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The Truth is in the Code.

Singularity Decoded

Once you decode a few of these dystopian themed movies you can see a clear pattern. You can see the propaganda agendas being pushed. You can see who their allegiance is to. And you can see what they are trying to accomplish. Again, entertainment isn’t their first priority. Their first priority is to convey certain ideas that they want to instill in our brains. Then surrounding these ideas they build a story.

This story, Singularity, is a hodge podge of every recent dystopian movie out there.

They start by showing us the production company Voltage Pictures. Luke 10:18 ~And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. Lightning, the lightning BOLT, voltage, the power of the volt.

Triangle, the trinity, Isis, Horus, Set. Set- Satan.

Our movie starts out by telling us that, “In 2017 a corporation called VA Industries revolutionizes robotics led by its genius inventor Elias Van Dorne.

By 2019, 3 out of every 4 households across the world owned a robot manufactured by VA. The standard of living rose exponentially.

VA Industries then manufactured an advanced line of robots for military use to put an end to the global wars once and for all.

This did not stop mankind’s proclivity to violence. It increased it.”

So we have a “genius” someone we should look up to. Who invents a machine that makes our standard of living increase. BUT that person is a genius in THEIR system. The standard of living increases in THEIR system. Getting us to buy into THEIR system.

A TRUE genius would give us free energy. Would find a way so we don’t have to be a SLAVE to the system. A TRUE genius would increase our standard of living by FREEING us from the system. NOT giving us a tool that perpetuates the system.

And as most of us know, the military is fueled by THEIR system and run by THEM. So saying they are doing an altruistic deed by creating a robot to put an end to wars is comical. WE don’t perpetuate wars. THEY do.

It reminds me of the Nazi tanks that started out with the Swiss Knights Templar Crosses emblazoned on the sides. But eventually that was too obvious, who was really funding and perpetuating the wars, so they changed it to the swastika.

WE don’t perpetuate wars. THEY do.

Singularity- Singular- meaning one. The One, the UN, an ancient name for Lucifer. Notice “singularity” starts with SIN. The original sinner- Lucifer.

So they point up- singularity, the one.

Like here, you can see he’s pointing up. While facing a strand of DNA.

By the early 2020’s, we will have the means to program our biology away from disease and aging.” ~ says Ray Kurzweil the inventor of Singularity.

Note the 2020, we’ll see that again soon.

Pointing up. Like we see the players here do that sold their souls. Like Lebron James…and Tim Tebow… notice Tim pointing up with two hands, making the devil horns…

So let’s take a brief look at the inventor of Singularity that the movie is really framed after.

Ray Kurzweil- “Kurzweil” an Ashkenazi Jewish name-a nickname for a “Joker”. From German, “Kurzweil” means “amusement, entertainment”. A compound of “Kurz”, meaning “short” and “Weile” meaning “time” so literally meaning “a short time”.

Kurzweil was recently quoted saying, “Death gives meaning to our lives. It gives importance and value to time. Time would become meaningless if there were too much of it.”  Which is very ironic because here Ray “SHORT Time” is saying VALUE the short time we have here, while at the same time he is considered the father of “LONG Time” by his Singularity idea, which is all about living forever. Extrapolating on Kurzweil’s comment then we can surmise that our lives would have no meaning and be of no importance because we got rid of that crucial element called TIME.

Now is it just me, or do you too see the irony in Kurzweil’s Singularity that wipes out TIME, while (Weile) being on the cover of TIME magazine?

SINgularity, the UN, the abbreviation for the United Nations. The UN peacekeepers, who are anything but keepers of the peace. And Kurzweil, being on the Council of Foreign Relations, has no bearing on his work. Or the influence of it in THIS film. Right?

As Ricky Gervais would say, “Are you ‘avin’ a laugh?”

Please use the left hand lane.” So who is SIRI talking to here? They are telling US to use the left hand lane. Lane equals Path. They want US to follow the Left Hand Path.

And notice the 33 on the glass.

Here they put in both the X’s and the 33. X is 6 in numerology. So we have 666. It is also a cross sideways. So we have the double cross, triple cross… to cross someone is to trick them. Tricking us. Satan is the trickster.

Another Triple Cross…

And with Crowley’s Triple Cross here upper left…next to Baphomet.

And Skull and Bones’ Double Cross here with the two Bonesmen each crossing their legs…

And the Double Cross here in Singularity

And they showed the 33 in Singularity as well as here in Mr. Robot

So they tell us the world is going to shit because of Van Dorne’s robots and that he is in seclusion. Notice the numbers that they choose to use here: 9, News 9, 15 Nov, at 1:05. Although November is the 11th month, the prefix NOV means nine. So IN November you have both 9 and 11. So we have 9/11 encoded. As well as 999, which is the inversion of 666. In addition we have 9/11 flanked by two 15’s. Now 15 is the Devil’s card in the Tarot Deck. The Devil symbolizes “do as thou will.” You see it on the people’s necks, chains that are LOOSE. THEY choose their will.

