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Jacob’s Ladder Decoded

I remember watching this movie way before I was awake and thought it was a pretty trippy movie, but had no idea that there was some deep symbolism encoded in it. I wasn’t even familiar with the biblical aspect in the name of it, Jacob’s Ladder. So when I recently took a second look at it, I was surprised to say the least. I was actually blown away at all the stuff that I missed. That was right before my eyes. So I hope after watching this you’ll be blown away as well. This was the first movie I decoded so you can see why I took such a heavy interest in this stuff after decoding this first one.

So, let’s get started. First off, there are four themes running concurrent.  There is the SPIRITUAL aspect which many people who are familiar with the Bible could have picked up on. But then we have an OCCULT aspect as well, carefully “crafted” in this movie which lead up to followers of Crowley, Witches and Masons.

Jacob’s “Ladder” is also a reference to a drug administered via an MK ULTRA program being run in Vietnam without the army soldier’s consent. Why? Because basically when you enlist, you become a “soul dier”. They own your soul and do what they want with you unfortunately. The ones that make it out unscathed are the lucky ones.

Lastly we’ll see that there is a  9/11 connection. Now remember the importance of 9/11. 9 is I and 11 is K in numerology. Put them together and switch them around and you have “KI” the Sumerian name for Earth. So 9/11 is the numerological code for Earth. So when you see 9/11 come up it means a war on Earth by the followers of the Left Hand Path.


So, we know this movie came out in 1990, approximately 11 years before 9/11. It was released on November 2. (11/2 = 1+1 and 2 or 22, a master number, and is 3967 days from the release date to September 11, 2001 or 10 years, 10 months, 10 days.) 39 and 67/76 are special occult numbers as well. They come up in numerous videos I have decoded.

In one scene close to the beginning of the movie there is a pan of the New York skyline. This is to subconsciously instill the twin towers image in our minds.

1340This is harmless in itself, but take a look at this later scene. Jacob asks, “How did it happen?” The psychiatrist answers, “They say it blew up!” Now look at the number behind his right shoulder- 119; which is an inverse of 911. You will notice this inverse in other shots as well as I will point out shortly.


Now before we move on, I noticed the 9/11 symbolism coming up in The Hunger Games as well. Take a look at the clock behind Katniss. Now remember that this series first came out in 2013. So 12 years AFTER 9/11 and 23 years after Jacob’s Ladder came out. So what are they telling us? Will there be ANOTHER 9/11 type event? I would say…. yes.


Now this conversation to me sounds like they are discussing 9/11. (How did it happen? They blew it up!) Remember now, 9/11 hasn’t happened yet. They are casting a spell in this movie to make it manifest. Inversions are part of the spell.

Next is the wake scene where Jacob and his war buddies gather after the death of their fellow veteran Paul. Frank comments, “Sounds like a bomb to me. They said it was electrical. It was an accident.” Rod responds, “That’s BS. Someone’s covering something up. That was no accident. It was SET man.” So they are telling us right there that SET aka Satan, was behind 9/11.  We know SET also means “staged” as in 9/11 was staged. And this was done through their manifestations.


A similar “stage” was set in 1946 when Jack Parsons performed a Babylon Working, a satanic ritual in the Mojave Desert, where he believed he instigated the coming upheaval of western civilization.  Nine-eleven appears to be the second phase to this working, opening a second hole in space-time letting the demons fly in to bring forth chaos and destruction.

Now don’t forget that Jack headed Crowley’s OTO, Ordo Templis Orientis in Pasadena, California. His crew, seen here, was known as the Suicide Squad.


A movie is coming out this year with that name. Do you think that’s a coincidence? I think….. not.

Now before we move on, remember that one of the cover stories used for 9/11 was that “thermite” was used to melt the steel beams. Now thermite is very close to…. thelemite… and Thelemite is a follower of Thelema, the religion of Aleister Crowley. Coincidence again? I think… not.



Now if we go back to the beginning of the movie we have the scene with Jacob in Vietnam with his troop waiting to fight the Viet Cong. A particular date flashes onto the screen.

Doing a Google search on the date we make an interesting discovery.  From the Wiki, “Operation Jefferson Glenn ran from September 5, 1970 to October 6, 1971 and was the last major operation in which U.S. ground forces participated in Vietnam and the final major offensive in which the 101st Airborne Division fought. This was a joint military operation combining forces of the 101st Airborne and the 1st Infantry Division of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN). The purpose of this operation was to shield critical installations in Huế and Da Nang by patrolling communist rocket belts along the edge of the mountains.”

