.
    He of course kept quiet about his Masonry but did mention that the hero of The Winter of Our Discontent had a Templar sword and uniform. And the main character Adam Trask in East of Eden does become a Mason later in life.
    Brian Kannard recently put out a book called Steinbeck Citizen Spy: The Untold Story of John Steinbeck and the CIA. He was chosen to be one their front men and he obliged. Both Steinbeck’s sons Thomas and Steven endorsed the book as being totally true and even provided personal letters written by their father saying so. Steinbeck also kept company with some very shady people and one guy in particular was Tom Collins. Now that name seems to be a red flag since I do know just a little about the Collins family. Rosette you mentioned to me in an earlier post the name Todd Collins so you know more here than I do. I believe that this Tom Collins was like Steinbeck and a very two-sided guy. He does play an Extremely Important role in Steinbeck’s life during the late 1930s when Tom was made manager of the Weedpatch government camps of California.
    It was Tom Collins’ job to supervise hundreds of the homeless Okies and place them in the makeshift shelters that became famously known as the Arvin Federal Govt. Camps. Collins collected the stats on all aspects of camp life writing reports for the Resettlement Administration. Some campers charged him with “Hitlerism”. It was said that Collins displayed a superior attitude by bragging he could “handle people” without using too much coercion or force. He also was seen as laughing at them rather than with them. He would just try to paint himself as being so down-to-earth and not anything like “His Satanic Majesty, Caesar Augustus Hearst” (William Randolph Hearst). So there is still research being carried out today on Tom Collins and his camp involvement. It was Steinbeck that dedicated The Grapes of Wrath to his wife and “To Tom who lived it”, referring to Thomas E. Collins and not Tom Joad, the main character in the novel.
    In 1959 Steinbeck was in England and Wales, researching background for a modern English version of Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur and was very intrigued by the King Arthur legend! Steinbeck died in 1968 and had his first posthumously work published, The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights, a reinterpretation of tales from Malory’s work. While Steinbeck was in Cadbury he swore that he had actually seen the ghost of King Arthur and said he was quite spooked by the whole thing. So who knows?
    Yet another shady character Steinbeck came very close friends with was playwright Edward Albee, who became famous for his play Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? In 1966 the play was made into a film directed by Mike Nichols who went on to make The Graduate, Catch-22, etc. Albee today is pushing 90 and not a good guy either, quite a Satanist. He had another hit play called The Goat or Who is Sylvia? Which is about a husband Martin Gray found cheating on his wife with who else but Sylvia the goat! The design poster for Syvia is so obvious with her horns looming much larger, kind of like the horns of the baphomet. Albee was busy pushing the play’s theme of bestiality by saying theatre goers had just better reexamine their feelings about a man who was “lucky enough to find true love and happiness” with a goat! Mike Nichols expressed an interest in directing the film version of Sylvia but shortly thereafter he passed away. It was around 1967 that Steinbeck and Albee both were invited to attend Bohemian Grove. Steinbeck declined but Albee did attend and he was a perfect fit for them not only for his Satanism but for his homosexuality too.
    This was the same year that Nixon and Reagan attended and Nixon made his famous statement, “It was the faggiest damn thing he had ever attended!” But it was Reagan that clashed with Albee when he asked Reagan who was writing all of those awful speeches he had been giving. Reagan replied that it was by some truly “wonderful and sweet gal”. Albee then demanded to know just who this gal was, Reagan said with a sheepish grin that it was NO ONE that he might recognize. Well, NO ONE but that of Miss Peggy Noonan!! Imagine that! Peggy was also close friends with Mike Nichols – small world! And shortly before Nichols passed away Peggy went to visit both him and his wife, Diane Sawyer-, small world again! Diane was getting prepared for her Big Interview with “Sandy Hook Bruce”. So Mike talked privately with Peggy in his den when Peggy happened to notice a small couch pillow with 3 words inscribed in hugh block letters- NOTHING IS WRITTEN. Mike caught her staring at the pillow and asked her did she understand the meaning? Yes, she recognized it as being a line from the famous scene from Lawrence of Arabia.. Mike then told her that besides the film for him it also had yet another more personal meaning. That there is NOTHING…..there is NO THING……NO ONE, Peggy Noonan, waiting for us when we die! Mike Nichols was indeed one very proud atheist…..

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Wow! I am blown away. Your NO THING, NO ONE connection is a shocker to say the least! Yes on everything you wrote. Connections abound. Satanic people all interwoven from the past to the present; from government to entertainment. Amazing that Steinbeck was researching Arthur as well. They know more than they lead on. Collins is one of the top 13 families. John Todd’s real last name was Collins and his name in the coven was Lance Collins.

      Keep it coming Luke! I’m loving all the connections you are finding! I’m working on my Serial Killer article and have made some as well that I will share shortly; linking military with entertainment, masons with satanism etc.

    2. Luke Aspen

      This is a direct follow up to the above post and it picks up right where I left off so nothing this good gets left out! This has a fascinating backstory as to just how the Noonan-Nichols-Albee connection got started and with many other key players connecting with them. Peggy Noonan: she is one strange lady or as you said a bad cracker, indeed! True she was Reagan’s speech writer and his close personal assistant. In fact, she wrote every single speech for Reagan’s entire 8 yrs. Talk about being the lady who put words in the man’s mouth! Here’s the perfect anagram, Ronald Reagan = an oral danger!
      Now isn’t that something! Poor Peggy, she says she sits and cries about not having Ronnie around anymore. How she misses her good old “glory days” or better yet would that really be her “gory phase”. She said she found the perfect solution to make her feel like Reagan is still with her at all times. She keeps a custom made, life size doll of Reagan standing in her living room! He’s wearing a suit and tie and in his hands he’s holding some of the very speeches she wrote. She also talks to the doll constantly and what a relief it gives her. Like I said, one very strange lady!
      And her trip this June to the Bilderbergs was not her first. She first attended in 2012 and they love her because she contributes by speaking up when called upon. This is a big deal and when you’re an invited guest there you have to as they say “sing for your supper” and speak up. This compares to when Margaret Thatcher attended and for Thursday-Friday
      she sat with her arms folded not saying a word. It was Kissinger (who attends every single meeting) that told her she was not brought there to sit like some bump on a log and so it was now time to start the “singing”. By Saturday morning she had perked up some and said a few words and by Sunday morning all thru Sunday evening nobody could shut her up!
      Kissinger was gloating and remarked, “Now we have someone we can work with!” Peggy got to know Thatcher thru Reagan and was invited to Thatcher’s funeral in London. She said it was very tightly controlled and you had to have a ticket to get in. Upon presenting her ticket to an usher she was led to her seat and she noticed sitting several rows behind her Queen E-Beth and the Prince. They were frowning at Peggy and it was later that she found out they were upset that dear ol’ Peg got to sit ahead of them! But Noonan firmly held her ground and let it be known that it’s the “speech writer” that trumps the royal crown! More on Noonan later, she just refuses to go away!
      John Steinbeck: He set out to just only translate Malory’s Le Morte d’ Arthur by looking up obscure Middle English words along with other research. He assured he only wanted to translate and not re-interpret what Malory had written. But that turned out to be a total lie! Never trust such words from a 33rd Mason. Steinbeck began re-writng and re-telling his own saga whereby the Merlin of his mind says to Arthur, “You are nearer to danger than I was, for you are riding in the direction of your death and God is not and never was your friend”. This is not the Noble Arthur of the myth’s popularization, this is the baby killer abandoned by God and Merlin and tossed on the waves of fate. Steinbeck re-tells it all the way he wants and to hell with Malory and winds up giving it his own Masonic spin. So Merlin’s influence rose from Steinbeck giving him great Masonic magical powers as opposed to Merlin’s knowledge of psychology and human nature hence his wisdom in itself is a kind of magic. Steinbeck didn’t even finish what he had started so the book publishing co. went ahead and printed what he had completed and that is his book The Acts of King Arthur and his Noble Knights. The forward to the book was written by Christopher Paolini, who is extremely popular right now with his Eragon the Dragon series and he is very close friends with George R.R. Martin. They both have travelled together promoting their books.
      It was from 1959-68 that Steinbeck became heavily involved with the CIA and that is how he formed a friendship with Adlai Stevenson, the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. under JKF. Steinbeck wrote a short note to Stevenson: “I want to be Ambassador to Oz. Don’t smile that way, please. Glenda the Good has a mirror which makes all of our listening and testing devices obsolete. I don’t know whether I could bring Oz into NATO right away, but at least the U.N. might benefit by its membership. You will remember also that the Wicked Witch melted and ran down over herself. If I could get that secret, we could handle quite a few people who would look better melted down!” – Steinbeck: A Life in Letters, Adlai Stevenson, January 1962, 692. Interesting reference to Wizard of Oz!
      Steinbeck also wrote many letters to Jackie Kennedy and gained her trust and she insisted that he be the one to write JFK’s bio, but Steinbeck declined the offer. You have to remember here Rosette that Kennedy’s administration was being referred to as his Camelot, which I tend to forget myself. Even the Lerner and Lowe Broadway musical Camelot and the movie version all came out during the 60’s. Such a big deal!
      So there was Steinbeck and Stevenson being so close and keeping their secrets when it was thru Adlai that Steinbeck got to meet our next shady suspect, Edward Albee: He was making quite a name for himself on Broadway and winning Tonys and Pulitzers and considered just as great as Tennessee Williams etc. His body of plays are very dark and some downright Satanic yet many people can not see it at all. He is also chummy is Paolini and Martin and they defend his work often. His Satanic play Sylvia the Goat is being considered as an HBO film and they want to push the play’s ending even further. What happens in the play’s end is that when the wife finds out her husband has been fornicating with a goat, she takes a knife and stabs the animal to death. Which really becomes Albee’s animal sacrifice! This action occurs off stage but the wife does
      appear later dragging the dead carcass across the stage and saying to her husband, “I killed it because you loved it more than you could ever love me!” This won Albee another Tony award for best play of the year and is hailed as great theater!
      Steinbeck used Albee’s influence on Broadway to his own advantage and as a source to spy and keep tabs on some very famous Broadway stars.
      There are too many to list here BUT one of the most famous at that time was Julie Andrews in the Broadway musical Camelot which ran for yrs. And sure enough Julie was being spied on and yrs later she bacame a Dame!
      Albee then in turn introduced Steinbeck to Mike Nichols who was winning Tony awards for best director and had gone full Hollywood with Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Steinbeck used Nichols to spy on even more famous Hollywood stars than you can imagine! So there was Steinbeck and Stevenson and Albee and Nichols, they were quite a foursome.
      Then the next guy comes along to join them as the 5th wheel, Lucius Battle: U.S. Ambassador to Egypt and their connections spreading in all directions. Here’s another anagram: Lucius Battle = Suitable Cult! They were indeed!
      I’m going to pause here and post another piece in a few days that picks it right back up and boy it gets even deeper and darker, I just need to go thru so much info and pare it all down….