Like the LOOSE rope around the Apprentice’s neck in Freemasonry. Notice the two Star of David’s above the Apprentice. Each star is 33, 3 sides on each, so you have 66. And what is the 15 that we just discussed? 1 + 5 = 6. So 9/11 flanked by 66 as well. Two Star of David’s make 66.

Sixty-six being the number of the Freemason’s Grand Commander and coincidentally the number of books in the Bible APPROVED by the Luciferian Roman Catholic Church. Notice his Triple Cross over his “crown” chakra. And the whole photo has a Violet hue. Violet being the color of the elite royals and the color associated with the Abyss.

Remember Tim Tebow from earlier? What was his jersey number? Fifteen, the same as the Devil’s card. Notice Tebow throwing up the devil horns here.

And who is the most famous “apprentice”? None other than our President Donald Trump and his show called…The Apprentice.

In this shot they show us VA Industries lit up. VA is an upward V next to a downward V. If you combine them and add the parallel bars you get the Star of David.

SINgularity. SYNagogue. The only people that worship in a synagogue are of “the SYNagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie”. ~Revelation 3:9

Interesting that “agogue” in SYNagogue means “leader, or bringer.” So synagogue would mean Sin bringer? or Light Bringer? And remember we have Gog and Magog the Giants? Are they related here? I would say most definitely.

In 2020 Elias led a breakthrough that would change the world.

He called it Kronos.”

In 2020, Elias Van Dorne (John Cusack), CEO of VA Industries, the world’s largest robotics company, introduces his most powerful invention–Kronos, a super computer designed to end all wars.

Now Elias was John the Baptist in the Bible. And John the Baptist is worshiped by the Masons. Why though? Because he was beheaded. They feel this was a victory for THEIR god Lucifer. Like how they worship the 33 because it was the age of Jesus when he was crucified. So again a victory over God in THEIR eyes.

John (Elias) is the patron saint of Freemasonry.

So what does that tell us? They USURP Jesus by using the forerunner of Jesus, known as John the Baptist. They do everything they can to blot out Christ.

The 33 degree, Knight of St. John (the Baptist) Masonic Sword. Notice they have St. John right at the center of the dome. Usurping Christ.

And if we look at VAN DORNE there is a famous duo. Paul and James Van Doren, who founded Vans. The famous motto for Vans is Off the Wall, which Michael Jackson also used on one of HIS albums. Off the Wall, what an odd thing to say? Well not if you break it down in numerology. O-F-F is 666, T-H-E is 2+8+5 = 15 (the Devil Card) and also 1+5=6, W-A-L-L is 5+1+3+3 = 6 and 6. So in Off the Wall you have 666 666. Two triple 6’s!

Notice the Vans are black and white checkered. And then notice Michael Jackson is in black and white. Notice where Michael’s hands are- getting you to look down, in that area. What do you suppose he’s saying by doing that? Seems like, “I’m available” to me. Available to the controllers?

So Van Dorne, to Van Dyne.

In the Van Dyne family, we have one of the thirteen Illuminati front families. And which are portrayed in the character of Janet Van Dyne in the Marvel comic book series. She is the Avenger called the WASP. A Wasp is an insect associated with the Bee. The Bee is the symbol of the Merovingians.


Now Van Dyne is very similar to ArmaDYNE which is the robotics corporation in the movie Elysium. And ArmaDYNE is very similar to CyberDYNE, the name of the company in the Terminator movies that made the machines that destroyed the Earth.

dyne 2tem

But not only that, if you run a Google search you will also find DyneCorp, a private military company used by big corporations and governments. (Which might have worked in Vietnam, among other places.)

So you can see the name Elias Van Doren is a carefully coded name.

dyne 1dyne

Elias tells us KRONOS will save the world. And Kronos is another name for Saturn which is the symbol for Satan/Lucifer.

Kronos is also “Father” TIME and time is what Kurzweil, Mr. Short TIME, says we have only a SHORT span of, YET he and his minions want to change that. And the change would be only for themselves.

Kurzweil and all his ilk remind me of the story of Moby Dick. Captain Ahab spent his whole life studying the Whale and everything about the Whale. The book was an exhaustive effort in detailing every little minutia about the Whale. (It’s funny how no one that has actually read this book ever mentions this point?) Every minutia. So much so that unless you have the same mindset as Ahab you quickly lose interest. The point being that what Melville was trying to convey is that no matter how much Ahab learned about the Whale, in the end he could NOT conquer the Whale! The Whale persevered. So who is the Whale and who is Ahab? The Whale is GOD. Ahab is Kurzweil and all the other Left Hand Pathers. No matter what occulted knowledge that they learn, no matter if they learn EVERYTHING they possibly can about God, there is NOTHING that they do that will overcome GOD. NOTHING. So Mr. Joker Short Time can try try try. In the end it is all for NOTHING.

