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The Truth is in the Code.

The Cabin in the Woods Decoded

Yes even in horror movies there is symbolism. The Mason’s use every opportunity to praise their god, and promote their Great Work. The same underlying story, a variation of the same themes, play throughout these movies.

Either showing the battle between good and evil, through the Left’s Force of Will, with Lucifer beating Christ, Man beating God, like in Batman V Superman,

or pushing the middle path, like in A Monster Calls, with stories on Moral Relativism,

Do as Thou Will, where cannibalism becomes trendy,The Bad Batch comes to mind,

Apotheosis- Man becoming god, like Elias Van Dorne in Singularity,

God not in the picture at all, or in a very insignificant role, like the Jesus character in The Walking Dead, oh AND they make him gay, by the way, pushing that agenda as well,

or that the people in charge really are the “GOOD” guys, like here in The Cabin In The Woods. That they are doing what’s best for humanity as a whole. That they care.

The CREMATION of Care shows that they DON’T care. They are “cremating” any care that they might have had. They offer up children to Moloch, which is just another name for Lucifer, to show they don’t care. The ultimate cremating of care would be sacrificing the life of an innocent child.  Child sacrifice,  youth sacrifice, like in The Hunger Games, like in The Cabin In The Woods.

Notice that this Moloch looks like the base of a Giant tree… cut.

A cabin in the woods… as opposed to an apartment in the city. They make you think nature is scary. You are safe in man’s creation as opposed to God’s creation. Cain built the first cities. Adam lived in the wilderness.

So they start the movie with a CC alliteration letting the ones in the know, know that this is a Masonic encoded movie. Enjoy a CUP of Fresh COFFEE. They stack the C’s. Ka- Cup, Ka-Coffee. CC is 33 in numerology. The Masonic Master number.

Using the alliteration like they did in The Hunger Games. “From the TREATY of the TREASON.” Tree-ty Tree-son. Tree Tree is phonetically similar to three three, as in 33 again. Encoded. And literally Tree Tree as in THE trees, the giant trees cut.


“Guys, guys, Stockholm went south…Everyone knows you can’t trust Swedes. It’s down to Japan and us.” Sweden is a very Masonic country. So either they are joking with their Masonic brothers in South West of Eden, or they haven’t been doing a good enough job of promoting the Great Work and they are shaming them.

Notice they are in Masonic black and white. The men represent Jachin and Boaz and the gal is Isis in the middle- the middle pillar.

So the facility that they are in reminds me of CERN.  The clothing, the building with its sub-levels, the mini golf carts to get around, feels very CERN like to me. This pic reminds me of…

this pic of CERN. With its two level open floor plan with tall windows and scientists with lab coats.

And notice the 666 in CERN’s logo. It is on a BLUE background, blue for Blue Blood’s. And CERN is short for Cernunos, the horned God, which again, is another name for Lucifer.

“We haven’t had a glitch since ’98.” They never say this stuff randomly. There is always something behind it. So I looked to see what I could find regarding CERN and 1998 and I found this 1998 episode of The Simpson’s. Where the formula written on Homer’s blackboard is said to correctly predict the mass of the Higgs boson… Which wasn’t discovered until July 4, 2012.

So is the Higgs Boson a complete fabrication? Or are they leaking knowledge that they already had, as new discoveries? I tend to believe its the former.

Why does Higgs Boson sound so close to Pig’s Bottom? Are they having a laugh? I would say… yes.

The character that is having a laugh in The Cabin in the Woods would be Marty. He’s the crazy conspiracy friend that is a big pot head. He has a shaggy haircut and reminds me of Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

In fact, the rest of the gang reminds me of the rest of Scooby Doo’s gang as well. Curt the jock, would be Fred. His girlfriend Jules is Daphne. And her friend Dana is Velma. The only oddball is Holden who isn’t Scooby Doo, but added as a love interest for Dana. They even have an RV that they drive in to get to the Cabin in the Woods.

Eighty-eight on the dirt bike, the number for chaos. 8 + 8 = 16, the Tower Card, the card of destruction, turmoil, change. Foreshadowing what’s to come.

