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Kingsman Decoded

So this movie is a variation on the Armageddon theme similar to Snowpiercer and Mad Max. We have the same characters involved although the Christ figure is much younger in this version. We have the elite again controlling things with humanity at their mercy. Let’s take a look.

In this one we get introduced to the Kingsman. Galahad tells us that, “Since 1849 Kingsman Tailor’s has clothed all of the most powerful individuals. In 1919 a great number of them lost their heirs to World War One. That meant a lot of money went un inherited and left a lot of powerful men with a desire to preserve peace and protect life. Our founders realized they could channel that wealth and influence for the greater good. And so began a venture. An independent international intelligence agency operating at the highest level of discretion. Without politics and bureaucracy that would undermine any spy organization.” (So basically they are saying they work outside of the law- or above the law.)

Galahad continues, “A suit is a modern gentleman’s armor and the Kingsman are the modern day knights.”


Now before we move on from here I wanted to see if there was a significance to the date used for the founding of Kingsman Tailors. I did find something very interesting! Searching for notable events in the year 1849, nothing stood out until November. On November 16 of that year, per the wiki, “A Russian court sentences Fyodor Dostoyevsky to death for anti-government activities linked to a radical intellectual group, the Petrashevsky Circle. Facing a firing squad on December 23 the group members are reprieved at the last moment and exiled to the katorga prison camps in Siberia.” Now what is interesting is that Dostoyevsky wrote the novel Crime and Punishment. This gives us insight into what the Kingsman’s actual philosophy is. From the wiki, “Crime and Punishment focuses on the mental anguish and moral dilemmas of Rodion Raskolnikov, an impoverished ex-student in St. Petersburg who formulates and executes a plan to kill an unscrupulous pawnbroker for her cash. Raskolnikov, in attempts to defend his actions, argues that with the pawnbroker’s money he can perform good deeds to counterbalance the crime, while ridding the world of a worthless vermin. He also commits the murder to test a theory of his that dictates some people are naturally capable of such actions, and even have the right to perform them. Several times throughout the novel, Raskolnikov compares himself with Napoleon Bonaparte and shares his belief that murder is permissible in pursuit of a higher purpose.” Now this might be a stretch and I am going on a tangent here, but one I feel is important never the less, Rodion Raskolnikov is RR or 99. RR is used by J. RR Tolkien (author of Lord of the Rings) and George RR Martin (author of a Song of Ice and Fire aka Game of Thrones). Now is it a stretch to say that this is code (RR) for their philosophy? That murder is “permissible in pursuit of a higher purpose?” It reeks of moral relativism to me. Which is also the philosophy of the Satanists (Michael Aquino among others). We will see more satanic ideology as we go along.

The Kingsman in this story are Knights of the Roundtable (although their meeting table is rectangle.) The “Knights” are located all over the world so they attend the meeting via hologram, except for Arthur (Michael Caine), Galahad (Colin Firth) and Merlin (Mark Strong) who are there in the flesh. They meet to give one final toast to their fallen brother, Lancelot, who died in the line of duty.


Merlin steps into the room and gives a report on Lancelot’s mission to Arthur and Galahad.


Merlin first gives background on the mission. He says that in Uganda in 2012 at a guerilla army base, they found synthetic cathanodes in the water supply. After the men drank the water they showed signs of rage and it subsequently induced cannibalism. There were multiple fatalities. (Possibly linked to Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army.The 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale features the Lord’s Resistance Army, where Bond actually plays a high stakes poker game with the leader, a fictional character called Le Chiffre (The Cypher). Note also that Le Chiffre was supposedly modeled after Aleister Crowley!)

Then in Chechnya in 2013, insurgents also turned on one another with rage and violence. No traces of chemicals of any kind were found in this instance. (Now was there a Black Ops operation in Chechnya that involved some sort of substance that produced rage but was now undetectable? An upgrade to the substance used in the earlier Uganda operation? Are they trying to tell us something?)

Through intel Lancelot was lead to Argentina to a cabin in the mountains where the perpetrators were. (Nazi connection? Argentina being where a vast majority of Nazi’s went after World War II through the ratlines.) It was there, on a solo mission, he was killed.