They don’t value all we’ve given them.”

“They say the war is our fault. Our technology. Too many. Too fast. They weren’t ready for it…. Elias you know what Kronos is capable of.”

“Capable of saving earth from self destruction.”

Well nothing is going to happen to Earth unless God wants it to. There is no Nibiru coming to wipe us out. No solar flare from the gigantic sun because we know now it is NOT gigantic, in fact, much smaller than the Earth. The sun being but a light that revolves above the Earth.

And value what THEY’VE given us? Who are the true Givers here? Well God is the Supreme Giver- Giving ALL of us life including the controllers, yet they forget this fact. And they are the true TAKERS like the vampires they are, living off of our blood, sweat and tears. Literally.

I am your creator. The one that gave you life,” says Elias. This is a very Luciferian concept.  MAN creating, becoming a god with a little g, not GOD creating. The supreme desire of the Alchemist is to create life. But it has NEVER happened. Only GOD can create life.

Notice Elias touching his glasses.

Just like Bill Gates here, a masonic sign meaning “he is one in the know”.

And they like to give shout outs to Bill by putting him in these shows, like here in The Magicians…a young Bill practicing the craft.

Who looks like he could be related to Mr. Short Time. What’s with the funky glasses? Wired, Live forever and…Save the World.

And in The Kingsman, they have Harry Hart holding HIS glasses. And HE is in black and white. Just like Vans. Just like Michael Jackson. Harry Hart, HH. HH stands for Heil Hitler.

And they have Eggsy wear them…

The apartment that Andrew lives in looks very similar to Eggsy’s apartment as well. Notice the 97 on the address. It will come up against shortly and then we’ll discuss.

When Andrew opens the front door he is greeted by an Andrew. I mean Android. (Thanks to ODD for that decode.) Notice the Android has a smiley face. If you’ve been reading my decodes you should know by now that the followers of the Left Hand Path put smiley faces in their movies and series to show they are followers of the Crowleyan philosophy “Do as Thou Will”.

We see them here in an episode of Bill Nye Saves the World. That’s funny, didn’t we just see a Wired cover where Kurzweil will… Save the World?

And here in The Dark Tower... Hell…O.

And here in Mr. Robot… computer repair with a SMILE.

And here in The Magicians

And here in Suicide Squad… are we seeing a pattern yet? Notice the double cross of the smiley face’s eyes?

So Andrew walks in to see his mother watching TV and this is what’s on. “Life possible on Gliese 581.” So more propaganda that we live in a SOLAR system, a heliocentric model, with millions of galaxies, with millions of planets. Gliese being just another made up planet that they want us to believe is like Earth. Making Earth just one of many planets like it. Making Earth of no significance, when, on the contrary, Earth is THE MOST SPECIAL place. Earth is the Heart.

The Wiki tells us, (and before I read the Wiki, for the naysayers on when I use “Wiki”, I use Wiki BECAUSE it is what THEY write, so I use what THEY write against THEM.) So the Wiki tells us, “Gliese 581g, unofficially known as Zarmina, is an unconfirmed (and frequently disputed) exoplanet claimed to orbit within the Gliese 581 system, twenty light-years from Earth. It was discovered by the Lick-Carnegie Exoplanet Survey, and is the sixth planet orbiting the star; however, its existence could not be confirmed by the European Southern Observatory/ High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Researcher or HARPS, survey team, and its existence remains controversial.

Oh that sounds so convincing! Not.

We see Andrew give his mother a bouquet of flowers. Notice the lily is prominent in the bouquet. The lily symbolizes the Fleur-de-Lys ~ Flower of Lily. Lily is Lilith, white, like the WHITE ROSE. Remember the Baphomet is a he/she. Lilith is the feminine aspect of the androgynous being. Lucifer is the male aspect.

The Greeks held the lily as a symbol of high eroticism and sexuality (the long pistil of the flower suggesting a phallus and the pollen symbolizing fertility).

Then we have the EGG. See it sitting on the table?

The egg is representative of the New Age of Horus. Like here in Snowpiercer.

“Can I offer you a nice egg in this trying time?” Snowpiercer is representative of the egg in here.

And the main character in The Kingsman is called EGGsy. The egg is a symbol of rebirth. Starting over. A reset.

Bill Nye made sure to have EGGS in one of his episodes of Bill Nye Saves the World as well.

And they also give us the Turtle. See it just to the left of Andrew’s shoulder? Like in The Dark Tower where they gave us the turtle in the TET corporation.