So there was an actual operation on the date and location put into the movie. This was the FINAL MAJOR OFFENSIVE and it consisted of both AIR and INFANTRY divisions participating which is reflected in this scene!


The soldiers start to act “crazy” like they are going out of their minds. One is bleeding from his mouth and nose, another is screaming about his head feeling like it’s being hammered in, another is spinning in circles, and another is sitting almost catatonic with his eyes spazzing in their sockets….  crazy and drugs


Now look at this…. Nice seg way from the “crazy” scene in Vietnam to the “crazy” scene in New York. Remember from my other articles YORK represents the LEFT, the Luciferian agenda. So we have “crazy and die” like they were doing in Vietnam.


Then we have this advertisement… which is right next to the other one… They tell us, “HELL, that’s what life can be, doing drugs.” So “crazy and die” and now “hell and drugs“. They are giving us clues to what was going on. And it’s being carried over to when they return to the US- to New YORK.

1346Now let’s follow the army’s experimental drug path further. Jacob and his buddies meet with a lawyer (played by Jason Alexander) and tell him that, “the army did something to us and we’ve got to find out what.” The lawyer seems interested and thinks they can make some money in a class action lawsuit against the army.

1382But only a short while later tells Jacob that he’s dropping the case because he did some calling around and said “you never even went to Vietnam.” Notice the lawyer coming DOWN the stairs to meet Jacob. Down the ladder. Jacob is at the bottom of his “ladder” here.

1385Now what is interesting about that is it is consistent with other vets testimonies of being in Vietnam and part of another MK Ultra program called Operation Phoenix. Here is a good link to find out more about it:

Here are a couple of patches from the actual CIA lead program.

operation phoenix

and here….

operation phoenix 2

In the late ’70’s, John Todd came out as an ex-wizard and Illuminati member who sat on the Council of 13. He spoke of his initiation into witchcraft basically from birth (his family were generational witches) and his joining the military at the age of 18 to promote these ideals within the army. He was deployed to Vietnam and was trained in Operation Phoenix. At the end of his tour he was transferred to Germany before being discharged. While there he got into a drunken brawl with an Officer and shot him. Instead of going to Fort Leavenworth for the remainder of his life, he was visited at his cell by two State Senators flanked by several Generals and Colonels. These men gave him an honorable discharge and wiped his record clean.  He ended up going back to the US and heading a coven that covered 13 western states. So here too is an instance when personnel are being used for covert projects while their record is expunged of any evidence of them being there- just like what happened to Jacob and his friends. Here is a link if you would like to find out more about John Todd:


Let’s find out more about the program Jacob was in. So here we have the character named Michael, played by Matt Craven. Craven is his stage name. C-Raven. A raven is a crow and is connected to Crow-ley as in Aleister Crowley (Crowley Raven). We will see more connections later on this.

So Michael tells Jacob that he was caught manufacturing drugs and was going to spend many years at Rykers Island prison but was visited by four Colonels (COLON- els) who made him a deal (where did we hear that before?). They told him that if he came to Vietnam and served two years in their secret Chemical Warfare Unit in Saigon that once served, they will wipe his record clean. The Colonels tell him they want a drug that brings out the dark side of the human psyche. A drug that increases aggressive tendencies and taps into the anger emotion.


Michael created this drug. He called it “the Ladder”. It took you on a fast trip straight down the ladder- to Hell. “They tried it out on POW’s, kids really, ” he says. “The things they did to each other was unreal. They had a big offensive coming up (Operation Jefferson Glenn?) and decided to test it out on a battalion. So they gave just an infinitesimal amount, through the food supply, to your battalion.  Your battalion had the highest kill ratio. But it wasn’t from killing the Cong, it was you killing each other. Brother against brother. No discrimination.”

They called the drug BZ and was nicknamed the Buzz.(Notice “buzz” is what a bee does? Acting as a hive mind.)


Peter Levenda mentions BZ in his Book one: The Nine, of his Sinister Forces trilogy. He states that a Dr.James Moore working under the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program at the University of Delaware in 1966 was experimenting “on mind-altering substances such as mescaline, psilocybin and the highly controversial drug BZ (quinuclidinyl benzilate).” So this drug is not fictional and WAS being experimented with as far back 1966 at least.