Directed by Drew Goddard. Goddard is phonetically similar to Gotthard, as in the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland. Gotthard is phonetically similar to Goat Herd, the Goat God is another name for Lucifer. They will come across a “devilish” tunnel. More foreshadowing.

Gotthard Tunnel… with their Masonic orange.

Being followed, being steered, being controlled into going on this journey. How much free will did they really have? Targeted Individuals, or TI’s for short, can tell you, not much.

“That’s the point right? Get off the GRID. Where they can’t GPS my ass. Society is binding. Everything is filed, recorded, logged. Chips in our kids heads so if they get lost. Society needs to grow old, we’re just too chicken shit to let it.” Marty is awake. He speaks truth. But to his friends who are still asleep, Marty sounds crazy to them. They dismiss his thoughts.

We go back down below to the control room. Where a new guard is on duty. “This isn’t a military facility, you can drop the “sir”, ” says the head operations guy. So they let us know this isn’t a military operation. CERN isn’t a military operation.

See how they keep showing the 88? Warning. Warning! Chaos ahead!

“Tillerman Road, do you know if its this way?” asks Jules.

The “Tillerman” is the Ferryman. He is the one that takes the passengers to Hades, to hell. Are they sure they want to go to Tillerman?

As they drive through a tunnel in the mountain (Gotthard tunnel?) we see an eagle fly next to the tunnel and get zapped by an invisible barrier. An invisible grid. They really ARE going off the grid as Marty mentioned.

And notice the grid is in a honey-combed pattern.

We have the same honey-combed pattern in The Hunger Games… on both Katniss’ outfit for the games and in the sky that she shoots her arrow at to short circuit the grid. IS the grid electrified? The dome that encircles OUR world? We know there is a magnetic mountain in the center and that the sun and moon revolve around it. That it is made up like a Torus field, so could the dome, enclosure, be electrified as well?

In the movie Elysium they also had a honey-combed force field…

And most recently in Singularity… there… on the blanket behind Calia…is the honeycomb pattern. No coincidences.

They arrive at an unremarkable cabin.

Except for some interesting artwork. The signs are there but they choose to ignore them… lambs to the slaughter…

“I have the Harbinger on line two? Oh Christ, can you take a message?” So they want us to think of this story in a biblical sense. They mention, “oh Christ”. And a Harbinger is anything that foreshadows a future event, an OMEN. Can you take a message? “I don’t think so.” Because the random guy answering the phone is not a “messenger.” See how they are playing with the words? Making fun of the signs to come in the Bible?

Mordecai: “The lambs have passed through the gate. They have come to the killing floor. Their blind eye sees nothing of the horrors to come. Their ears stopped. They are the god’s fools.”

Now Mordecai is a prophet in the Book of Ester, so Mordecai IS a messenger. But they laugh when Mordecai speaks, when he speaks truth. Just like the gang laughs when Marty speaks but Marty ALSO speaks truth. M for Mordecai, M for Marty.

And Mordecai’s message is for THE OPERATIONS GUYS as well.

They show their current line up for their Annual Ritual. They follow the holidays of the Roman Calendar- Samhain, Beltane, Lupercalia…Saturnalia…and do the rituals required under each. For example, if we look up Lupercalia we read, “Lupercalia was a very ancient, possibly pre-Roman pastoral annual festival, observed in the city of Rome, each year, on February 15, to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility.” Sounds similar to what they are doing here?

“Does the Director know about this?” (Speaking of their betting pool.) So we know its NOT military and it HAS a Director. CERN has a Director.

The current Director General for CERN is Fabiola Gionotti. And a woman no less.

“They have to make a choice of their own free will. Otherwise the system doesn’t work. Yeah we put the Harbinger there. He is this creepy old fuck. Might as well put a sign, “you will die”.  But they choose to ignore him. In the end, if they don’t transgress, they can’t be punished.”

“What’s it going to be? Truman you in?”

“I’m fine.”

Truman here plays the conscience of humanity. Is HE in? Is HE okay with what they are doing? Sacrificing the few to save the many? The Jesuit philosophy at play.

Christof, (Of Christ) would be the head of operations for the TruMan Show. He does the same thing but its not as scary. As long as Truman goes along with Christof’s “programming” than everything runs as it should.