Here we have VA with water rippling across. Water is the element of the Left.

This looks like a Ted Talk on Singularity and Elias is the presenter.

This is Kronos. Do not be afraid. Change is necessary if Earth is to survive. It may be the end of your life, but it is the beginning of so much more. You have completed the final stage of your evolution by ushering in the New Age. You created and destroyed for centuries until finally your purpose was fulfilled.”

Elias continues, “Human beings must be removed from the cancer of the body of the Earth. There will be no more violence. No more disorder. Only peace.

So who’s the cancer? Is it ALL humans or just particular ones? How about the ones that worship this dangling testicle. The dangling golden testicle is symbolic of Aaron’s Golden Calf. The Golden Calf is Apis the Bull. Bull worship. “Hats off to the Bull” as Chevelle sings.

And remember Bill Gates holding his glasses?  Well his father was a founder of Planned Parenthood. And Planned Parenthood really IS a device to continuing sacrificing to Apis from the days of Aaron and the Golden Calf.

When I was growing up, my parents were involved in various volunteer things. My dad was head of Planned Parenthood. And it was very controversial to be involved with that.”   ~ Bill Gates

And they show us more propaganda with the robots destroying the buildings. Like on 9/11. The CGI’ed image on our left is from Singularity and the CGI’ed image on our right is from 9/11. Both showing something going THROUGH the buildings. Both basically movie sets.

And here perpetuating the “steel buildings can fall from fire myth”…

Like they did in the April, 2017 bridge collapse on the I-85 freeway in Atlanta, Georgia.

We then go in time 97 years later.

Remember the 97 on Andrew’s apartment address?

And here it is in The Dark Tower…on the bus. Just flip the seven around…

And we have it here in The Kingsman as well….97…

He is AWAKE!” says Elias.

What a funny thing to say. Shouldn’t it be, “He is alive?” If Elias is the creator and this is the first time the android is on-line? But no, he says AWAKE. Because WE are awake and they want US to identify with HIM.

I wasn’t there when the world was destroyed, but I know someone that was. His name is Andrew,” says Calia.

Now Andrew is the android and Calia is the human. The opposite of here in Blade Runner with Decker, the human, falling in love with the Replicant, android, called Rachel.

In Westworld we have an interesting twist. We have Dolores and Teddy as BOTH androids.

When Kronos was activated- it took it only a moment to understand the world.” On-line like Skynet in The Terminator.  “They knew what was plaguing the planet. It was us. Eight billion people lost their lives. My ancestors identified as a planetary plague- extinction, the only cure. Mankind’s innate nature was one of evil,” they have Calia say.

The real evil in this world are the controllers, also known as the TARES, NOT humanity as a whole. WE are the WHEAT. They want us to think WE are the problem, when the problem is not US but THEM.

Calia is a form of Celia, which is of Latin origin. The name is often derived from the Roman family name Caelius, thought to originate in the Latin caelum which means “heaven”.

They say there is one last stronghold to the north that still stands. Aurora.

Aurora is heaven. Calia means heaven.

Aurora is located above the center of our world, where Eden resides. It goes by Asgard in Norse Mythology. It is called Azra in The Badlands. Notice the emblem representing it in Singularity

And here in The Badlands

And look how similar it is to Katniss’ pin in The Hunger Games

Also notice the honeycomb pattern on Katniss’s sleeve, we’ll discuss in a moment.

And Calia’s pin looks just like Katniss’ because Calia IS Katniss… Same hair, same hair style. Both are ARCHERS.

On their way to finding Aurora they pass under this arch. It says “Moore’s Law” on it. So this has a double meaning. First, Moore’s law is the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. Which they are trying to imply is what is happening to Andrew. That he is somehow becoming more advanced, he is “evolving”.

Then we have Moore as in the Moors, or the Mauru’s the Mary’s and the Meru, as in Mount Meru. So Moore’s Law is Mary’s Law- the Law of Lucifer.

The Kronos robots look an awful lot like the ones in Transformers.

Notice they even throw in some black cube symbolism here with the bomb that destroys the “transformer”.

And so the young generation identifies with this film they even throw in an app for that! Ha ha. Come on. The worlds destroyed but some how the Iphones and their apps are running strong. GPS still works? Really?

And the Iphone really is just another type of BLACK CUBE.

Remember the Mason’s worship the east, south and west but never the north. To them the north is evil. So what does that tell us? That the north is GOOD. That the north IS where Christ originates. Heaven directly above. The Aurora Borealis is the electrical discharge of the mountain in the middle- the Dark Tower.

I don’t like laws. They tend not to apply to whoever makes them,” says Calia. Ah… wise words Calia. That is exactly why Moral Relativism, the philosophy of the Left Hand Path, does NOT work.

They walk over Skull and Bones in a stream…

They seek shelter in a church and show us Christ and Mary on the wall, to associate these two with those roles.