Now let’s go back through and look at the Occult symbolism throughout. We already alluded to the satanic aspect in mentioning SET as causing 9/11 and the actor Matt Craven (or Crow) being cast in the role of Michael. Also the inversion of the 911 next to Jacob’s head on the wall in the hospital.

The first scene we have of Jacob getting back from Vietnam is on the subway in New York. He is now a postman and is riding the train home from work. We see him reading a book. It’s Albert Camus’ The Stranger. If you have read the book you will notice that the main character follows his own path. He does not act like society expects of him. He does not cry at his mother’s funeral. He murders a man and has no remorse. This “stranger” is reminiscent of how Crowley lived his life. He did as he pleased regardless of what society thought. Published in 1942. Camus was a proponent of Existentialism which is a similar philosophy to Satanism. Here’s the wiki link:


Now don’t forget that this this the Thelemic philosophy, “do what thou will shall be the whole of the law”. This is also the philosophy in Crime and Punishment, where we get the RR in J RR Tolkien and George RR Martin from the main character Rodian Raskolnikov. Before we move on I wanted to mention I saw a skit on Jimmy Fallon’s show where he, Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell were playing a game where you had to guess if the event they described, actually happened to them. Well Colin Farrell’s “event” was that he was a suspect in an actual murder. The victim was beaten to death and his apartment lit on fire to hide the evidence. I do believe Colin did this crime and them discussing it on Jimmy Fallon’s show was to “praise” it. Here’s a link to the show. It’s called TRUE Confessions. So Colin Farrell would be a member of this RR group.


So back to the story, just a few minutes later Jacob notices a man sleeping on the train. What is strange and startling about this man though is his extra appendage.  You can see it here. Bottom left of the screen shot. It’s a demonic tail.


He passes a red, white and blue poster with the word ECSTASY on it. To the right of it we see the number 77. So we have another drug reference enticing Jacob as he travels through the “tunnel”. Seventy-seven is a reference to Aleister Crowley and the Process Church. The Process Church was and is an organization founded by former Scientologists Robert and Mary Ann DeGrimston. They believe in a “four god” system. The four gods are Lucifer, Yahweh, Jesus and Satan. They say they don’t care which one you choose as long as you follow one, however, they primarily follow Lucifer and Satan. They call the four gods the four Pi or four P’s. So they primarily follow two of the four P’s. P in numerology is the equivalent of 7, so two P’s equal 77. So when you see 77 that is code for Crowley and the Process Church. (Note* Johnny Depp is a known occultist. His last name decoded is “of 77”. )


After Jacob crosses the tracks, he watches the train that almost hits him, go by. At the back window is another demon.


Now we switch to Jacob’s apartment where he is laying down with his girlfriend Jezebel. Jezzie tells him, ” You sold your soul remember? That’s what you told me.” (Note* Well when you sell your soul you have to make a sacrifice. Jacob sacrifices his eldest son Gabriel. Crowley says, blue eyed blonde, male child is best…. notice Gabriel is the blue eyed blonde son, the other two sons are dark haired and dark eyed.)


Now notice the Post Office truck and the sign next to it. The Post Office truck has 77 on it.


Now we get to a “WHOA!” moment. Check this out…. look at the plate on this car that is trying to run Jacob over….It’s a government plate with the number 7643.


Now look what happens to it just a few seconds later….It is completely INVERTED! It is backwards and now on the opposite side of the car!!!


Here is another shot….


Now look at the DRIVER in the next frame. The driver and his steering wheel are now on the left!!!!!! Their faces start to blur… and something happens…. look…..We have another demon. And we know this one is connected to the government/military. So with we have the inversion and the demonic presence here.


From here we switch to another hospital scene. Jacob wants to meet with his doctor but the nurse says they have no record of him. He finds out later that his doctor was killed in another mysterious car accident. Check out the nurse’s head. She has horns protruding from her skull.


Here she is….lovely isn’t she?


Jacob can’t seem to get away from the satanic presence. After returning to his apartment, he and his girlfriend go to a party put on by their coworkers. Check out what is in the fridge, a goat’s head. (Animal sacrifices are an aspect of Santeria, which has a big following in the Caribbean community in New York.)