      1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

        Aloha Luke!
        I love how you are connecting all of these shady characters! Amazing! Interesting that Peggy Noonan sat before the Royals. Because nothing is by accident in their ritual world. And the line in Sylvia the Goat, “I killed it because you loved it more than you could ever love me!” is a direct homage to Lucifer isn’t it? Oh and how Margaret had to pipe up, per Kissinger. That is too funny, because they have to constantly be working on The Great Work and paying homage to Lucifer. I was listening to a Moby song recently, and the whole song is “I like to praise you, I like to praise you as I should”, obviously he is doing his homage there. I notice too that on the album cover it has Moby jumping in the air (Prince of Air) and he has his shirt opened with his LEFT BREAST exposed. And don’t forget the white shirt and black pants, all tying in to the Mason’s as well.
        So yes please, keep the info coming. Great stuff.
        Love, Rosette

        1. Luke Aspen

          I have a friend that’s a hugh Moby fan and thinks he can do no wrong! So glad to know the truth! I just googled his bio and Moby was raised in Darien, CT which is about 34 miles from Sandy Hook! The stuff I’m currently working on has more connections and people in CT!

      2. Luke Aspen

        Hello Rosette,
        I’ve struck the Motherlode, so much to share! Probing further into the twisted web of Noonan-Nichols. (More Albee later). Finding more connections & hidden surprises! Will love to get your feedback!
        Peggy Noonan, she’s been referred to as having “The Power of the Peg”. The kind of power that allows her to attend the Bilderbergs twice & to sit before the Royals. She has 5 NY Times bestsellers, a trustee of the Manhattan Institute, which is a CIA front for the Jesuits, Nazi’s, the UN and Masons. She’s a regular guest on ABC’s This Week and NBC’s Meet the Press. And still writes her weekly column for the Wall St. Journal. She & Leslie Stahl of CBS 60 Minutes & also a Bilderberg attendee, together created their own feminist website, It includes some famous members: Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Gloria Steinem & Whoopie Goldberg.
        *Steinem & Goldberg*, OMG, they’re not to be trusted! More on them at the end of this.
        And Joan Rivers was a hugh friend to Peggy Noonan. She was to be another contributing member to their website. That was until she & Noonan had a major falling out over one thing, the Obamas! Joan absolutely detested them & told Noonan she thought Michelle was a sickening disgrace! Joan’s brief YouTube vid of her calling Michelle a tranny was quite serious & not meant as a joke. It was going viral with people taking notice & causing an uproar on FB, Twitter etc. And it was just a few short weeks thereafter that Joan died. Noonan thought it best for Joan to just shut up & stop using the word “tranny”. That is when Joan came unglued & ripped in to Peggy calling her every foul name. So that ended their friendship & they never spoke again. And this is something Noonan tries very hard to hide from the public eye!
        In 1999 when Aaron Sorkin created the tv show The West Wing, he called Peggy Noonan & offered her quite a lucrative package deal. She became the shows political advisor to ensure the series captured the real look & feel of inside White House politics. All because Sorkin was so impressed with her being Reagan’s speech writer. In 1988 Reagan was serving his last year in office & Noonan was left to search for her next big gig, While driving to the supermarket she was listening to a radio report that George Bush was in trouble in the primaries. She rushed to the nearest phone & put in a call to the Bush campaign & said simply, “You guys need me!” In the following months she proved her worth to Bush & it was she who wrote his dazzling acceptance speech for the Republican Natl Convention! The one calling for a “kinder, gentler nation”, the one that made the reedy-voiced, malaprop-prone George Bush sound eloquent & confident. And later when Bush was serving as President & said “Read my lips, no new taxes!” That too, was written by Noonan!
        She also made a hugh connection & became great friends with Mikhail Igor Peschkowsky, who was born in Berlin, Germany & raised as a German Jew. He was only 7 yrs. old when he & his 3 yr. old brother were sent by themselves to the US to join their father, who had fled months earlier from the Nazis & their mother joined them even months later. Growing up in NYC in the 60’s Peschkowsky studied the arts including comedy/drama for
        stage/film & he even became great at doing his own stand-up comedy routine. He also proved to be quite adept in discovering new talent, two struggling unknown actors he found were Robert Redford & Dustin Hoffman! Noonan thought this new friend of hers was a pure show biz genius but by the time she had met him he was already known by a different name. He thought Peschkowsky made him sound like he might be another one of those “Friggin’ Hollywood Jews”. So that is when he changed his name & became the American Mike Nichols!
        In Hollywood he struck it big with the Warner Brothers, Harry, Albert, Sam & Jack, all 4 were Masons. Producing his earlier films that were hughly successful, critics were naming Nichols as the “New Orson Welles”. That proved to be quite ironic since Nichols cast Welles in his 3rd film Catch 22. They both spent many hours on the set talking about Welles’ obsession with the “dark art of magic”. Welles also mentioned he was a Mason & he thought he might even surprise Nichols by revealing that Albert Einstein was a Mason too! But it was Welles that got an even bigger surprise when Nichols told him he already knew that & much more. Growing up in Berlin, Mikhail Igor Peschkowsky was actually related to Albert Einstein, a 3rd cousin on his Mother’s side!
        It was in the late 70’s when Nichols was at a private party at El Morocco he met a woman he had always admired & desired to meet, Jackie Kennedy. She was now a widow once again since Aristotle Onassis had passed away. She & Nichols spent hours talking & she told him she was a hugh fan of his 2nd film The Graduate. They quickly became fond of each other & so they actually started dating. Poor Jackie, thought she had at last found the right man to become her 3rd husband & that sentiment was backed up by her “good friend” John Steinbeck! Who would tell her basically any lie that Jackie was willing to believe.
        Her dating Nichols only lasted a short spell when along came another woman to spoil it and who proved to be Jackie’s biggest rival, Diane Sawyer! Jackie would tell anyone that would listen that Diane was nothing but a snake, and she was! Sawyer told Nichols she had bigger dreams than Jackie could dream or fulfill. Sawyer was “going places” & she needed Nichols to be the man to accompany her. She became a White House staff member serving a man whom she had always admired & wanted to be close to, Richard Nixon! She even helped him write his memoirs that became his book! And when the Watergate scandal occurred some insiders mused that Sawyer must have been the real “Deep Throat”. But that turned out to be Mark Felt, who later said Sawyer was way too busy sucking up to Nixon rather than helping to expose him. Nichols later introduced Sawyer to the very woman whom she thought was a great writer & inspiration, Peggy Noonan. And so they became BFFs and Diane Sawyer married Mike Nichols.