Now before we move on, I have to mention how the reactions to the soldiers in both Uganda and Chechnya are eerily similar to the soldier’s in Jacob’s Ladder (JL). In JL, upon investigation, Jacob discovered that his platoon was given BZ. A drug that tested even in minute doses caused the test subjects to turn on each other with extreme rage. (See my Jacob’s Ladder article if you want further details.)

So let’s meet some of the characters. Galahad is the one recruiting Eggsy to replace Lancelot 2 (the previous Lancelot was Eggsy’s father who died saving Galahad, Merlin and Percival by throwing himself on an insurgent who detonated a hidden bomb.) Galahad wanted to make it up to Lancelot by recruiting his son.

egg harr

Here we have Eggsy and Galahad. Galahad goes by Harry Hart. Now Harry Hart is the pseudonym that he uses. It is very close to another famous spy E. Howard Hunt. E stands for Everette, which is very similar to Snowpiercer’s last name, Curtis Everett. Hunt was most known for the Watergate Scandal during the Nixon administration, which was carried out during his time as a CIA agent. He was known as a “fixer”. A Tailor is a “fixer” too. A tailor “clothes” so they fit just right- like in the making of a suit. In addition, Hunt was also a prolific writer and wrote a book called American Spy.

Later we find out Galahad’s real name which was Chester King. Chester King is very close to Chess King. To do well in chess you must know strategy  and foresee the moves of your opponent. This would play well in the world of espionage. Chester King is also very close to Jester King. The “jester” is synonymous to the Fool and the Fool card equals 22 a master number. (See my Snowpiercer Article for more links to 22).

Now we are not done with Firth. Right before watching the Kingsman I happened to watch Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. And guess who the Tailor was in that movie? Colin Firth! He was the Tailor Spy and his good friend and fellow spy was Mark Strong, who is also in the Kingsman playing the role of Merlin!

We can’t leave Galahad without mentioning another interesting bit on Galahad. Galahad was considered the most noble knight of the Roundtable. And besides Arthur, was the only one able to remove the sword from the stone. Now Galahad was Lancelot’s son! So we have Galahad as Colin Firth, but we also have Galahad as Eggsy! When we look at the picture above we see they purposefully got an actor that looked like Firth, (Father and Son) to play Eggsy. Are they telling us that in actuality Eggsy is Firth’s son in  the movie and NOT Lancelot’s?

And what a strange name “Eggsy” is. What could it represent? In Snowpiercer we have the children being given eggs to represent the New Year (the birthing of a New Age). Eggsy, being the younger version of Galahad, appears to be the “New Man” or Horus figure. The one representing the New Age as well.

Now the man that Lancelot was tracking is an eccentric internet billionaire named Richmond Valentine.


Funny how we find clues. Prince Valiant popped into my head and so I did a search on it. A picture came up of Shrek’s Prince Valiant next to one of Jamie Lannister of Game of Thrones.


Now I know this character does not look like our Richmond Valentine, but what’s interesting is when you do a search on Prince Valiant, on the wiki it mentions Edward VIII, known as the Valiant Prince, who abdicated the throne for love. He married Wallis Warburg and gave up the crown. Well Edward was born in Richmond, UK. So Richmond and Valiant…. Richmond Valentine perhaps?

So I’m not sure why they are tying a “valiant prince” to this Richmond Valentine character because they seem to be opposites. But let us continue….

Take a look at the painting in the background at his mansion.


Now this painting looks eerily similar to this logo.


WWF stands for World Wildlife Fund. And guess who one of its founding members was? Julian Huxley! Julian Huxley was a big proponent of Eugenics. Eugenic’s main aim was the culling of the population down to a “manageable” amount. Leaving only a select few (whom they decide upon) to survive. (Again, check out the info on the Georgia Guidestones and their culling of humanity down to 500 million.) And don’t forget that Julian Huxley’s brother was Aldous Huxley, author of A Brave New World. So Valentine could be playing Julian.