Christof is “of Christ” but Truman IS Christ. As you see here. He holds his arms out like the cross with the black door behind him. Truman decides that the world IS ready for a change. A new world, beyond the door.

Remember the HOA (Head of Operations) was saying as long as they don’t transgress they are safe. However, transgressions… bestiality….

The Cellar Door bangs open.

Now a cellar door leads DOWN. Down to darkness, to the Abyss. It’s not an inviting place. A place you want to go.

And yet, in Donnie Darko, Donnie’s English teacher tells the class that the most beautiful combination of words in the English language is Cellar Door.

Of all the endless combinations of words in all of history, cellar door, is the most beautiful.

When Donnie and his girlfriend go down into the cellar door at Roberta Sparrow’s house they get attacked.

When Curt and his friends go down into the cellar door it leads THEM to THEIR downfall.

They find a multitude of curios’ down below and they each pick one up and examine it.

Dana grabs a diary and starts reading it to the group. Only Marty has a bad intuition about the place AND the memorabilia. “I’m drawing a line in the fucking sand here. DO NOT read the Latin.” (Hear whispered, “read it…”)

“We have a winner ladies and gentlemen. It’s the Buckners.”

Truman, who is trying to understand, says, “They’re like something from a nightmare.”

“No. They’re something nightmares are FROM. Everything in our staple is remnant of the Old World. Courtesy of you know who. Monsters magic, gods, you get used to it.”

Now this makes sense because for something to come into EXISTENCE it has to EXIST. In some form. That we BASE our imaginations off of.

On the monitors they see similar rituals being carried out to appease the gods. Berlin, Kyoto, Rangoon…

This one is straight out of the movie The Grudge

Which looks like the Americanized version called The Ring, with Samara, the demon girl…

“You seriously believe nothing weird is going on?” says Marty to Dana.


“The way everybody’s acting. Why is Jules all of a sudden a celebutard? And since when does Curt pull this Alpha Male bullshit?”

“Then maybe its something else.” (She looks down at his joint.)

“You don’t want to see what you don’t want to see.”

“PUPPETEERS,” says Marty.


Like the man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz. … is the only one that is AWAKE and can SEE what’s really going on.

Is he really a FOOL? Or do we just define the fool incorrectly. Because the Fool is really the wisest. He is the 22. He is the one that graduates through the Tarot deck. The one that completes the journey from 0 to 22. He is the Christ figure, but usurped by Lucifer. The Ancient One. ONE, also known as the UN.

Marty Mikalski. Initials MM. MM is 33. Thirty-three degrees, one above freezing where the water melts and the truth is revealed.

“Release the pheromones.” Now they don’t play fair do they? How can all these choices be through our FREE WILL if they are MANipulating us at every turn?

“We’re not the only ones watching Ken. Got to keep the customer satisfied.”

So just like the gang getting chased by the Buckner’s, in the old Scooby Doo cartoons,

their gang got chased by zombie rednecks in the woods.

The whore dies first.

“This we offer in humility and fear. For the blessed peace of your eternal slumber. As it ever was.”

“As it ever was.” AIWASS.

A drawing of a DEMON Aleister Crowley channeled in April of 1904. Lam and conversely Aiwass. As it ever was.

Notice Lam is “I AM” and Aiwass is “I WAS”.

Remember the Harbinger? The Omen? Well here we have it again on Marty’s book.

NEMO is an anagram for OMEN.

“Man Nemo you got to WAKE UP. Your shit is topsy turvy.” Man is US and OUR shit is topsy turvy. That is what Lucifer wants, to invert the world, like the Hanged Man on the Tarot card.

“You think I’m a puppet huh? On a string? Then I’ll do a little puppet dance! I’m the boss of my own brain so give it up.”

“I thought there’d be stars…we are abandoned.” See? God either abandons us in THEIR movies or he plays a very insignificant role. They want us to lose FAITH.

Curt, short for Curtis. Like Curtis Everett in Snowpiercer. Curtis was the hero in that movie. Curtis is an anagram for Curist. And switch the U out with an H and you get Christ. But like Curtis, Curt shares a similar fate.

Remember how I mentioned they take God out of the picture completely or else significantly marginalize Him?

OMG… I’m on a reality TV show.

Just like Truman realized…

This is the BLACK room.