        During the early 80’s Nichols met a woman in NYC named Caryn Elaine Johnson. She was promoting herself as a “downtown street artist” standing on various street corners delivering her very nasty, foul-mouthed, ethnic humor. She was also a single mother working odd jobs as a bricklayer, bartender & even a phone sex operator!
        As for her talent Nichols swore he saw something in her that others could not. Mostly what others did see was an illiterate, ghetto-speaking, high school drop-out & hard core drug addict! Even Diane Sawyer thought she was total trash. But Nichols persisted & he was the one to help write & direct her one woman stand-up comedy on Broadway, The Spook Show. Caryn by then had changed her last name to one that she definitely wanted to make her sound just like a “Friggin’ Jew!” And for her first name she got that idea from the “air cushion that makes a flatulent sound” when sat on & that’s how Caryn Elaine Johnson became Whoopi Goldberg!
        She is also a Pagan Luciferian with connections to others just like her. Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple
        & the film version starring Goldberg in the role of Miss Celie is really the Pagan Goddess Cybele. Along with Walker & Goldberg, there’s the other key Color Purple connections, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg & Quincy Jones, who produced the film. Jones is very Luciferian & great friends with Benny Medina, the producer of the tv show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, starring Will Smith. It was both Jones & Medina who gave Will Smith his sodomy ritual! Jones is quite the ringleader in performing sodomy on different Hollywood men. He produced many of Michael Jackson’s albums including Off The Wall & Thriller & he too sodomized Jackson. It’s been said that Quincy Jones asked Tupac Shakur if he would allow Jones to perform his sodomy ritual on him & Tupac went ballistic & threatened him with violence. And that in turn made Tupac a “marked man”.
        (There’s a great website In Search of Black Assassins for more in depth info on this and much more!)
        Btw, Mike Nichols knew many of these connections in Hollywood and remained very apathetic about their dark stuff since he was such an atheist, he could have cared less! As long as his movies did well, he was content.
        And there’s the connection with Goldberg & Gloria Steinem (google: Black Feminism, the CIA & Gloria Steinem).
        There’s quite a long fact sheet on Steinem’s CIA operations against various social/political movements in America. Especially her role in creating a hateful strain of black feminism that attacks black men while
        partnering with the white establishment. Some key facts: An organization of white feminists called “Red Stockings” outed Steinem as a CIA agent. In 1967 Steinem actually boasted in interviews with the NY Times & the Washington Post that her training with the CIA was “good journalistic training” because the CIA “taught you to be accurate”.
        Steinem also identified & targeted Alice Walker in the early 60’s. She paid for Walker to come to the CIA manipulated “Student Festival” in Vienna and Walker would later become the foremost writer of anti-black male hate books all of which were funded by money funneled to her publishers by the CIA.
        And Steinem personally has been involved with two of the most heinous & lying Luciferians on the planet. One of whom she had dated for number of yrs. was Henry Kissinger!
        And the other whom she helped in covering up the CIA’s involvement in SRA was Ted Gunderson!
        And Peggy Noonan swears that Goldberg & Steinem are “two of the most important trailblazers of our time!”
        Lots more info with this, will keep sending.

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author


          Simply OUTSTANDING work! Your connections are blowing me away! I can only add a few things that I saw as I was reading through. Noonan and Stahl’s website-… the O in the middle is for Omega, the negative feminine, the left, the Luciferians, the “wow” on each side is “mom” inverted because they worship LILITH not the divine feminine. Lilith is anti-mom. Lilith is uncaring, un-nurturing, the whore, the prostitute, all about sex and base matter, not love from the heart. I know you know this but others might not. So the females in this group worship Lilith.

          Diane Sawyer is interesting as well. My dear friend passed away recently in warSAW. Aquino was involved. Buzz SAW is the show Aquino was on, with the host being Sean Stone. Oliver Stone is his father. Michael Aquino has Oliver in his list of acknowledgments in his book MindWars… the M and W of MindWars is significant. It’s the M and W at odds. Reminds me of the wow and mom…. now Diane SAWyer… Diana is Isis but they are sawing her, Sawyer is “one who saws” so there is a connection there. So Diane Sawyer is coded for being “against Isis”. So we have Sean and Oliver Stone (buzzSAW)… my friend in warSAW, Max Spiers, and Diane SAWyer…. connected.

          You know the color Purple is also significant. It is the color of the Luciferians as well. The color purple is the lowest color of the rainbow, (violet), and represents HELL or the abyss. So all the ones involved in this film are Luciferian witches. Oprah Winfrey… Oprah is an anagram for Orpah of the Bible. Orpah turned away from her people. She BETRAYED them. Notice too O-prah and O-liver. We also have O-bama, sorry but yes, and Jackie O.

          Lastly, I think we touched on Gunderson previously, how he is a Satanist and was working as controlled opposition to make sure particular elites didn’t get exposed in the SRA scandals. So yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised that Steinem (stein is STONE, so “stone M”, again against Isis, M for Mom, Stone Isis) covered up Ted’s involvement. So few know the truth about Ted! Even in the awake community they think he was a good guy, which we know was hardly the case. He was a very very dark and sinister individual who caused many deaths and misery.
          Keep it coming Luke. Very interesting stuff.

          Much appreciated, Rosette

          1. Luke Aspen

            I’m berating myself for not catching the wowOwow, SAWyer, Orpah. Makes perfect sense! Those are great insights! I always love your feedback. I learn so much & it shows how important it is to share!
            As for Jackie O, she was born a Bouvier & her father was very corrupt. I tend to see her as not so corrupt herself but influenced by the men she married. She loved the money & power they could provide & she became too tainted by it all. She didn’t enjoy her marriage to Onassis. At one point in their marriage they were swimming nude at Onassis’ island Skorpios & 10 photographers with underwater cameras captured Jackie naked & her picture was featured in Playboy, Hustler etc. Jackie was furious & wanted Onassis to sue the magazines which he refused to do. A year before Onassis died he admitted that he had planned the entire operation!
            And I’m so pleased you enjoy all this stuff as well. It continues to boggle my mind how all the connections fit. I’ll send another big post in just a few days.