Now the girl next to the panda is Valentine’s sidekick named Gazelle. It appears she was given this nickname due to her sleek metal legs. (Transhumanist agenda- part human, part machine.) Look at this promo poster with her in it. Does it remind you of another movie?


So we have another James Bond connection. Check the Bond poster out.


So Merlin tells us that Lancelot was following a lead to Valentine’s cabin in Argentina. It is there where we find kidnapped Professor James Arnold (played by Mark Hamill) who is a climate change expert. He has a theory about Gaia and the world healing itself. Merlin scoffs at this idea. He then tells us though that it looks like the Professor was spotted back at work.

We move on to Eggsy and the other cadets vying for the coveted position to become the new Lancelot.


Nine candidates, apparently of elite blood except for Eggsy. Although, that might not be true. If Eggsy is really Galahad’s son, he would be too. (The Rothschild’s sired many children out of wedlock, but kept tabs on them. So although they don’t carry the Rothschild name, there are many “common” stock carrying their blood.)

One of the girls, named Roxy, teams up with Eggsy. They become fast friends. Notice Galahad’s role is similar to Gilliam’s in Snowpiercer, while Roxy’s role is similar to Furiosa’s in Mad Max.


The nine go through various tests that when a candidate fails, gets removed from the group. So the group gets pared down to the final three. Now the tests that the group are given are similar to the testing done to the MKULTRA victims. The water test in this movie where apparently the girl who “drowned” we are told was actually okay and working for the Kingsman in one of their field offices. However, in the MK program, the participants were nearly drowned and many did not make it. The drowning was a technique used to splinter the mind for programming.


The written tests were also given in the MK programs along with Rubik’s cube type puzzles to solve. MK’s were also given a puppy to bond with just like the Kingsman candidates, however, in the actual MK programs, once the victim bonded with the puppy, the puppy was eventually killed to further traumatize and splinter off the mind even more.


Before Eggsy became a candidate though he first had a little trouble with the local boys. He frequented a pub called the Black Prince. Doing a Google search we find there actually was a Black Prince. His name was Edward, son of King Edward. He died one year before his father so missed his opportunity to inherit the throne. What is interesting is that the Black Prince was a founding member of the highest order of Chivalry, the Order of the Garter, and he was the first Knight under it.


Galahad told Eggsy when he was a little boy that if he ever was in trouble he could call the number on the back of the Medal of Valor that he gave Eggsy on behalf of his fallen father.


The medal is pink, with a K laying on its side. K is for Kingsman. And there is a number on the back, 12.19.97.


When calling this number Eggsy is told he needs to say, “Oxfords not Brogues.” And then help will arrive.

He does this when he finds himself in jail due to joyriding in the bully’s car from the pub.

A little later we have Galahad visiting the Professor at his lecture hall and when confronting him on Valentine this causes the Professor’s head to explode. We discover that he had an implant planted into his neck.


Galahad was informed of this by Merlin while he was in the hospital recovering from the explosion. Merlin and Galahad learn from Eggsy that Valentine also started a free promo campaign which seemed highly suspicious. “Free calls, Free internet for everyone, Forever,” Valentine says. (FFF= 666) Galahad decides to pay Valentine a visit at his home disguised as an investor and going by the name of Mr. DeVere.

Now Edward DeVere is most notable for being high upon the list of possible authors of the Shakespeare works, since there is ample evidence Shakespeare was not an actual person but a pseudonym for one or possibly a group of authors. (On a side note, it is interesting to find out Vere means Truth so DeVere means “of the Truth”). DeVere’s actual title was the 17th Earl of Oxford. (Oxfords not Brogues.)

When he goes to Valentine’s mansion he is served McDonald’s for dinner. (Product placement, also part of soft kill culling program through GMO and plastic food.) But like a proper gentleman he rolls with it and doesn’t miss a beat when asked which meal he prefers.


So we can see how the two characters, both rich and elite, but of apparently two different types (old versus new money?). We have Swag (Valentine) versus Class (Galahad) playing out.

Upon leaving Galahad shows a photo he was able to take when arriving.