Where Patience Buckner lost her LEFT arm… a tragic victim of an evil man.

The little Japanese girls defeat the evil Grudge ghost.

By turning her into a frog. “The evil is defeated.”

“I’m telling ya, if you want a good product you got to buy American.”

Madrid… fail.

Stockholm… fail.

Buenos Aires…fail.

Curt gets on his dirt bike to jump the gorge and get help. But 88 is featured prominently. And what did we say about 88?

Disaster, upheaval, sudden change…88  or 16, the Tower card.

And the foreshadowing comes to fruition. Curt crashes into the grid.

The honey-combed grid. We are like bees in a bee hive. With THEIR Queen Bee ruling at the top. We must be-have in the bee- hive.

“Puppeteers. Marty was right.”  A little too late?

“The Virgin’s death is optional. As long as its last, the ritual is complete. As long as she suffers.”

“She did.”

“From darkness, there is light.” This sounds like a line from a Masonic ritual. Lucifer the light bringer, from darkness, there is light.

Answering the RED phone. Remember the Director General was dressed all in RED? The Whore of Babylon?

They hop down into the crypt and find an access elevator to the facility below.

It takes them past every abominable creature one can imagine. Like the guy from Hellraiser...

Demons to some. Angel to others.” I would say Demons to most.

“We chose. The cellar. The shit we were playing with. They made us choose. They made us choose how we die.”

Reminds me of The Hollywood Squares…

but a much more sinister version.

They find them in cube 3606. “3606- Gotcha.”

36 is 6 times 6 so 3606 is 666. The number of man.

They hear over the loudspeaker, “This was supposed to go differently. But know this. What is happening to you is something bigger. Something older than anything known. You’ve seen horrible things. Nightmare creatures. But they are nothing compared to what came before. What lies below. It is our task to placate the ancient ones. As it is yours, to be offered up to them. Forgive us and let us get it over with.”

Dana hit the PURGE button.

Remember me mentioning the different themes at the beginning, one being, Do as Thou Will, and giving The Bad Batch as an example? Well in The Bad Batch they had the smiley face and look what we have in The Purge? See what I mean about similar themes playing over and over in these movies?

“Code BLACK. Requesting immediate reinforcements. Code BLACK.” Black like the Black Cube, Black like the Kaaba Stone, like the Synagogue of Satan.

“Simple. They don’t want to just see us killed. They want to see us punished.”

They get attacked by every nightmare creature imaginable. Even Stephen King’s IT

Is this a shout out to Stephen King? For being such a good follower of the Great Work? Having Pennywise the clown in THIS movie?

Even a Unicorn… An UN-icorn… the UN…

“Why us?”

“For being YOUNG. The whore she dies first. She’s crafty. The athlete. The scholar. The fool. All suffer and die by whatever horror they have raised. Leaving the last. The virgin. To live or die. As fate decides.”

What does this remind you of?

How about this pic? Have we determined it is CERN they are at?

We find out that this is one big ritual. To appease the Ancient Ones. And the ritual has to be performed in the proper order. The Whore followed by the Athlete- they get attacked while they are making Love. The ritual plays out in the Tarot cards.

We have the Lovers Card- Roman Numeral VI. This is both Jules and Curt.

Then Holden, who I can’t help to think of as Holden Caulfield, from Catcher in the Rye, although I can’t say he is defiant like Holden. But this Holden is cerebral. So the Chariot card is fitting for him. The Rider in the Chariot doesn’t use his hands, he does everything with his mind. Through Force of Will. Oh yes, there is that term that Crowley so lovingly uses. That I mentioned was used in Batman V Superman.

Then the next to die THEY tell us is the Fool. Yet the Fool is the 22 the only one that COMPLETES the journey of Life. So he really must come at the end. It would be the Virgin, or the World card at 21 that should come next.  BUT they worship the feminine, the moon energy NOT the sun, the son, Christ, so they USURP him and want the female, Lilith, ISIS, Mary, to reign in the end. The female aspect of the he/she Baphomet known as Lucifer.

The Breakfast Club has the same cast of characters as The Cabin in the Woods. Are we seeing the formula?

The pretty girl (the whore), the jock, the scholar, the virgin and the fool. Notice how they make a pyramid and the eye, the one in the know, at the top, is the Fool.