          2. Luke Aspen

            I’m still researching Albee, thought I’d be finished by now. Last night I found more important connections while combing thru over 80 printed pgs. of his bio. Incredible stuff! So in the meantime, let me add to the previous, some things you might appreciate as well. Peggy Noonan was married to Richard Rahn, economist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce & member of the Cato Institute. He’s also quite corrupt & pro-Bilderberg. And very jealous that his wife got to attend the Bilderbg’s, twice, & not him!
            They have a son Will Rahn, who is close friends with activist Shepard Fairey, who designed the iconic “Hope” poster for Obama. Also designed a T-shirt to raise funds for Sanders. Fairey said recently he regrets the Obama poster & has lost faith in the whole Obama administration. But Will Rahn keeps clinging to the “Hope” & insists Obama is a great guy! When Joan Rivers ripped into Peggy Noonan, she showed no mercy while screaming, “That idiot child of yours is soooo dumbed down!” The rest is much too foul to print but you get the picture. No wonder they stopped speaking.
            As for Oprah-Orpah-Orca, she is very busy right now touring the country with her pal Rick Bell. He’s a liberal pastor & author of Love Wins. Together they’re selling the idea that gay marriage is perfectly fine. Why, it’s all about love! And sodomy is just another way to show just how awesome that love really is! When you wrote “Orpah turned away from her people. She BETRAYED them” Yes, that hit me like a ton of bricks, indeed!
            As forJackie O; I’ve read that Onassis was one of the Illuminati kings who decided JFK must go, & he got to run off with the dead man’s wife. Onassis had already gotten Jackie onto his yacht, sexually, prior to Kennedy’s assassination.
            So some say Jackie was really CIA & part of it. Bill Cooper, author of Behold A Pale Horse, insists Jackie was innocent. He said the final shot that killed JFK was fired by the limousine driver, CIA’s John Greer. Cooper came to Atlanta yrs. ago to promote that very idea & it was held at some public forum that I was unable to attend. My friend Jason did go & told me Cooper had an “unedited copy” of the Zapruder film. Cooper ran the shot to the head clip on a continuous loop over & over for about 40 times, saying to the audience, “Keep your eyes on the driver & not Kennedy”. Jason swore that in that clip you can see something in Greer’s hand as he points it back at JFK. Hence Kennedy’s head is blown off. Cooper said at that point, Jackie has panicked, realizing she may be shot by Greer as well and so she’s climbing to get out of the car to save her own life.
            Cooper also insisted Jackie was threatened that if she ever spoke of any of it, her two children Caroline & John Jr. would be taken out.
            Whether any of this is true or not, it’s worth mentioning, if nothing else. When I wrote before that “Poor Jackie” thought Mike Nichols was the right man for her, was not to let her off the hook. She was caught up in the entire nasty web of deception by allowing herself to be. She felt so empowered by the money those men afforded her rather than just eschew it all. Kind of reminds me of the line from the Godfather 3. When Al Pacino’s character has finally had enough & wants to free himself from it all, says, “Just when I want out, they pull me right back in”.
            John Berendt, who wrote one of the best books ever, Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil. Tells the most amazing anecdotes of people living in Savannah, GA. Jim Williams, a local resident living in the famous Mercer House, which was used as a backdrop in the 1997 civil war film Glory. Starring Morgan Freeman & Denzel Washington. In the book, Williams answers a knock at his door from a limousine driver who asks if the passenger of his limo could be invited in to see his home. Williams agrees & to his shock the passenger turns out to be Jackie Kennedy! And she fell instantly in love with the Mercer House. In fact, so much love that she offered to buy it from Williams, right there on the spot! She even pulled out her checkbook & told him to name his price, whatever amount, she would gladly pay it! Williams refused & Jackie could not figure why?
            Illustrates again just how much money meant to Jackie O & the freedom it afforded!

          3. Rosette Delacroix Post author

            Impeccable research my friend. Keep it coming! I think you should put all this info together into a book. Well worth the read. But please keep sharing here as well! I will add where I can.
            The limo story is very interesting isn’t it? How she loved money… how John Jr. and his wife Caroline were taken out too… another ritual sacrifice…

  6. Luke Aspen

    Hey Rosette,
    I want you to know I spent roughly about 2 weeks researching and compiling this last post and staying up late but as you can see for yourself all the pieces do fit! I rarely watch tv so I devote all my time and energy digging away to say the least and I know for sure everything in life is like a Huge Jigsaw Puzzle and the pieces are there if you just dig deep enough. Now pay very close attention to Noonan-Nichols-Albee they are Key Players in more that I’m still working on and will share as I go. The same with Steinbeck and his writings on the Arthur legends that gets very interesting and more dirty than I can say but it takes time to uncover it all. I have a friend that’s helping me with the Collins family history and that alone is FULL TIME work! As you know I started with your Jacob’s Ladder and was so shocked by that and now I’ve had the time to complete all your decodings – Great Work! I even went back and read all the comments posted and boy the things you can learn from others that are in the know! I took your advice and I’m noticing all around midtown and downtown Atlanta symbols and signs but I have to lookup their meaning. So as I find the extra time I will share that too, so much to talk about!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Love it Luke! Can’t wait to hear more!
      Btw, I’m on Facebook where I make timely comments that are linked to these articles- such as Game of Thrones. So if you are on there you could send me a friend request and we can share there as well.

    2. Luke Aspen

      Dear Rosette,
      I want to thank you so much for all the positive words & enthusiasm you have given me. I never even thought of writing a book about all this stuff. When I first started posting this info, my biggest fear, would it even be interesting enough? So I was reticent to post that first comment but you helped me to get over that!
      I’m an obsessed info addict as you can tell, it keeps my mental wheels spinning. But it’s you RD that gets total 100% credit here, you’ve encouraged me to keep doing this, like no other! And I appreciate how you keep me informed & corrected too! Things like Gunderson & Spielberg being the bad guys, I was soooo mislead!
      I will continue to share more. I’m finishing up with the Albee research & boy it’s The Big One! So many twists & turns with those great surprises that we both love so well! Then I promise I’ll get off the Noonan-Nichols-Albee kick. Time to move on to even more incredible stuff. I’m just trying to post it all in an orderly fashion, one with a sense of continuity to it, I hope that makes sense. Anyway, I’m over the moon with the connection we’ve made. And I will never forget, you’re the Lady in charge here. I’m just the happy little fellow that came along for the ride!!
      Thanks, Luke