Notice how this “goat’s head” is similar to Mick Jagger’s goats head on his album cover called, Goats Head Soup. Yum.


There is also a strange man at the party that looks normal at first but mesmerizes Jacob. As Jacob stares at the man, the man turns into a demon.


Jacob looks away and decides to find his girlfriend who is dancing with others. He approaches her and notices she is dancing very sexually with another man. The man starts to turn into something else. Wings protrude and then a tail, which he wraps around Jezebel.


Here he’s wrapping his tail around her….


You can see his demonic eye and scaly skin…


and then he “horns” her…So you can see it’s a demon having sex with Jezebel. Jacob falls to the floor and starts screaming. But apparently Jezebel isn’t aware of what she went through because there is no mention of it in the next scene.


Back in Jacob’s apartment we see him with books he has been reading. They are A Witches Bible and Demonology.


Then we have The Roots of Evil.


And a book on Purgatory: Canto 26. This last book will be discussed later.


His girlfriend is concerned with the way Jacob’s been acting and has a moment of anger where her eyes flash black and her teeth turn sharp and pointy. (showing her demon inside?) She says to Jacob, “Anybody in there? Anybody home?”


Jacob then gets a call from his veteran friend Paul who is very upset. He asks Jacob to meet him at a bar. Once there he explains that “they” are following him and that demons are coming out of the wood work. He says, “I’m going to hell.”


Jacob is back in his apartment and this time we see the Demonology book on top of The Stranger. And a new book appears, it’s called Mr. Baruch. When we do a Google search on the title we see it is a biography about Bernard Baruch, the Lone Wolf of Wall Street. A movie with a similar title (The Wolf of Wall Street) was released in 2013 starring Leonardo DiCaprio who played a broker who made it big on Wall Street by doing things his own way to get to the top. (his own way, like in The Stranger and Crime and Punishment) Baruch was also an advisor to Woodrow Wilson. So this seems to be a nod to him. He must have been a very important occultist. Here’s a link to the Wiki on the movie:


We have a second chase scene where the government agents kidnap Jacob and struggle with him in their car. Look at the license plate when they first nab him. It says P 4792 and LTD above it. Now look ….


Now the plate is INVERTED again. It reads 2974 P. But the P looks like a 9. So we have 1111 9 or 11/ 11/9. 9/11 again. The LTD now reads DTL as well.


Here’s a closer shot…


We have one more demon head shaking guy when Jacob get wheeled down the corridor on a gurney because his back was injured after getting thrown out of the government car.


And before we end the occult connection we will see the symbolism of another group involved here. Can you guess what group? Look….Compass and square… are they making sure they get their piece of the pie? The Freemasons are basically the same group practicing witchcraft and use this secret society as a front to continue their occult practices. Which they are alluding to in this scene of Jacob’s Ladder. (Notice too that “pie” is in reference to Pi, which is used in the Process Church as the name of the four gods I mentioned earlier.)



Now let us go through the last theme and the one that this all really boils down to, the spiritual theme. A battle between good and evil, white and black, heaven and hell. Let’s take a look…

So Jacob’s full name is Jacob Singer. (Canter- bury)

Jacob is the name of a Prophet. Someone that can foresee the future. A singer is someone that vocalizes a message that is relayed to an audience. And we learn that he is a Mail Man when he returns to New York. So we have Jacob, Singer and Mail Man, what do these have in common? They are all messengers. So Jacob is trying to relay a spiritual message to us.

Jacobs_Ladder _movie_image_Tim_Robbins

Now let’s see what evidence we have to support this. Let’s first look at this image of the subway right before Jacob has to jump out of the way of the oncoming train. “Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there’s still time to change the road you’re on.” – Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin comes to mind.


Let’s look at this pic again with the demon in the back window. Red light- Hell, train to Hell.


Jacob then has a conversation with Jezebel where she mentions one of his sons bringing by some photos. She doesn’t remember their names. Jacob laughs because Jezebel is a biblical name. The woman who was a she-DEVIL in the Bible. The Wiki tells us, “This HEARTless woman with a bloody history belied the name she bore, for Jezebel means, “chaste, free from carnal connection”; but by nature she was a most licentious woman. She was a voluptuary, with all the tawdry arts of a wanton woman. Thus no name could have been more inappropriate for such a despised female.”