“What if we don’t pull it off?”

“They rise.”

“Who does? What’s beneath us?”

“The gods, the ancient ones that used to rule the earth. As long as they accept our sacrifice they remain below. But the other rituals, they have all failed. The sun is coming up in 8 minutes. If you live to see it the world ends.”

“Maybe that’s the way it should be. If you have to kill my friends to survive, then maybe its time for a change,” says Marty. Remember in the RV on the way to the woods where Marty was talking about society and said the same thing? That maybe its time for a change? And Truman doing the same when he goes through the door at the edge of his world?

Fabiola Gianotta played by Sigourney Weaver from Alien.

The heroine in that one. The savior of humanity. So we need to defer to her. She knows what’s best for us.

“We’re not talking change. We’re talking the agonizing death of every human soul on the planet. Including you. You can die WITH them. Or you can die FOR them.”

“I think you were right about humanity. It’s time to give someone else a chance.” says the Virgin.

Giant Evil Gods.

There we Giants in the earth in those days.... are they coming back?

Here is the YouTube version:

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17 responses on “The Cabin in the Woods Decoded

  1. Niven

    God day to you. I really enjoy your articles , the connections, and how perceptive you are to see the encoding in everything. I am along a similar direction currently and would love to share some of the decodes I do of Myth and Maps, and light and matter in its purest expression.

    That is my list of submitted threads on reddit where I create art and brief explanations of what I see. I do this on reddit for exposure to Normies, and you will see most of it is down voted and shilled no matter where I post it, even in a sub meant to Undo conspiracies I get no love for what I think are knowledge of reality. So I don’t even interact on reddit anymore as it’s mostly counter intelligence to herd the masses to, but I share ideas and links like yours to plant these seeds I know will grow soon. Within the next few years we are accelerating back to Knowing and remembering our connection to our selves as source, and ditching all these disgusting perversions the luciferians do to corrupt us.

    My decodes have to do with how the landscape is created with the nephilim(giants) and the Myths we have like Genesis were actually Road Maps to navigate the ‘Scenery’ of the imprinted earth, As I find nothing but giant and titanic Beings formed as our earth. Now there is also a Light counterpart to the nephilim, the Elohim, and these are some of the stars and constellations we see of sound creating a light pattern. High vibrational energy are stars, and every thing alive has a Star in the sky, literally right above you. As above, so below. You are both a star and flesh.

    All of this interconnects perfectly with Electromagnetism , and to me, that is God. The torus field of duality. And this is how the Earth is a mirror of man, we reflect ourselves as a duality and we do this in an electromagnetic framework and that is The Creator. We create with it.

    Your decode of the North is excellent and you see the Heart of this world. We power the sun and it’s light rains down to our heart of earth in the auroras. Just like our own aura does so does the earth. Anyway that’s a brief summation of where I’m at.

    Thanks for sharing and keep going.

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Nice to connect with you Niven. Don’t let those people get to you. We all get them. I feel sorry for them, because either they are just too ignorant to understand or they willingly follow the wrong path, and either choice they can’t feel good about themselves. I’ll have to check your work out. Take care and thanks for reaching out. ~rosette

  2. lidy

    You know Rosette and friends, it seems that the magic word of to-day is “choose”

    This particular sentence from your article Rosette, sais it all.:
    “We chose. The cellar. The shit we were playing with. They made us choose. They made us choose how we die.”

    You see In the Netherlands they made us choose wether we want to be a donor, Yes or No. We got an official letter from the government for that. If one didn’t return the letter with the choice, then the government considers that as a Yes.

    There is a discussion in parliament going on wether we should be allowed to die wenever we want, from the age of 70. It is supposed to be a free choice and a human right wether you are sick or not. It could be that one concludes that his or her life is completed.

    The government has already decided that gender has to disappear as much as possible in public and in government administration in order not to offend people with all these different genderpreferances. In public transport the start an announcement with: dear travellers in stead of ladies and gentlemen.

    The government is promoting the idea of choosing ones sexuality, sexual preferance/orientation is a right. Not only chridrend are taught that in schools but they also want to change the law to make it a non-discrimination factor in our constitution. That must have it’s effects in practice for certain kinds of preferences, more freedom and more possibilities to go to court.