  7. Luke Aspen

    I got the news yesterday that my Uncle in Cincinnati has passed away. I was up all night and no sleep with many thoughts running thru my mind, esp. those 3 words-Nothing Is Written. Such weird timing for my atheist uncle to die!! I’m leaving shortly to go there but I wanted to share some more stuff before going. There’s so many different things to tell so I’m trying to keep everything in a methodical order. Let me start with the some of the things I’ve noticed here in Atlanta: The Andrew Young Tribute Plaza dwntwn has a life size statue of the former Mayor of Atlanta. He is standing with both hands reaching out with his palms open which is a Masonic pose. And yes, he too is a Mason along with former Mayor Maynard Jackson, the first black Mayor of Altanta. They both are very chummy with our present Mayor Kasim Reed, the Bilderburg attendee.
    Andrew Young is very famous for his civil rights work with MLK and he is also very chummy with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakahn. All 3 are Masons.
    Obama really has a fixation with Sharpton, who has been invited to the White House over a record number of 62 times which the guest log clearly reveals. Sharpton is one truly divisive guy as you probably know and can not be trusted at all!!
    Also inside the Plaza is a huge round area with a large gold obelisk sitting in the middle.
    Then there’s the Bank of America Plaza which has a mammoth size building comparable to one of the twin towers and the capstone has a rather sizable obelisk and at it’s very tip is a blinking white light that flashes 24 hrs a day. And In Piedmont Park there are more obelisks of different sizes that are used as markers throughout the park area.
    Now what’s interesting are stickers I’ve spotted dwntwn that say things like “Siri will lead you all the way”, “Siri searchs” etc. There’s an article in USA TODAY about Siri leading the way in advances for Apple TV. Siri will peruse more than 650,000 movies and tv episodes for you. So ok, I get that, but I always wondered why the name Siri? Well it dawned on me SIRI – IRIS – ISIS = Siri, the iris of the Eye/Phone 4s.
    Iris in Greek mythology was the Goddess of the rainbow, a messenger for Zeus and Hera who rode the rainbow as multicolored bridge from heaven to earth. This led to the naming of the flower and the colored part of the eye.
    Now IRIS is the name for Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, for Jane Fonda in Stanley and Iris and for Judi Dench in Iris. Now all 3 women are (according to InTheKnow certified monarchs. Jodie Foster played the 14 yr old prostitute and directed by Martin Scorsese. The restaurant scene with Jodie and Robert DeNiro is obvious whereby the wall behind them clearly has butterflies all over it. Jane Fonda made a photo in her early career and it’s rather a sad one of her wearing the leopard skin print in an awkward position with her butt in the air while she looks directly ahead and her eyes look totally possessed, truly disturbing photo. With Judi Dench, well you can offically now call her Dame Judi, enough said there. Also note that Eddie Redmayne and his wife just had their first child this week and named her Iris Mary. Big Clue! Since Eddie started out in acting and got his first major break from Edward Albee (him again!) and appeared in his creepy play The Goat or Who Is Sylvia. He played the young homosexual son. This year he got his 2nd Oscar nom for playing the first transgender female in The Danish Girl and his first Oscar the previous year. He is 34 yrs old and I predict he will be within say the next 5 yrs or so Knighted by the Queen. He has all the markings that I just listed. The very same with Benedict Cumberbatch, I predicted his being knighted 4 yrs ago and it was just last year that he got the call to come join the “inner circle”, it’s now official, he was made Sir Benedict at the age of 38. He too had all the markings an Oscar nom, has played a homosexual, and even a female in Zoolander 2, quite simply a very ugly looking drag queen for sure! Plus he has a new movie coming out called Doctor Strange with lots of occult stuff in it. And it also has Tilda Swinton playing the Ancient One and she as you know was the Master Mason in Snowpiercer.
    Rosette, I deleted my FB page well over 3 yrs ago but I can always go back and reinstall it but for now I’m all wound up about going back home for the funeral. I will be there to take care of some other business all the way thru the 4th of July but I will get back to you within a few days from now. I’m so glad you’re as excited about all this shared info as I am, the remaining Aspen family thinks I’m totally whacked, well whatever!!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Simply amazing connections Luke! Spot on with everything you said! The Iris connection is remarkable! The iris- big brother watching too. Everything switching to digital- Lucifer’s realm. Connecting us more and more to the Matrix. We have the CLOUD for our storage. We are connected by the ETHERnet. Hooked to the WORLD WIDE WEB- their spider web.
      Jodie Foster is definitely connected. Look up Foster’s Home of Imaginary Friends. She’s a handler/programmer.
      And Sorry to hear about your Uncle. Sending my regards. And I would say “whacked” in the best possible way.

  8. Luke Aspen

    Forgot to add that this year the Queen’s newest Knight is now Sir Kevin Spacey! He also appeared at the recent opening for the Signature Theatre Company and who did he get all chummy with while he was there….. Edward Albee!

  9. Laura Schlesinger

    Hi Rosette,
    I simply adore your work! I was a theatre major in school and studied the works of Samuel Beckett, Eugene Ionesco, Harold Pinter and Edward Albee. I always thought Albee was way too dark and got away with some pretty strange stuff. I also loved reading John Steinbeck and to discover he and Albee were both in cahoots together! Thanks and keep it up!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Laura,
      Much appreciated! The Albee connection would be all Luke Aspen on here, but thank you kindly! Please feel free to add whenever you like. I have really smart readers and totally appreciate you all. Together we uncover so much more. Cheers, Rosette

  10. Laura Schlesinger

    Hello Rosette,
    I actually meant to say that it’s your decoding movies I find so astonishing! And then with all the comments being added, such as Luke’s, are amazing too! I think it’s great that you allow anyone to add whatever comments they feel like, how cool!
    I’m also curious Rosette, how did your ability to find and decode all the hidden symbols and meanings come about? I love all of what you have to say but what does your family and friends think about it all?
    Thanks, Laura