It shows a brochure from an apparent “hate group” based in the south, in the US. Galahad is going to fly over and check it out.

We then learn that many dignitaries across the world have come up missing. The latest being the Swedish Prime Minister and the Royal Crown Princess Tilde.


While Galahad is preparing to leave, Eggsy is going through another test along with the other two remaining candidates, Roxy and Charlie. They are in a nightclub and their mission is to seduce the girl sitting with them. What they don’t realize is what they are really there to learn is that Rohypnol “is a guaranteed way to get someone home.” From an agent disguised as a waiter. (So apparently this is a common technique?) Notice how they don’t bat an eye that Roxy is meant to seduce the girl also? (Because anything goes these days right?)


Before Galahad leaves he meets with Eggsy at his office with The Sun headlines behind him. Eggsy asks why he has those on the wall and Galahad explains that those were the headlines on the days that he was doing profound Kingsman missions.


Galahad explains that there are only three times a proper gentleman should be in the paper; announcing his birth, marriage and death. He further gives Eggsy pointers on being a gentleman by quoting Hemmingway. He says, “Nothing is Noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Then Galahad leaves and Eggsy, with his dog, is called into the room Arthur is in seated by the fire.  Arthur asks Eggsy what he has named his dog. Eggsy says, “JB”. Arthur guesses, ” James Bond?” No. “Jason Born?” No. Eggsy replies, “Jack Bauer.” Arthur laughs. (Note that Bauer was the former name of the Rothschild’s before they changed it. Also note the James Bond reference and how the other JB’s are synonymous with him.)

Then Arthur hands Eggsy a gun and tells him to shoot the dog. Eggsy is mortified and refuses. Arthur tells him he has failed the test and to leave. In the other room we hear a gun go off and find out Roxy was able to complete the task and subsequently becomes Lancelot.

Eggsy races over to Galahad’s house where he is shown Galahad’s dog, stuffed and mounted on the wall. Notice the butterfly collection on the wall. (Remember the same collection was in the children’s classroom in Snowpiercer?) This is showing us the association with the MKULTRA mind control program and the killing of their pets.


So Galahad makes it to the church where the pastor is preaching. The pastor says, “Our filthy government condones sodomy, divorce, abortion and some still doubt this is the work of the anti-Christ.” Galahad is disgusted by the preacher’s words (really though? sodomy and abortion are tenements of Satanism, so the preacher’s words are not a stretch.)

Galahad gets up to leave but is blocked by a lady parishioner. She asks why he is leaving. Galahad replies, “I’m a Catholic whore currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with a black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic.” (Is this more propaganda to program the sheeple into thinking that the ones speaking out are the bad guys?)

So Gazelle sees that Galahad is leaving and tells Valentine. He tells Gazelle to activate the SIM cards that are in the church. His plan works too well. Everyone in the church become enraged and start killing each other. Galahad participates and by the time it is over, he is the last one standing.

We had a similar “church shooting” in the headlines as this movie came out in Charleston, in a black southern church, where nine people died. See the wiki link here:

The shooter, Dylan Roof, also seemed to have been mind controlled.

Notice the topic given on the sign outside of the church. “America is Doomed.” (Predictive programming?)


Galahad is killed by Valentine when he steps outside of the church.

Eggsy sees it play out on Galahad’s laptop. He is stunned. He runs over to the meeting room to meet with Arthur. Arthur tells Eggsy to have a seat. This is when Eggsy notices that Arthur has one of Valentines chips implanted behind his ear. (So Arthur is the mole in their “circus” as Colin Firth was the mole in the “circus” of top spies in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.) Eggsy switches drinks when Arthur is not looking. They toast to Galahad. Arthur is thinking that Eggsy drank the poison and so confesses to Eggsy that he is on board with Valentine.  He says Valentine convinced him when he said, ” Global warming is the fever. Mankind is the virus. If we don’t control the population ourselves, the host kills the virus, or the virus kills the host. Either way the result is the same, the virus dies.”