They showed the same symbolism with Shayla and Eliott in Mr. Robot when they were in the Mexican restaurant, portraits of Mary and Jesus behind Elliot.

And they have their traditional roles inversed. Calia, the female, is the protector and Andrew, the male, is the more caring one, that needs protecting. To show this they even have Calia hold HIM when they sleep, instead of him holding HER.

Technically Andrew doesn’t even need to sleep. He proved he doesn’t need to eat. When Calia offered him meat at the fire he declined.

“Our new god” it says on their machine.

They look up and spot some mockingjays.

Just like in The Hunger Games, the blue jay, the mockingbird, the mockingjay.

Remember Katniss’ sleeve? Notice the honeycomb pattern on the blanket behind Calia.

Which is the same honeycomb pattern that Katniss shoots at…the dome.

A honeycomb is what bees make. And bees are ruled over by the Queen Bee. The Fleur-de-lys is the symbol of the Merovingian’s and is taken from the symbol of the Bee. Behave in the Beehive. Remember Andrew’s lilies? Fleur-de-lys ~ Flower of the Lily. See how they are connected?

We also have the honeycomb symbolism in Mr. Robot

And here in Bill Nye Saves the World

And here in Elysium… Elysium has a double meaning because it is also Heaven, like Aurora.

Elias Van Dorne’s sidekick is called Damien Walsh. Damien means Demon. The disembodied spirits used by the Left Hand Path in this world. Notice Damien’s right eye is blotted out. He sees with his LEFT. His moon eye.

They get attacked by humans. Calia ends up killing a human to “save” the android.

Designed to befriend and betray. Little did I know I had already met one,” says Calia.

Here they show the age when the human Andrew died. He was twenty-two. The number of the Fool. The fool who completes the Tarot and starts all over again.

REBORN again as the New Man, in the Age of Horus as a humanlike robot. Both human and machine- TRANSHUMAN. Just like Singularity promotes. Just like THEIR evolution promotes.

Elias tells us this by saying, “You are a machine. The only one of its kind. You are something NEW.”

They even have the Wheat and Tares symbolism… Mathew 13:30, ” Let both grow together until the harvest. At the proper time I will tell the harvesters, “First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat into my barn.””

I asked him to let me go and he did. Now he saved my life. The machines are changing,” they have Calia say. Can we see how they are instilling this propaganda into OUR minds? That these machines would be a GOOD thing. That we need to accept them on the same level as US? As humans?

I don’t care that you’re a machine.” Which is what they want US to think…

Notice here the stone on her ring. It is the black onyx stone. Genesis 2:12 ~ “The gold of that land is good; the bdellium and the ONYX stone are there.”

Now Eggsy’s partner in The Kingsman is Roxy. Notice how ROXY is an anagram of ONYX. An egg is white, Eggsy, and an onyx is black, Roxy.  So Calia is the onyx and Andrew is the egg.

In Snowpiercer, Curtis was the egg, and Olivia the BLACK lady was the onyx. Notice Olivia’s left eye is closed. She sees with her RIGHT. She is good like Curtis.


So they get to what they think is Aurora. Which looks an awful lot like a mountain in the middle. But they tell us this is the controllers stronghold. This would be Atlantis before it fell.

Damien comes out to block their way.

They shoot at him and his face becomes a “Lord of the Flies”.

As they attempt to flee, mini drones are released from the Black Tower.

Calia and Andrew run through a passageway and enter a chamber that they realize is a control room. On the monitor it shows the star system 581 and says it is the “planetary family Gliese.” Just like what Andrew saw on the TV when he was at his mother’s 97 years earlier.

There is a button with arrows pointing to it. The button has the same symbol on it as Calia’s pendant, the mockingjay. She places the pendant against the spot.

Which activates the ship they are in.

But through Andrew, Elias can see where they are heading. And so learns the location of Aurora.

More ball Earth programming as they show them leaving our plane and…

Reaching the gates of Aurora.

Here is Aurora, with the golden city…

Aurora looks an awful a lot like Elysium…

So with Aurora discovered, Elias no longer needs his demon sidekick. “You are betraying me,” says Damian.

Yes,” says Elias.

Which will happen to all followers of Lucifer. Lucifer is NOT the god of love. He cares NOT for his minions. In the end he betrays them ALL.

Notice the Matrix they are in.

Just like Neo and the Architect in The Matrix. Remember Neo is an anagram for One.

Calia ends by saying, “Mankind were no match for the machines. But now we had an ally, a machine that was possibly more human than we were. Kronos would find us for sure, but next time back we would be ready to fight. Let it begin.”

Trying to trick humanity into thinking we NEED a machine on our side. We NEED trans-humanism. That it is a good thing. That it is our evolutionary path. But NOTHING could be further from the truth.