    1. Luke Aspen

      Hey Rosette,
      Hope you enjoy this!
      It was Reed & Francis Albee that adopted their only child & named him after Reed’s Father, Edward Franklin Albee II. The Albee’s were Masons & enormously wealthy, having great access to celebrities & other affluent people they invited into their NY home. One regular guest was actor Ed Wynn, who played Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins, as well as other characters in Disney movies. In 2013 Wynn’s granddaughter accepted posthumously his Disney Legend Award. She said Walt Disney was very kind & gracious in being one of Wynn’s pallbearers. Ed Wynn always seemed to play the same sweet & lovable, slightly befuddled character. At least that was his public movie perception. Privately, no one would guess he was a Mason & Walt Disney’s “right hand man”. As a child, Ed Albee III, was quite taken by “Uncle Ed Wynn”, who supplied Albee with the many dark & mysterious books he loved to read. Ones that deeply disturbed & influenced his already growing creative mind.
      These were a total of 7 books with the same recurring characters, all written in the 30’s. Much like the Harry Potter books of today, only more frightening.
      The boy Ed Albee could not get enough of them, filled with darkness & mixed with many occultic elements including black magic. These books were written by a wiccan lesbian, who was deeply involved with the occult, having studied Theosophy, Hinduism, Zen etc. The author was Pamela L. Travers, whom Albee adored & simply swore one day he would write even darker, more twisted stories. In short, he had found in Travers his muse! And so who was the main character in all of these 7 books? That turned out to be the beloved Mary Poppins! Obviously the Disney movie starring Julie Andrews was nothing at all like those books it was based on. Although the Disney Mary Poppins was cheerful & kind, Travers’ Poppins was just the dark opposite. She was very strict, cold & callous & absolutely hated to be touched even downright terrifying at times!
      And Why?
      An evil Mary Poppins was who Pamela Travers herself, wished she could really be, a magical mean & cruel female Crowley!
      Helene Vachet of the Theosophical Society’s Quest magazine, describes the theosophical meaning behind much of the symbolism & story of Mary Poppins. She resembles a dark guardian angel, demon or cosmic being who comes from time to time to visit Earth. The sky & wind bringing Mary Poppins to Cherry Tree Lane refers to a “walker of the sky” described in theosophical writings as a Siddhi or spiritual power to which a Yogi joins himself to “behold the things beyond the seas & stars”. Travers at one point has Mary Poppins boldly declare, “I Am The Great Exception!” Which means “she has gone beyond the evolution of humanity & her life now stands in contrast to those who have not yet reached this stage”. And yet this was the very sentiment that would firmly stick in young Albee’s mind for the rest of his life. The zoo scene in Travers’ book is filled with occultic imagery where all the animals run the zoo & all the people are kept in cages. The King of the Animals is a hugh headed snake that Mary Poppins calls “Cousin” – (a reptilian evolution?).
      Travers wrote all 7 books in the 30’s & by the 60’s she was left almost penniless. That is when Walt Disney made a personal trip to her London home hoping to persuade her into signing over the rights to the first book, not all 7 of them. Travers was so desperate for the money she agreed. But it was later at the gala Hollywood movie premiere, afterwards she came unglued. She broke down sobbing saying, “Julie Andrews as Poppins was much too pretty & too damn nice!” And she later walked up to Walt Disney demanding that all the silly singing & dancing be deleted from the film. Disney just shook his head & replied, “Too late Pam, the ship has already sailed!” & walked away. And they never spoke again.
      Edward Albee also hated the movie & sided with Travers. He thought Disney had ruined her beloved book. And Disney left out Albee’s most favorite of all, the zoo characters. They have lived in his fertile imagination ever since! So much that in 1958 he wrote his first play, The Zoo Story. It’s simply about 2 male strangers sitting on a park bench when one man excitedly tells the other, “I’ve been to the zoo!”. What seems like a simple story quickly turns to dark violence & one man allows himself to be stabbed to death, while telling the other man what an animal he is- (Albee’s male sacrifice?) Thus echoing Travers’ “Humans are really animals that should all be kept in cages”. Albee’s play was a success & when he was asked why he would write something so dark? He replied, “It’s a lot like myself, ‘I Am the Great Exception!”.
      And for her “Great Service” to literature, Pamela L. Travers was made by Queen E-Beth, an Officer of the British Empire. But even that could not satisfy the sour ol’ crone Travers. She felt E-Beth could have gone several levels higher & made her a Dame! So it was in 2000 that Julie Andrews got what Travers would have killed her to have, the title, Dame! Andrews was also busy planning to write her own children’s book about a small mouse living inside a Broadway theater titled The Great American Mousical. When she met E-Beth to receive her Dame honor, she was excited to tell her all about the book, But dear E-Beth was more interested in talking about Travers’ 7 books. Andrews was not even aware of them & E-Beth said she must read them, “Why they’re simply quite wonderful!”
      Probing further into Albee’s bio I found out much more thru his grandfather Edward Franklin Albee II. The Albee name carries more weight than I ever imagined! In 1885 Franklin Albee toured with P.T. Barnum as a “roustabout” & Barnum was the one to coin both phrases, “The greatest show on earth” & “There’s a sucker born every minute”. He later formed the Barnum & Bailey & Ringling Brothers Circus and they ALL became Masons. And so did Franklin Albee. So when P.T. Barnum would declare his circus as being “The greatest show on earth” that was really meant as a double entendre. He was also referring to Freemasonry! And Ed Franklin Albee moved on from Barnum & formed a new partnership, one with Benjamin Franklin Keith, who became the “Father of American Vaudeville”. This was the popular entertainment in the US, before movies & tv even existed. Together Albee & Keith made a hugh success with Vaudeville acts & they discovered 2 of the most famous actors. One was Bert Lahr, who when movies did finally come along, he became the iconic Cowardly Lion in the 1939 Wizard of Oz! And that is how Lahr met Ed Wynn, who was offered the role of the Wizard but he felt the part was too small so he declined. The other actor was William Frawley, who went on to make over 100 movies but he became quite famous much later when he landed the tv role of Fred Mertz on I Love Lucy! And if you’ve seen many Lucy episodes in which they perform their cornball Vaudeville acts, it’s all because of William Frawley!
      So Lahr, Frawley & Wynn all became friends along with another Vaudeville performer who had worked under the name Francis Ethel Gumm but later changed her name when she too appeared in the Wizard of Oz & became the superstar Judy Garland! She was also one of the original MK Monarchs! Franklin Albee became President of the VMA (Vaudeville Mgr. Assoc.) giving him full control & totally corrupt too. Many Vaudeville entertainers hated Albee calling him a tyrant. And he was! Including Groucho Marx, always shouting,”Albee’s gestapo!” & complaining Albee carried too many dark secrets. Ironic for Marx to say that when he too was a Mason!
      But Franklin Albee could care less & his corruption kept snowballing From there he formed the Keith-Albee-Orpheum with Joseph P. Kennedy, the patriarch of the Kennedy family. *Note here the Kennedys & the Clintons are deeply connected to the living playwright Edward Albee, more on that in the next post, much too long to include here, but important!!
      This Orpheum led to forming RKO Pictures & introducing moving pictures in the US. Building over 400 movie palaces throughout the US all under the name the RKO Albee. These were very opulent theaters that usually had ornate balconies. Almost all 50 states had an Albee theater, one state alone would have at least 5 or more. And when I was a kid growing up in Cincinnati my Mother would always take me to see movies at the RKO Albee! And I never knew until now that was named after Ed Albee’s grandfather! I also did a google search for RKO Albee in Hawaii but there was none.
      It gets even more interesting, Grandfather Albee also loved coming to Atlanta in the 30’s & paid many local visits to the Fox theater!! And being a Mason, he spent time inside the Fox’s Yaareb Temple Mosque! Discovering this led me to researching more into the rich history of the Fox theater. This connects to Wilhelm Fuchs, born in 1879 & his parents were German Jews who brought their son to America. In the US his name was changed to William Fox = Will I AM 666? He too was a Mason & he formed 20th Century Fox Films with Darryl Zanuck Sr., also a Mason. The Zanuck family history has been so much a part of Hollywood for years. Darryl Zanuck Jr. hooked up with Tim Burton, both Masons. Zanuck produced several of Burton’s movies. Burton is also heavily connected to Obama.
      In 1929 William Fox secured the rights to the address at 666 Peachtree St. Atlanta to build the Fox. He also chose 3 more cities Detroit, St. Louis, San Francisco & built Fox theaters there as well. Together all 4 theaters are known as the Super Foxes. But it’s the Atlanta Fox that’s different from the other 3 and what sets it apart are the underground tunnels! You said Rosette that Atlanta is special & sacred, now I get that. It’s the only Fox that was actually built on a massive underground system much like Disneyland. Because of it’s immense size, the lower levels of the Fox have been referred to as the “catacombs”. That word is used to refer to it’s antiquity of 1929. Funny how the mgmt. of the Fox will allow that word but they cringe when someone says “tunnels”. They can’t hide the facts (google search) of an elaborate underground with myriad secret pathways leading to numerous “locked doors”. Some parts of the underground hallways & service areas are actually used by some theater guests. When the NY Metropolitan Opera visited the Fox, they put up names of NY streets on the underground walls, so Opera members could navigate more easily. Before the names were put up one cast member actually got lost & was left roaming around for “hours” trying to find his way back! That’s proves how much of a labyrinth it is down there! When he inquired later about the locked doors that he saw he was told by the mgmt. to please keep that quiet!
      So much more here, in a rush, will continue tomorrow…

      1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

        Just wow! I will never think of Mary Poppins in the same way again! The animals running the show and the people in cages… reminds me of the MK program. Many MK’s have talked about being in cages and seeing other children in cages. Judy Garlands’ daughter Liza Minelli married David Gest and was found dead in a Four Seasons Hotel at Canary Wharf, UK. Ritual sacrifice. Great decoding on the Wilhelm Fuchs, William Fox- Will I Am 666- spot on!
        Great connections! More please. Next chapter! 🙂 Thank you so much Luke.