Arthur continues, ” Sometimes culling is the only way to ensure our species survives. And history will see Valentine (Huxley?) as the man who saved humanity from extinction. I’m inviting you to be a part of the New World.” (Brave New Word perhaps? New World Order for sure.)

Now Arthur’s philosophy is exactly the same as the character in Isaac Asimov’s The Winnowing. The story is short. Read it here:

Affare speaks of culling the world of 70% of the population. Very similar to Snowpiercer’s mention of culling down to 74%. (Notice how Affare is very close to Chiffre, in the Bond movie mentioned earlier.

Arthur then hits his pen to detonate the poison he thinks Eggsy drank, which ends up killing himself. Eggsy then races to Merlin to let him know Arthur was a traitor and what Valentine’s plans are. To activate all SIM cards like he did in the Beta test at the church. To implement his massive culling worldwide.

While Merlin, Roxy and Eggsy make plans to counter Valentine’s we go to Valentine’s den where he has all the elite there who have accepted his plan. All are chipped. Most leaders of government are on board including Obama.

Valentine tells the guests to “focus on the Birth of a New Age. To eat, drink and party.” While the rest of the world dies. (Underground facility like the elite have been building in preparation for such an event?)


The SIM cards are activated and the world starts to turn on each other. Brother against brother, mother against child, there is no bond that isn’t breached.

Eggsy is flown to Valentine’s underground site and gets in disguised as Galahad (who had a previous invitation). While Roxy flies into space in a Halo Suit (angel?) to take out the satellite that is a link to the SIM cards activation. (Also notice how the game SIMS is one in which a virtual world is controlled from the outside. So the SIMS activation is very similar in the live setting.)


While there Eggsy comes across a locked cell with Princess Tilde in it. She tells him that if he saves the world she will let him “perform sodomy” on her. (More programming for the Sheeple to think sodomy is okay.)


Well Eggsy gets the idea to have Merlin activate the implants in the elite’s neck. Thereby stopping Valentine’s men from killing them.


The elite blow up one by one like a festive celebration of fireworks.

Eggsy has one final fight with Gazelle who he ends up killing. He then takes one of Gazelle’s metal legs and “spears” Valentine with it. The SIM cards deactivate stopping the culling of humanity. Eggsy goes back to Tilde who asks, “did you save the world?” (So here we have Eggsy, as the Christ figure, saving humanity.)


When he gets back home he continues wearing the suit and basically becomes just like Galahad. He even enters the same pub where the gang initially was put down by Galahad and in turn does the same. He ends by saying, “Manners Maketh Man.”


P.S. YouTube Version Attached Below.



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13 responses on “Kingsman Decoded

  1. sayonarasuzy

    Could “oxfords not brogues” also refer to York rite freemasonry vs. Scottish rite freemasonry since brogues are shoes worn in the Scottish highlands while oxfords would be worn in England where the York rite originates? Also note the Alice in Wonderland reference-intelligence loves this story- Humpty Dumpty the Egg-sy-all the kings horses and all the KINGSMEN..??

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Suzy, Great observations! I would say that could very well be on the “oxford not brogues”, however, I do believe they are a untied front now. So that might just be playful banter with each other? And very good on the Humpty Dumpty reference! Yes they would like “Eggsy” to be “broken” because he is not “their” man. Their man is Lucifer and Eggsy represents Christ. So yes, that definitely fits. Btw, I have found the “Roxy” connection as well while doing my Lucy article. You might want to skim through that and see the connection between Eggsy and Roxy, as well as Gazelle.

  2. duane mccoy

    wwf is found on one of the license plates of the cars:
    lc55 wwf = 15+55+52= 122
    ex63 zko = 29+63+52= 144
    yv13 gyr = 47+13+50= 110
    n 247 ck = 14+247+14= 275

    the gyrfalcon is the largest breed of falcon
    i DO think that gyr refers to the gyrfalcon which is mentioned in this pdf about vaccines:

    i live in san antonio where i witnessed about 30 various birds being released from a neighborhood street about a quarter of a mile from our major cdc center. this happened about 7 years ago and i thought it very, “extremely” weird.

    also you failed to mention the 2526 combination code.
    from sep 11 2001 (2526 x 2 -25)days later is:June 17, 2015
    which is the day of the “Charleston church shooting”, the shooter was charged with HATE CRIMES.

    sound a little contrived but lets look at it another way:
    ((2526 x 2)-25) = 2526+2501
    so, if someone could find 2501 in the movie some where, then we would have something.