    We have to make the choice for durable and so on and so on. How often I read that word choice in the media lately, really! It’s really is like a bombardment. And yet it doesn’t feel like freedom of choice.

    The kind of choosing as presented is like being in a supermarket where one is offered lots of the same. It’s insane and sometimes very depressing. On the other hand it is good to be part of this awakeningproces, Rosette
    As always grateful,

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      My goodness! NOT returning the letter means a “yes”? That shows how crazy the world is. Of course it should be a “no”. And I don’t know if you’ve looked into this dear lidy but being a donor only works if the donor is still ALIVE while the organs are being pulled. Yes that means the person is alive while THEIR vital organs are being taken out and given to another!!! It is NOT after a person becomes deceased. Then the organs are no good. How many people that could have been saved were instead killed because they were organ donors? And who are the beneficiaries really? They would be the rich, the elite. And I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the organs are used in their rituals.
      And deciding if one wants to die can happen at any age. There doesn’t need to be an “official” one. All that does is open doors to corruption where any elderly person who doesn’t have loved ones watching out for them can be said to have “signed” off on their life and then killed. In fact they are pushing suicide at any age. Make it hip, cool. By having your favorites singers, actors doing it. Just a couple of days ago a famous Korean pop singer supposedly did it too. And those K-pops are used to promote the androgynous agenda as well. I feel for the people getting sucked in to this. Most don’t have a clue what it is really about.

      1. lidy

        Exactly, innocent people are sucked in and have no clue whatsoever, although I must say it is changing. Years ago when I went for groupwalks the walkers never talked about government issues. But lately I noticed they talk about nothing else.

        People think that things go wrong because of choices made by the majority in politics. They have no idea of a global agenda behind the decisions and the role that the media plays in supporting this agenda: like in the news, movies, musicindustry, advertisement and art.

        People think that the way that things are presented to us, is freedom of expression or freedom of choice. Well you know for sure that that is not the case, by decoding and showing the patterns and underlaying messages.

        You know something, this morning I felt so happy because I realized that I got this precious gift of Jesus Christ and the Bible and so many teachers on my way. That feels so good!

        Have a nice day!

    2. Lou

      Choice, is certainly the word dear lidy. When our Babylonian bastards stand before God they’ll all cry……..”but it was their choice!” God will say, “no full disclosure no contract.” Can anyone think of a single aspect of life on this plane that is free of Babylonian influence? Any how lidy, I always enjoy your comments, and that’s not a choice, I can’t help myself. Lou

  3. Luke Apsen

    Oops, sorry that dated article didn’t embed. So it was saying “In the Netherlands, the doctor will kill you now”. – An illustration recently appeared on Dutch television. An elderly woman stricken with semantic dementia had lost ability to use words to convey meaning. “Upsy-daisy, let’s go”, she said. Both her husband & doctor at the end-of-life-clinic interpreted her words to mean, “I want to die”. But that wasn’t what the woman meant at all.
    And in another case, a doctor slipped a dementia patient a sleeping pill in some apple sauce so that he could be taken home & given a deadly injection.

    1. lidy

      Hey Luke, I didn’t see it but it is a concern.

      What I can tell you is this: there is a euthanasiaprotocol and you have to go through the procedures before you are granted to die.

      It is impossible, according the procedures, that a doctor makes the dicision by his own together with ofcourse the patient. When a doctor is willing to cooperate, and that is not a duty, a team is formed in which another doctor takes part and a social worker, and it must be presented to the justice department in order to get permission.

      The patient has to make a written request about why, how and when. In the case of dementia it is very difficult to understand the wishes when the sickness progresses. Timing is a difficult thing. It is extra difficult for the team to interpretate the signs. And yes that could be a risk. One could say a calculated risk, because if dementia is involved it must have been an issue that they talked about at the beginning of the symptoms. Some patients take that risk, you understand what I mean? So I think this context is important to read the event.

      Can I understand the wish to end your life, when one is very very sick, now they discuss in parlament the issue of the possibility of ending ones life because one thinks that it has been enough ( from the age of 70). For me that is absolutely not acceptable.