Here is the YouTube version of my presentation:


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27 responses on “Singularity Decoded

  1. lidy

    Goodmorning Rosette, I have to say that I’m learning with every article you write. Lately I was thinking about the sicnificance of the smily. I saw that on a picture with a woman holding a card in her hand with her finger on the 9 and thus pointing to the number 11. In the back at the left was a big smiley on the window of a shop. On her shirt was the 9 of the 9-11 wiped out. So that makes 11 11. I was still looking for the significance of that smiley and here you write about it.

    Could you tell me about that combination?

    There is another thing I would like to ask. Could wearing a red alpino in court be ment to give a message?

    Thank you so far Rosette. Still reading every article and all the comments. Very interesting and heartwarming, so are the people behind the comments.

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Aloha dear lidy,

      Well the smiley face means the person follows the Left Hand Path. “Do as thou will is the whole of the law.” And 9/11 is the number for Earth. When the event happened on 9/11 it was to instill as much fear into the world as possible to speed up their agenda. People in fear will defer to authority so they can make the fear stop. Will let authority restrict them further in the name of “safety”. And 11 and 11 is 22, the number of Christ- the number that they usurp for their God Lucifer. So if you combine all three you get malicious intention towards the Earth, to take it over, NWO, through their “do as thou will”, with Lucifer at the top.

      And I don’t know what an “alpino” is? I tried to look it up and couldn’t find it either. Can you explain what it is?

      Also, did you notice in my Elves article I mentioned the Netherlands? I thought of you when I was researching that. The Amanita Muscara- do you see those growing wild over there?

      best regards~ rosette

      1. Joanna

        Hello rosette and lidy, please allow me to put in my 2 cents;)
        Amanita Muscaria is a very popular mushroom in Polish forests. From the very young age (kinder garden) children are taught of extremely poisonous features which this mushroom has, and there are plenty and plenty of children’s songs, cartoons and fairy tales featuring this mushroom (which in Polish is called Muchomor – /moo-ho-mor/).
        In old ages, Amanita was used as poison for flies at homes. however, according to Wikipedia, flies were only “put asleep” by the mushroom for 3 days and then woke up as new;)

        1. rosette delacroix Post author

          Interesting joanna! Notice the reference there? If the flies went to sleep for THREE days then woke up as NEW? It’s like Christ and the Resurrection- Christ rose again after the third day. Death and rebirth. Further trying to instill the Amanita Muscaria AS Christ? And regarding the poisonous aspect where it kills flies, it seems similar to fluoride and rats, in which these bigger doses, both can kill, but the Amanita Muscaria man ingests as he does fluoride in water and toothpaste in smaller amounts.
          lidy, do you have similar stories in the Netherlands?

          1. lidy

            You must be thinking: Where is she. But I was thinking and thinking. But there was so much emptiness in my head. So now I decided just to respond with my fingers on the keyboard.

            First of all I have to thank you for your explanation. It helped me a lot.

            Now about the Amanta Muscaria. The only thing that I knew and know about this mushroom is what I read in the fairytales.

            Joanna, we also have childrenssongs about this mushroom:
            “On a red musroom red with white dots sat a little goblin swinging back and forth ….”and so on.

            It is such an adorable mushroom, especially this time of the year in the woods you can find them here in the Netherlands.

            As a kid I got with SantaClaus on the 5th of december this big book with fairytales and even now I love them, especially when they go along with pictures.

            There is so much behind these fairytales I always felt but now discover. Then I start looking on the internet for more information.

            There is this year again a big discussion about Black Piet who accompanies SantaClaus.

            It is tagged as being racist, but in fact it has nothing whatsoever to do with the color of the skin. In fact it is a very very old pagan tradition and old story for the ordinary people to celebrate, in the form of our Sinterklaasfeest.

            For this familyfeast we make and give presents to eachother together with poems, ofcourse made by Sint and Piet. That is how the poem is signed, because the giver has to be anonymous.

            The feast is based on a very old Pagan tradion of Wodan and his horse Sleipnir, with eight legs , on the roofs and his two helpers Huginn and Muninn, two ravens, large heavily built crows with mainly black plumage to bring presents to the children.

            That is the origin of that feast and why black Piet was created. Even a tamed crow was often called Piet.

            Along With Christianization it became a bishop and his servants from Spain.

            But now it is tagged as racist and some colored people that now live in the Netherlands protest. Also people from the Netherlands and even the U.N. Now they want white Piets. They even tried to make Piet a nobleman from Spain, to make him equal to the bishop, but that wasn’t appreciated. It is getting crazier by the day.

            It is made a big issue for something that was absolutely not ment to offend colored people. In the old days there were no colored people in the Netherlands, but Black Piet came every year to help Santa Claus to deliver the presents and the poems.