    (2526 x 2)+81 = 5133 which is the final result of decoding the matrix board at the end of the first matrix movie. and 346 is encoded in katy’s dress in the 2015 halftime show. so sep 11 2001 +5133+346 = sep 11 2016
    +47 more i think is their target date not 911, which is oct 28 2016. and since 325 is encoded in the tile of this matrix movie, 325 could mean area code 325, which is where dyess afb is. which is where missing nukes were leaked to alex jones.

    missing nukes aug 29 2007 :
    missing nukes sep 03 2013

    sep 03 2013 – aug 29 2007 = 2197 = 13x13x13
    13×113= 1469
    aug 29 2007 + 1469 = sep 11 2017
    by 911 2017, i think will be ww4 and america will be nukes by both russia and china.

    also zko is found on license plates in a certain county in poland who’s county coat of arms is the dragon.

    i don’t have anything concrete on this kingsman movie, but post comments and together we will all figure it out.

    this movie stinks so much, i almost don’t want to know.
    my videos:

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Duane,
      Interesting that you got code for September 11, 2016 from Katy Perry’s dress at the Superbowl. Did you see the 9/11 behind Katniss in the Hunger Games? I show it in my decoding of that one as well. So KATy and KATniss have 9/11 symbolism. I can tell you that without looking at the numbers my intuition tells me there will be an event in THE FALL. THE FALL is symbolic of the fallen ones and ties in with Lucifer and the Moon being the strongest then. Also the “rising” against Lucifer comes from the House of Sagittarius, which is Mid November to Mid December. I think an event will happen either Sept. 11, or Nov. 9 being the reversal of 9/11. And I believed it would be 2016 for awhile now. 2016 = 9 in numerology and is the equivalent of 0. So this is a reset year.

      I haven’t checked out your vid but will do so shortly. Thanks for posting it.

  3. duane mccoy

    correction, sorry about my sloppy memory:
    sept 11 2001 + (2625*2) = jan 26 2016

    and jan 26 and 25 both have to do with my biblical math which you can see in my videos,, if this is all to messy just delete it all and i will repost a more concise version

  4. duane mccoy

    to be clear and give credit where it is due, i did not figure out the 346 in katy’s dress that credit goes to , and i have some reservations about the author, but he figured this out not me.

    i did decode the 5133. and together is exactly 15 years just like 15 years between the first airing of the emily episode and sandy hook.

    the reason i posted here is, i found if very curious that the author of this page did not dismiss or delete the first comment about the mason, but rather embraced it instead, WOW. this link of masons to the kingsman is striking and i did not even notice it.

    Reagan’s and lincoln’s wives are(were) both witches(technical term), which were both republicans which come from the york-rite which comes from england which comes from lower-egypt, which are all polytheistic.

    The democrats were the slave runners in the south which come from scottish-rite, which comes from scotland which comes from the monotheistic ruling class of upper-egypt

    this is about a 400 page book, so i will only draw a brief link between scotland and upper-egypt: keeping in mind the rulers now call themselves jesuits located in switzerland, were previously located in scotland and then called themselves templars, who developed their religion from the sufi, way back then, worshiping the goat-head-of-mendes, akhenaten was one of outward clues, moving to upper-egypt and destroying the poyltheism. previous and later pharaohs realized it is better to let lower egypt have their polytheism, while the ruling class practiced monotheistic-satan-worship.

    of course satan runs them both, just secretly for the poly-morons, pun not intended but embraced: and yes poly-mormon-morons too. i guess i don’t get too many politically correct point.

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      I haven’t had a chance to watch that one yet. Interesting that it might. I wouldn’t be surprised since they had the Southern church massacre in this one.

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