Jacobs son’s are Jed, Eli and Gabriel ( the eldest who died tragically in a bicycle accident), which are all prophets. Jezzie says she is “not into church names.” and Jacob replies, “You are such a heathen Jezzie.”

Remember our Post Office truck? Showing Jacob is still sorting out his path in Purgatory. The 77 hints to it.

Now there are several places where dying/death comes up.

Remember our Big Apple sign? It says, “you’ll never die of boredom. Enjoy!” The red apple of New York. With the poster next to it, “HELL, that’s what life can be.”

So why all these thoughts of hell if he is alive and well in New York? Or is he?


We get flashbacks of him in Vietnam after he gets stabbed in the stomach struggling to survive. (Notice it is colored as if in Hell.)


And here when they find him barely alive…


Then the scene switches to Jacob with his chiropractor. Notice two things here. First, notice the light behind him. We will see this same light throughout the movie. You will see why in a bit.


The second thing to notice is that “Louie” is dressed in white with white light behind him. Jacob even says, “You know Louie, you look like an angel. Did I ever tell you that before?” Louie replies, “Every time you see me Jacob.” And smiles.


So Louie is Jacob’s angel, while Jezzie is his devil.


We see these same lights with a surgeon in a poster in the waiting area when Jacob is talking with the “horned” nurse. Look here.


Now remember the scene at the party where Jacob sees the Devil “doing things” with Jezzie? Right before he comes upon that “dance” he is hanging out on the stairs with a fortune teller. She wants to read Jacob’s palm. She says, “Very strange (life) line…No it’s not funny, according to this, you already dead.” 


A few scenes later he thinks he is waking up from a nightmare and is in bed with his ex wife Sarah. He tells her he had this “crazy” dream that he was with the girl from the Post Office and that he had a fever and they stuck him in a tub and he was burning from the ice.


Sarah replies, ” that represents guilty thoughts. See what happens when you cheat even in your dreams?” 


Next we see “Santa” working the corner supposedly ringing his bell for the needy, however, when he realizes Jacob can’t move, he has no qualms about stealing Jacob’s wallet. Santa is an anagram for Satan.


Jacob gets driven to the hospital in an ambulance and placed on a table for doctors to assess his injuries. We have the same “lights” in the emergency room that we have seen previously.


Before we look further, notice how these lights are the same as the one behind Max’s head in Elysium. Take a look…. So Max is illuminated here. We know this because we see the unicorn behind him getting ready to jump over the rainbow.


The doctor requests X rays for further assessment and Jacob gets wheeled away to the X Ray room.


He is wheeled down a corridor that seems to be taking him to hell. He passes crazy people, mentally and then physically deformed people, then he passes body parts and other gore.  Once he gets to the “X Ray” room a doctor is there along with Jezzie who is dressed like a nurse. Notice the triangle here, representing “as above” which is half of the phrase “as above, so below”. Here it is “below” so there is no where to go but “above”. Jacob tells the doctor he wants to go home. The doctor replies, “Home? This is your home. You are dead.”


Jacob “wakes up” to his ex wife and kids over him in a hospital room and asks if he is alive. Sarah replies, “of course you are alive Jacob.” This appears to be Jacob’s turning point- his transition back up the ladder.

We can see this with Louie’s “rescuing” Jacob from the hospital and bringing him back  to his office. He gives Jacob some angelic advice, he says the words of Meister Eckhart, “Hell is all pain. Letting your memories go is not punishing you. It frees your soul. Holding on, you’ll see devils tearing your life away, if you made peace the devils are really angels freeing you from the earth.”


So to help Jacob let go, he gets a ride home in a taxi whose driver I.D. says GARZERO, A. Garzero is very close to “car zero” and “A” is short for angel. So we have ‘a carzero’ an angel cab driving him home.


This time home isn’t Brooklyn where he was living with Jezzie (the angel says he doesn’t go there) but to his stately home where he lived with his ex wife Sarah and their boys.

When he goes inside his home he enters the main room. On the ceiling are the words, “LOOK UP”.


A few moments later, Gabriel (his departed son) appears on the stairs and calls to Jacob to come with him. They go up the stairs and into the white light. You can see the rays from above shining down on Jacob.


We also get a flash of the light we have been seeing previously.