      2. Luke Aspen

        ….The name RKO alone goes all the way back to it’s actual start in London with the Ealing film studios, which were run by Michael Balcon. He was a movie producer & key figure in the life of Alfred Hitchcock. Balcon is credited for producing all of Hitchcock’s earlier films in England. His very first film was The Pleasure Garden in 1925, followed by The 39 Steps & The Man Who Knew Too Much. Balcon made quite a reputation by producing some of the very best British films. When the war broke out many film artists left England for the US, including Hitchcock. That’s when Balcon was left totally abandoned by Hitchcock for which hated & never forgave.
        In 1948 Balcon was told by Queen E-Beth how much she appreciated him for having stayed & to show her support she was kind enough to make him a Knight!
        But there came much speculation later when Sir Michael Balcon “died” on Oct. 6, 1977. It was reported that he passed away peacefully in his sleep but his body was cremated immediately & many questions were left unanswered. Some say yet another sacrifice for E-Beth?
        That was in 1977 & just 3 yrs. later in 1980, Hitchcock finally got what he felt he always deserved more than Balcon, the title of Sir Alfred Hitchcock! But Balcon is even more key here. He has living today a famous grandson who has 3 Oscars, played the homosexual & donned the female dress. And we both now know what that means, E-Beth strikes again! One of my all time favorite actors was made Sir Daniel Day-Lewis!
        And even more connections abound, Lewis married Rebecca Miller, who graduated from Choate, very important key, too long to post here but will later. Her father was Arthur Miller, the famous playwright noted for Death of a Salesman & The Crucible.
        Miller’s 2 closest friends were Mike Nichols & Ed Albee.
        In 2012 Nichols got his 9th Tony for directing the Broadway revival of Death of a Salesman. Miller was always referred to as the great moralist & humanitarian. He was really quite the opposite, having a dark unsavory past he preferred to keep hidden.
        Miller & his 3rd wife had a child also named Daniel The baby was born with Down Syndrome which left Arthur Miller terribly upset. He referred to his son as a “mongoloid” & refused to even touch the child. His wife loved the baby but Miller insisted it was best to have it taken away to a home for infants in NYC. Daniel was 4 yrs. old when he was moved from there & placed in the Sudbury Training School, a
        Connecticut institution for the mentally retarded.
        Miller’s wife went to see her child almost every Sunday while Miller himself stayed away. Southbury was not “a place you would want your dog to live”. One former worker there recalls having met Daniel: “He was just a delight, eager, happy, outgoing in spite of his isolation”. He showed her his room which he shared with 20 other people, & his dresser, which was nearly empty. “I remember trying to respond with happiness but it was very hard, because there was nothing there”. She says, ‘He really had nothing, his sole possession was a little transistor radio with earplugs. It was something you’d pick up at a five-and-dime. And he was so proud to have it. You couldn’t help but think this is Arthur Miller’s son? how could this be?”
        Daniel Day-Lewis & Rebecca Miller tried to reason with Arthur Miller but he would not budge. His “good friend” Ed Albee stepped in, as always, saying it was perfectly ok!
        Someone in turn, said to Albee, “You hear that ‘whoosing’ sound, it’s my respect for Miller flying out the window while my respect for Daniel Day-Lewis has certainly increased!”
        Arthur Miller was briefly married to his 2nd wife, who ironically turned out to be one of the most iconic movie sex symbols of all time, Marilyn Monroe! She was an orphan born under the name Norma Jean Baker. During her infancy, the Illuminati/CIA programmed her to be a Monarch slave. Before becoming an actress she worked at a burlesque house in LA under the name Mona. It was there she met Anton LeVey & he was an MK handler for other women & Mona become another one of his “kitten” slaves. LeVey was a carnival worker & when carnival season ended, he would earn money by playing the organ in various LA burlesque houses.
        Monroe’s marriage to Miller was indeed a brief & strange one. He looked as if he could be her father, being so much older than her. But that’s exactly what Marilyn wanted, a father figure, someone who would not take her face & literally slam it against the wall. Like LeVey & other abusive men did, repeatedly. At one point, Miller became bored & irritated with how Marilyn had embarrassed him around his friends. So he decided it was best he let her go & dump her, like the “mongoloid”.
        That’s when he turned her over to Dr. Ralph Greenson, a handler with “experience”. He had handled others like her before, it was Ed Wynn that had introduced him to Judy Garland! Greenson kept Judy doped up for a very long time & she was so unhappy. Marilyn did meet a very nice “gentleman”, one who wouldn’t harm her at all, Truman Capote. And he in turn introduced her to his great friend Ed Albee. Marilyn felt safe with them since they were homosexual, she knew they were not after her sexually.
        Greenson later had her admitted to a NY hospital under the name Faye Miller, where she was escorted to a padded cell in a locked psychiatric ward.
        She was screaming & banging on a steel door demanding to be let out. She was then given a forced bath & put into a hospital gown. Her doctor told her she was a very, very “sick girl” & had been that way for so many yrs. Months later she was released & then became acquainted with John & Bobby Kennedy. Becoming JFK’s Presidential Model, or a “Diamond Model”, singing her signature song, “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”.
        Arthur Miller always insisted he knew nothing about Marilyn’s “sickness”. And people today still regard Miller as the great humanitarian. At his funeral, Ed Albee stood up & boldly declared, “Arthur Miller, he was truly The Great Exception, he held up a mirror & told society, “Here is how you behave!”
        More to follow….

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          Such a sad story about Marilyn. Marilyn Monroe- MM equals 33. Also DIAMOND is 33 in Gematria. So the Mason connection there. Norma Jean Baker… NORMAN GENE and baker as in baby maker… as in she carries the Normandy Gene- French, Merovingian. Although an “orphan” I’m sure they knew her heritage, her blood line.

          The sacrifice of Sir Michael Balcon on Oct. 6, 1977… October is the 10th months so 10/6/1977… you have 1 + 6 = 7 and 77 in the year, so you have 777- Crowley’s number and the number for the three Gods of the Process Church that they worship- Lucifer, Satan and Jehovah.

          Sad about the child with Down’s Syndrome- but that is the Luciferian’s MO- survival of the strong. They have no compassion. They do not care for ones that are weak, developmentally disabled etc They have the SPARTAN mentality. No heart.

  11. Luke Aspen

    All of your input here is so vital, Norman Gene! etc., how do you catch this stuff, keeps eluding me! I swear I need a quick reference manual for names, numbers, drives me crazy!
    Here’s the last on Albee:
    Remember I mentioned that Rebecca Miller attended Choate? So did Jamie Lee Curtis, Paul Giamatti, Michael Douglas, Adlai Stevenson, ALL the Kennedys, to name a few. But the school’s most acknowledged graduate is Edward Albee. They adore him for his “great work”. Choate is a private boarding school & “dumping ground” for children of the elite. Also a “breeding ground” for CIA/Masons too.
    That explains their strict school policy for such privacy. It’s located at 33 Christian St. in Wallingford, CT. which is right at 42 miles from Sandy Hook! And close by is Hartford. Both cities have a rich history in Satanism & witchcraft. I found this news article in the NY Times July 16, 1995, Entertaining the Devil in Connecticut: “Salem, Mass had the most famous witch trials but Connecticut was the real witchcraft center of New England for most of the 17th century. The first mass hysteria over witchcraft actually started in Hartford & the last trials for witchcraft were in Wallingford. There were many more witches in Connecticut than in Salem, Mass”.
    It was Arthur Miller that dumped his daughter Rebecca at Choate, much like he dumped his son at Southbury & then dumped Marilyn with Dr. Greenson.
    Miller was also acquainted with Dr. William Taliaferro-Close, who did the same, dumped his kid at Choate. Taliaferro-Close was born in Greenwich, (green witch?) CT. He was also an army pilot & Harvard educated, (big clues right there). In 1960 he joined the Moral Re-Armament, a CIA op for the elite classes. In 1946 the world “training center” for the MRA was opened in Caux, Switzerland. In 7 yrs. 55,000 people from 166 countries attended the world assemblies/prime ministers, church leaders, armed forces, press, radio & education.
    In 1960 Taliaferro-Close went to Zaire & ran the Yemo Hospital & became thru the CIA the personal Dr. to President Mobutu. The CIA supplied cash & guns which helped put Mobutu in place after the brutal overthrow of Patrice Lumumba. It was former US Marine Herb Cohen that helped target & kill Lumumba. From there Cohen was sent to Laurel Canyon & became Frank Zappa’s manager!
    During the 70’s Taliaferro-Close was also linked to the first Ebola outbreak in Africa as well as the AIDS outbreak. He has been linked to Sir Bill Gates (E-Beth again!) for pushing vaccines in various parts of Africa. It was Gates that said it was absolutely mandatory that all newborn babies in Africa be vaccinated first thing “fresh out of the womb!”
    The MRA has strong connections to Scientology & famous actors & celebrities. It was Taliaferro-Close that forced his own daughter, whom he treated like his “little soldier” (soul-dier?) by giving her the male name, Glenn Close!! She was 7 yrs. old when she was inducted into the MRA & suffered great abuse. She & and her family siblings were taken to MRA’s palatial headquarters in Switzerland, where she was forced to stay until the age of 15.
    During that time she was totally controlled by what to say, to think & to dress. That was from ages 7-15, she had no freedom. When she did turn 15, she was then dumped at Choate. She said she did not have any freedom of her own until she reached the age of 22. When asked today about this so-called freedom, she only bristles & clams up & won’t say. And of course she has strong connections with her “great friend” Ed Albee. She has appeared in several of his most noted plays & to me it’s no coincidence at this very moment she’s on Broadway in Albee’s A Delicate Balance.
    And remember I mentioned Michael Douglas also attended Choate. And what famous movie did he & Glenn do together? Fatal Attraction! And that film was directed by Adrian Lyne, who also directed a film we both love, Jacob’s Ladder! Lyne the Luciferian! He attended the High Gate School in England which was founded by Sir Roger Cholmoley. This School is Extremely Satanic with the most incredible sacrifices I’ve ever read about. I read how they throw babies on the floor & beat & torture them before sacrificing them. I could not stomach reading the entire article so I stopped.
    It was thru her father that Glenn met Miles Copeland Jr., a CIA agent involved in Operation Overlord & wrote a book about it called Spooks for Bush. Copeland is from Birmingham. Al & he introduced Glenn to a local lady there named Rita Klitch. It was Glenn’s “duty” to study & observe Rita from a distance, all of her sexual behavior. And why? Because Rita became the model for the character Alex that Glenn plays in Fatal Attraction. Glenn said she studied her for several years noting that Rita slept with so many married men she lost count after one month. Rita is much like Alex in the movie except she thrives on anal sex & other unmentionable debauchery.
    I did a google search on the name Rita Klitch & she was easy to locate, the only one in Birmingham, Alabama. And married to James Klitch, one of the married men she had sex with & the only man willing to fulfill all of Rita’s sexual demands!
    In 2013 Glenn was asked to host the Kennedy Center honors, the ceremony that puts the rainbow ribbons around the honoree’s neck. That honor actually got started with an important year date 1977 & that was decided by Albee & Steinbeck’s partner in crime, Lucius Battle, remember him? He sat on the board of directors & so many of his friends got the honor. I mentioned before Albee is connected with the Kennedys thru Choate hence the honor awards. Clinton is also connected with Albee & that’s why in 1996 when Bill was president & the one to put the rainbow ribbon around Albee’s neck. And another very close friend to Albee is Jonathan Pryce, whose name you probably won’t recognize but you know him as the High Sparrow on Game of Thrones! I believe on GOT he plays the good guy but he’s not so good in real life. And not so long ago, Jonathan Pryce got a call from E-Beth, but that was not to make him a Knight. It was to make him a CBE, Commander of the British Empire, several steps lower.
    Pryce has said he owes his entire career to 2 men, first is the one man who discovered him in the 60’s & put him in the stage play The Comedians was Mike Nichols. The other who continued to help keep Pryce on the stage & in some of his most cherished roles is of course Ed Albee.
    And here Rosette, I found the perfect way to end this long ongoing Noonan-Nichols-Albee connection: It was thru Ed Albee that Jonathan Pryce got to meet someone he thought enormously talented & might even one day win an Oscar, Eddie Redmayne. It was a play they both appeared in where Pryce playing the father, tells Redmayne his son, what an awesome feeling it was to be able to bonk such a beloved goat!!