            What I want to tell here is that mixing people from different cultures and traditions can create much trouble if they don’t want to dive into the context. And that brings me back to you Rosette. I never forget that you said: Context is the key!

          2. rosette delacroix Post author

            That is how the divide and conquer is done lidy! God separated the people into different tribes, languages, cultures, etc. to PROTECT us. So we cannot become ONE race under Lucifer, the UN. But to bring them all together again under Lucifer’s plan he has to first flood each nation with people of different tribes. Then he gets the tribes to fight- civil war- break down the country- take away all cultural identity, everything that makes that country, tribe, unique. So Piet is used to take away your cultural identity. By turning a character that has nothing to do with race, race issues, and make it “offensive” and so to appease he will forever be changed. Assimilation of the Borg comes to mind. It is a shame that people can’t see this! They use people’s kindness and brotherly love against them. Well meaning people will destroy the culture just to be “politically correct”. Context is KEY because if they could see the BIGGER picture they would understand HOW they are being manipulated. The opposite is what needs to happen. People need to EMBRACE Black Piet. And that is ALL people of the Netherlands, black and white.

      2. Lou

        Hey dear Rosey, I wanted to send you a copy of a blog I read just now, but I don’t think I have enough information to do that. It’s written by a brilliant man named Stephen Jones. He is discussing a topic I
        think you will find exceedingly interesting and timely. His web site is “God’s Kingdom Ministries.”. He and I differ on many points, but I still respect him and I find him to be sincere, and on the topic at hand, unique and in my opinion, right as rain. I hope you check it out I’m certain it won’t be a waste of your time. Lou

    2. Lou

      Hey Lidy: Revelation 11:18 …..”God will destroy those who destroy the earth.” That number resolves to 11, and then to 2. Both 11 and two are exceedingly popular with Satanists, because in their way of thinking they both mean destruction, but to the Children of God, two is the number of the double witness. Revelation is the 66th and final book in the Bible. Eleven and sixty six is 77, which resolves to 14, and then to Grace. Five being the number of God’s Grace. There’s more to this I’m thinking, but I’m going buggy typing on my tablet so I’ll close with this, God’s Grace “trumps” anything the enemy can throw at us. Praise God! Lou

  2. KC

    Hello Rosette! I have learned so much from you. I love the clear to the point way you present articles. Are there any websites you recommend to learn more about the codes and symbols they use? I like being informed and have read most, if not all of your articles! Thank you for sharing.

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Aloha kc, nice to connect with you. There aren’t any articles or websites that I go to for this information. I basically pick it up from doing a ton of reading and then making connections through the writings. I studied the Tarot, basic numerology, Morals and Dogma, Manly Hall, Crowley… you just have to study their writings and you’ll pick up on things. Hope that helps. Mahalo, rosette

    1. Lou

      Here is something else interesting, Trump just recognized Jerusalem as the capital city of those liars claiming to be Jews…..Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, aka the cursed fig tree wanting to destroy the earth. Very criptic stuff for 99 % of the church……that’s why the Bible calls it Mystery Babylon. Lou

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      “Superman is the anti-Christ”. Says it all. Where that article wants to lead people. It is the opposite of truth. Superman IS Christ. Just as he is Christ in many other characters in film. He is “other worldly” because He is divine made flesh. Here to help save humanity. Just like Curtis Everett in Snowpiercer. Just like Mad Max. Just like Max in Elysium. BATMAN is the anti-Christ. He is ALL matter. Man through Crowley’s “force of will” trying to become like God. I did a decode on Batman V Superman you might want to check out.

  3. joanna

    Dear rosette and lidy, referring to your conversation on Piet and unified nations under the Lucifer…brings in mind pope’s plea to all European people to welcome and accommodate refugees from Syria. Now i understand why he does it, it is not from his kind heart, it is an agenda to make people blend from different tribes/cultures to make Eastern and Western people absorb each others cultures and make them become the same.
    Now, I am not against giving people shelter (quite the opposite), people who lose their homes to wars. My problem is that THEY create these wars with this agenda from the very beginning and make people lose their homes so they are constraint to search new home else where, And west is the best, right? Westernize people under the same pop idols, the same pope, make the western culture attractive, so all Eastern nations WANT to become a part of western culture. A perfect luciferian trick, make people WANT to be under this “invisible” control. Make it all shiny, glittery and appealing. everything rainbows and unicorns…it is so pretty so can”t be bad, right?
    When Syrian people started looking for shelter, Syria’s neighbors did not open their doors to suffering brothers. Wouldn’t it make more sense to accommodate Arabic people under another Arabic nation? But the neighbors’ boarders closed, so Syrians HAD to travel somewhere else.
    So sad and seems unstoppable…but God is winning every time!