And now see where it is really coming from….It’s hanging over the operating area in the medic tent in Vietnam where Jacob was taken to. The surgeon comments that Jacob was a fighter. But he didn’t make it. Although from his face he now looks at peace. So he took Louie’s advice after all and let go of his memories so he could move on and be at peace.


Does Jacob represent the struggle of man? Did he go down the ladder to the depths of hell only to overcome his demons and climb the stairs to his redemption?1403

What is the bigger picture implied in this movie? Is man here on earth to go through this journey? Do we all go through a time of purgatory? A time of reflection? When we learn the true nature of ourselves? Is humanity as a whole choosing the left-hand path?

Is this a symbolic manifestation of “the Oath of the Abyss”?   Is Jacob “willingly suffering the “long, dark night of the soul”?  Levenda states in Book of the Nine that “all of creation is seen as the Qabalists’ Tree of Life, a diagram containing ten spheres connected by 22 paths. The top three spheres and the bottom seven spheres are separated by the Abyss, a place where one’s ego is destroyed… or not. If not, then one becomes a “black brother”, or “magician of the left-hand path,” that is, an evil magician and source of pestilence. If one has successfully passed the Abyss, however, then one attains greater spiritual glory.” Or illumination…. going into the white light. It appears Jacob crossed the Abyss.


Or… it is reflective of the journey of the Fool through the Tarot. Remember the Fool is both 0 and 22. His journey is not linear but circular. He ends where he began. Going up the ladder, Jacob returns to Heaven, back to pure divine light. The only difference in my opinion, is that he takes his essence with him, his “self”, his “ego”. His uniqueness is preserved. He carries his own divine spark as do each and every one of us.

stairs in sky

P.S. YouTube Vid Attached Below.


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3 responses on “Jacob’s Ladder Decoded

  1. Luke Aspen

    Hi Rosette,
    I saw this movie back in 1990 and at the time I also missed so many of the spiritual/occult symbols. Now here we are 26 yrs. later and I have learned so much! The 9/11 aspect of the film really blows my mind and how it all was planned in advance way back then!

    My big concern is about where we are right now and I tend to agree with you that something may be about to happen in the FALL. All the signs of it are definitely in place, at least for those that are awake to notice. So I would like to know how are you personally prepared for such chaos? I mean this could get very intense with probably something like an economy crash or even worse?

    I look at what happened in Greece when their economy failed and the mass destruction that followed. Life there today still goes on but it’s definitely different and most people have such a financial struggle every day just to make ends meet. So I’m really curious to know how you feel in your heart about the whole issue and what you expect may happen. Btw, you have an awesome website here and I need to explore it further!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha Luke,
      Did you notice in The Hunger Games 9/11 is also showing on the clock behind Katniss? Since this movie came out WAY AFTER the 9/11 event this tells me another one is coming. It could be on Sept. 11 of this year OR November 9, which would be in the FALL.
      We have to live in HOPE not FEAR. So I take the upcoming event as 1) inevitable and 2) a transition period. We need to “be like water” as Bruce Lee said. We need to go with the flow and trust in the Creator. Do we want the world to stay like it is? We are in a system of slavery at present. We do need an end to this system. So whatever happens, “economy crash or even worse” it’s actually going to be okay. We are immortal. If we are meant to make it through in this lifetime we will. If we don’t we can come back in the better world of the future.

  2. Luke Aspen

    When I saw The Hunger Games I did miss the 9/11 on the clock, so I went to your decoding and I see now what you mean. I do agree with you that such an upcoming event is absolutely inevitable. If anything, one real sign to look at is the Federal Reserve, not so “Fed” at all, but a private banking system so totally out-of-control and printing bogus paper money with no gold or silver to back it up. Much like pumping air into a balloon, just how much longer before the thing explodes? So yes, that’s inevitable.

    But to overhaul and end the slavery system which has been in place forever will take much more than just a simple Bruce Lee metaphor! I’m NOT trying to be hurtful here by saying that either, please know. I’m like you, who really enjoys being a slave to their system?

    As far as “it’s actually going to be okay”, who knows, the road to recovery may be so rough that even you or myself, might find that just too hard to endure. And of course the only way to find out is to experience it. I think the bottom line here is, yes, there will be FEAR, but HOPE-fully not enough of it to be able to destroy us altogether. Anyway, that’s my take and I appreciate your letting me express it here. May God bless and keep us all well!

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