      What I find very disturbing is that laws practically turn out as obstacles to live a good life, and make it easy to step out of it.

      Not to mention that donorship. Now I am obliged to walk around with a card that tells that I don’t want to be a donor.

      Now they want to make haste with changing the constitution like I wrote in my other comment. When the government was formed, after the election, they introduced “the rainbow covenant” But before the lawchangeproposal goes through the chambers they already implement this gender neutrality and sexual preferences as a non-discriminationground in our society and act as if it is a fact already.

      In the youtube video you see a professor who is giving a lecture to the judges. Very odd taking in mind that the constitution hasn’t been changed yet.

      Furthermore, they start with a deception or distraction by placing it in a lawsuit of Wilders, a wellknown political figure, with the first question at the beginning of the video: “Do you want more or less European Union?” That’s how they do it. Distract the people from the real objective.

      One can imagine what happens once sexual preferences as a non-discrimination ground is part of the constitution.

      Non-discrimination for that matter is to my opinion nothing more than forced acceptation. There is too much of that occuring lately, Luke.

  4. Lou

    Revelation 18:4 – Come out of her my people! Babylon’s time is short and they are in a panic mode, The FEMA Camps they built for us will soon be housing them as they await justice. God often turns the tables on the wicked. Daniel in the lions den comes to mind. Wickedness is always seemingly out of control just before God’s hammer falls. Beltchazer soiled himself when the unseen hand of God wrote his eviction notice on the wall, also in the book of Daniel. Their time is short, their ship is sinking, and they are rearranging the deck furniture at a feaverish pace. Be of good cheer my brothers and sisters, I’ve read the Book, and our God wins and their’s craps his pants. Lou

  5. Lou

    My doctor has a more American way of killing his patients. He writes endless prescriptions and administers exceedingly toxic vaccines, three or four times a year. As far as I know there are no papers to sign or meetings to attend, you just finnaly and thankfully die. I refuse the shots and feed the pills, crushed up of course, to the fire ants. It doesn’t kill them, but it does piss them off and makes them move on down the road. Some blessed day our Father will pour out His Spirit on all flesh, and everyone will wake up at the same time. Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17. That’s an Old Testament verse quoted in the New Testament. Pretty cool! You lift me up too dear lidy. Love, Lou

  6. lidy

    Well Lou I suppose we are not going to choose the way that are offered, like in the movie debunked by Rosette and what the player said: “The shit we were playing with. They made us choose.” They made us choose how we die.”

    Well, we go the way Jesus showed us, to live and trying to be truthful and righteous, and where we fail we know that he died for our sins. And that is a relief, at least for me, because I find the road to the Heavenly Father narrow, for that matter, and in my life, so far, I’ve made mistakes (sins) and found myself many times off road, so to speak.

    Well anyway: you are so right Lou!

  7. Lou

    I’m not sure I really understand all I think I know dear lidy. But this I understand: Christ died to redeem His creation and all of us, he guides our path, and He loves us; and as poor old Job once said, “though he slay me yet will I trust him.” Your testimony rings true in my ears and in my heart, and I say……Amen! He rose up from the dead! He overcame the grave, and because He did, so will we! He said, in the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. John 16:33 I said all that to say this, even if they kill us, they still lose and we, praise God, still win! I don’t think they’re going to kill us, I think they are soon to be out of power and groveling at our feet. Revelation 3:9. Love, Lou

  8. Nathalie guiraudet

    Dear Lou, we have not yet gotten acquainted, but I hope you are correct. I have very little knowledge of the bible, and a huge mistrust of things written, but I hope you are correct. I care not to have any human grovel at my feet but I do long for humanity to be free of this noose of lies and deception. Again I hope you are correct.

    I have read that “amen” is another in the extremely long list of terms we us thinking it is one thing when it was ment to be another. I would ask Rosette for confirmation but I believe it is in reference to Amen Ra (spell?) So I personally am careful not to use it. If I am wrong on this please Rosette correct me.

    And Luke, no matter what the origin or not of the blue sweater story those of us who know you know that tribute was coming directly from the heart:) and Luke, Lola, Lidy, rosette and all the others who make this place special…….have a happy and safe new year!!!!

    Even if the new year should be beginning in march:) ha, sorry guys I just can’t help myself!

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