    1. Luke Aspen

      Some insiders say it’s such a strict school that Choate really means Choke. Glenn Close has talked about all the aches & suffering there. Perfect anagram CHOATE = TO ACHE !

    2. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Well I’ll Be! (Albee) Ha! Notice he is “ALL BEE” He is Merovingian.
      Amazing work once again my friend. You definitely have a way of connecting the prime players. So a few thoughts to add…. Jamie Lee Curtis and Glenn Close I suspect as being he/she’s- hermaphrodites. The Satanists/Luciferians believe in the Baphomet and is the form they desire for humanity to take on. Lady Gaga is one too as is Michael Aquino. Others are really just cross dressers like Michelle Obama, Bruce (Kaitlynn) Jenner, Amal (a male) Clooney and Iman (I am a man) Bowie. But they do everything to mock God’s true creation of man and woman.
      You mentioned Miles Copeland and I wonder if he is related to Stewart Copeland of the rock group The Police? Sting… another Merovingian reference.
      And nice catch on Jonathan Pryce, not being a good guy but playing one in GOT. Everything in GOT is inverted really. And Eddie Redmayne was the lead vampire of the Abrasax family in Jupiter Ascending. Remember Abrasax is Abraxas the God the Mason’s worship which is of course Lucifer once again.

      1. Luke Aspen

        Thought I’d recap some cool stuff here you might appreciate. Keep in mind when I send you lengthy info, it’s been pared down from many pages from other sources. So if I mention something that piques your interest & you desire to know more, please say so. I know the underground tunnels fascinate us both & when researching the Fox theater I found stuff about tunnels in other cities.
        The David Allen blog left this comment: “Yes there are tunnels that go from north to south Foothill Blvd in Ontario, CA. Then east to west from Mountain Ave. to Grove Ave. They go 3-5 levels into the earth. I know this because I used to work in the Auditorium at Chaffey High School & found a map.
        Underneath the basement is a stairway that curls like a snake. Each entrance has nuclear fallout shelter signs that can be seen around most buildings at Chaffey.
        My friends & I used to go into the tunnels underneath the gym of the school. We were able to go 3 levels into the basement.
        If you go to the Ontario library you can find the underground plans. These appear to be built around the time of the missile crisis. Once we went even further into the tunnels & here is where it gets weird. We traveled one tunnel about a quarter mile or so on the 3rd level.
        Many rooms filled with old C-rations (army food) & canned water from the 60’s. Old bunks falling apart & doors falling off the hinges. We left when we heard strange noises & actually saw a creature standing about 5-6 ft. tall at the end of a long hall! It appeared to be a demon of some sort & I do believe these tunnels are infested with them now. If you don’t believe me that’s fine I’m only saying what we saw was truly there.
        We left screaming. So don’t go down there because you can’t get a cell or radio signal.”
        I ggogled Chaffey High School which sits on 65 acres with architecture dating back to 1885. And in Salinas & Cannery Row, CA there are tunnels too. Remember Steinbeck is from that area which is filled with Masons.
        As for Disney, I loved your response about Mary Poppins, can you believe it? There was a Hollywood movie that came out about 3 yrs ago called Saving Mr. Banks, all about Pamela L. Travers & how she hated the making of the movie. Starring Emma Thompson as Travers & Tom Hanks as Walt Disney.
        The film was so sanitized & it made Travers look like some dear old gal who was rather cranky & unpleasant -and not a wiccan lesbian, who hated everyone in sight!
        Ed Wynn who played Uncle Albert in the 1964 movie insisted on having his character wear white socks with black shoes. That was a subtle nod to his being a Mason! I recognized his name in Albee’s bio but at first I thought that sweet old guy, why is he even listed but I should know by now, NEVER trust anyone when researching, everyone’s a suspect!
        There’s going to be a Mary Poppins Returns in 2017 & this is a reboot not a remake. Disney now has rights to all 7 books by Travers, so the new film will use new characters & will be darker.
        As for Tim Burton, he’s a Mason & handler. Please google: White House “covered up” Tim Burton-staged Alice in Wonderland Halloween Party. He’s also linked to Paul Rubens who plays Pee Wee Herman & sad to say Herman is a pedophile. He’s in his 60’s & just put out another Herman movie. Every close-up of his face in the film had to be digitally altered to make him look young again to match all the earlier Herman movies.
        And Rubens knows another guy, that too, is like him, into children. Consider this song’s very famous lyrics: “Hands, touching hands, reaching out, touching me, touching you. Sweet Caroline, good times never seemed so good. I’d be inclined, to believe they never would…..” Neil Diamond, sad again to say, very perverted. And “Sweet Caroline” is referring to Caroline Kennedy! That song was written with her in mind when she was only 7 yrs old. Diamond kept a picture of her on his desk at that age, for his writing “inspiration”.
        More to come…..

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          Wow! Just a quick add, when you mentioned white socks and black shoes I was sure you were going to say Michael Jackson! Lots of symbolism in all his stuff too, but funny, never thought of his trademark white socks and black shoes as symbolic of the Masons, but it obviously is. Sad on the “sweet Caroline” and something about JFK Junior also marrying a Caroline. Neil DIAMOND- Diamond as in “Lucy in the sky with Diamonds”- Diamond is code for “the Fallen ones” and Neil is kneel… as in kneeling down to Lucifer (and other acts).
          I think the “fall out shelters” was just a cover to build these underground tunnels at taxpayers expense in certain instances. It’s all about getting closer to the Abyss and their lord.

          1. Downtown Julie Brown

            Hi Rosette,
            I’m perusing through some of the older comments here. I found what Luke wrote about the Chaffey school tunnels. Gave me the chills when I read that a demon was down there!
            Plus I loved Mary Poppins as a kid. Guess that makes sense that Disney would also have a darker meaning with the Poppins’ films.
            Also Neil Diamond’s song! I have a good friend named Caroline and for her birthday last year we all sang “Sweet Caroline” to her. Well never again! That makes me feel quite sick now!
            You and Luke are so cool! I love all the stuff I’m learning here. I think you both should have your own talk show. People would love it!

  12. Luke Aspen

    Sorry, meant to say google: Rare banned photos: Obamas being programmed by MK Ultra…
    (has better in detail expose of Tim Burton etc.)

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