  4. lidy

    Goodday joanna,
    when the first refugees arrived from Syria, they were all men. Only in my hometown there were hundreds welcomed in a temporary shelter, day after day. Then they were transported to asylum centers. As soon as they got a house they let their family come over, mostly by plane. But would a real man leave his family behind in a warzone? Does a real man flee and leave his family? So no, the people that came were no refugees. There are also stories that they came on an invitation and that they were promised a house and a nice job and so on. Some were very disappointed about the house they got. Too small for their family etc. etc. For refugees they showed spoilt behavior. So the question is: what did they, people like Soros and his organization, promise these men.

    With the ‘refugees’ from Syria came a lot of other nationalities. The refugeesbusiness has become big business, helas. Lots of money involved.

    Our governments are telling that we should invest in these newcomers in order to give our children a future. That is what I call a false perspective.
    Meanwhile our own citizens are falling into poverty and depend on charity for food and medical treatment. Many homeless people.

    It would indeed have been of more sense to accommodate arabic people in their region, but that is not according to the plans of the ruling elite.

    What they have in mind has nothing to do with common sense or logic. That’s why so many people don’t understand. They have no idea of these cults that are behind these phenomena. And indeed they seem unstoppable, but…..

    They can fool the people some time, but not all the time, joanna. The elite in their little network think that people outside that network are stupid, but they are not, maybe ignorant for a while, but times are changing.

  5. Lou

    Hey Ladies, God has the answer for the immigration debacle and it’s found in Isaiah 13:14. “Then shall every man turn to his own people, and flee every one into his own land.” Chapter 13 is all about the desolation of Babylon, read that, Mystery Babylon. I won’t quote the entire chapter but it’s pretty amazing. Jerusalem is called Sodom in Revelation, and I think a pretty good case can be made that it’s the capital of Mystery Babylon, and that its complete and final destruction is clearly tied to the fall of our current satanic system aka, Mystery Babylon. What could cause immigrants to run home by any means possible? Reparation payments is my guess. Lou

  6. lidy

    Hey Lou, I could cry with joy. What a wonderful way to learn about life and the true words of scripture. Thank you and all you wonderful people.

  7. Lou

    Dear Ladies, it’s just about an hour away from dawn here in Southeast Oklahoma and I’ve been up since five. I woke up thinking, as I always do, and this morning I was thinking of you……. Rosey, and Lidy and Joanna, and I was feeling grateful that I knew such kind and intelligent women. Women who seek the truth and aren’t afraid of telling it, or hearing it. That’s an exceedingly rare thing to find in young women, or old ones for that matter. The earth is a level plane not a girating planet. That is a very controversial statement, and if you add, under a dome, you are, in the minds of the world, a nut! But not here, not on this site. I guess I just wanted to say, hey, I love you, and thanks for loving me as you love yourselves, What a concept! Love God as He reveals Himself, as I’m sure you do, and we are really onto something. This didn’t turn out quite as poetic as I’d imagined it would, but I hope you get my drift. Love, Lou

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      I’ve been reading this lovely conversation but not inputting because you three are stating everything perfectly. I agree wholeheartedly on the immigration debacle. It is all put into play by the puppet master at the top pulling the strings that has rule over this dominion for a short time. The ones meant to see it do. Things will play out as they are meant to play out just like you quoted in Isaiah 13/14 lou. Lucifer uses our good hearts against us. Our willingness to help our fellow man. So he causes strife where none should be. The nations were meant to protect us. The mixing and breaking them down exposes us to the one world government all the more. But we need not turn our hearts to stone, we just need to understand how one that has a heart of stone, Lucifer, thinks. We ARE in an exciting time. His reign is almost over. We have the blessing of seeing how it was, and will appreciate all the more what is to come. Peace.

  8. Lou

    Paul said it best: faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love. Some day we will see Christ face to face and we will no longer need faith, someday we will live in the Kingdom of God, and hope will no longer be what sustains us, but love ,love, as another prophet, Buddy Holly, once brilliantly
    sang will…….. Not Fade Away, it will just keep growing. Then Paul goes on to list all the attributes of love, and I see those reflected in your site dear Rosey, and in your comments dear Lidy and in yours dear Joanna. But, not always in mine, I’m sorry to say, but it is my hope, and I have faith, that someday they will be evident in mine too. Love, Lou

  9. joanna

    Oh, it warms my heart to be able to share my ideas without judgement or (as it happens from my closest ones) without any calling me crazy;D
    Thank you lou for your kind words and rosette and lidy for the opportunity for great discussions.
    God is Love and I pray for the world, in whatever shape or form this PLANE is (wink wink), to experience it.
    Peace and Love friends

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Hello dear lidy, Thank you for the article. I did purchase that book but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. But I think his contention that Christianity started as a sex and drug cult is a complete fabrication and perversion.

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