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A Special Tribute to Rosette from Luke

Help Change the World!

There are several reasons why I’ve written this short tribute, first because it’s about a remarkable woman named Jacqueline Novogratz, doing her best to help others in need. It is quite uplifting and filled with inspiration! Something we can all appreciate. It also has the most amazing synchronicity ever!  Secondly, it just happens to tie in with our friend Rosette Delacroix and connecting them both by way of a simple sweater!

So please let me explain, not too long ago Rosette wrote on her blog that she was getting some very nasty comments from those wanting to criticize her work. Some very hurtful things were being written that she had to actually block from being posted for others to read. She said those critics were the very ones wanting to take her “finely woven, handmade sweater” and try to find any loose threads to pull and make the whole thing unravel.

I was left feeling very touched by that sentiment!  And I love her sweater metaphor!  Especially since she has been very kind to so many others including myself. Rosette has even invited and encouraged me to write my own debut article that I’ve already posted here on her blog. Never in a million years did I think I would ever get involved with doing such a thing!  She has also allowed me to continue, at my own leisure, to write more articles as I choose. So more are now in the works and coming later.

Well I too got just a tiny taste of some unkind criticism from certain people not agreeing with what I wrote in my first article. But that has been nothing compared to what Rosette has to endure on a regular basis! That also makes me think twice now about putting together my own blog. But I’ve also written this particular tribute as a way of me personally saying to Rosette a deeply heart felt Thank You for helping me to find my own way of sharing my info with others!

Now let me tell you all about that other remarkable lady, a kind soul helping change the world. Her name is Jacqueline Novogratz and she has a very special story to share!  And to all the naysayers, I hope you too, will find this article uplifting and with no cause for negativity!

When Jacqueline was a small girl she received the gift of a blue wool sweater. It had an African motif across the front – two zebras walking in front of a snowcapped mountain. A special gift that quickly became her prized possession. Jacqueline simply loved it so much she insisted on having her name sewn into the inside sweater’s neck. She went through elementary and middle school wearing it, feeling deeply attached since it was a gift from her beloved uncle Ed. That lasted until she reached her freshman year in high school and had by then outgrown the sweater.

One frustrating day she was approached by several school boys telling her how well that tight fitting sweater was showing her contours and how much they wanted to “climb that sweater’s mountain!”  She then rushed home feeling hurt and telling her mother of her ordeal.

Jacqueline’s mother told her it was time to simply let go of her sweater. So they could either just toss it in the trash, which Jacqueline felt was a shameful thing to do, or better to give it to the local Goodwill. They opted for the latter and gave the sweater away to their neighborhood Goodwill store.

So fast forward 10 years later…..Jacqueline was twenty five and while jogging through the hilly streets of Kigali, Ruwanda, she noticed a small, scrawny African boy. He caught her attention with his wearing an oversized blue sweater. It was tattered with holes and dirty,  reaching well below the boy’s knees. A sad sight for Jacqueline but the boy seemed so content in wearing it. Still it was a painful reminder for Jacqueline that there are others in the world that have very little to sustain them. But it was also just then that another thought struck her – so she ran over to the boy and grabbed him by the collar and turned it over. And there it was, her name inside the neck!  Yes, it was her blue sweater!

Quite an amazing synchronicity, wouldn’t you say?!  The poor piece of cloth had made it’s complex journey all the way from Alexandria, Virginia to Kigali, Ruwanda. And Jaqueline has since said she uses that moment as her own powerful metaphor to show us how interconnected we are. How our actions – and inaction – can touch people we might never know, never meet, everyday of our lives, all around the world. And like with Rosette, another perfect sweater metaphor!  So let’s also consider here the impact the internet has when we can quickly connect with others, that we have never even met, all around the world.

Such wonderful people I’ve never met, but much like Rosette, I now know them as Nathalie, Lidy, Downtown Julie, Lola, Joanna, Andrejka, Lou and others. They’re all a small but regular and mighty group of contributors to Rosette’s blog. And it’s through their questions, comments and concerns that I have learned so much!  Great Thanks to You All!

As for Jacqueline Novogratz, in 2001 she became the Founder and CEO of Acumen, a non-profit global venture capital fund whose goal is to use entrepreneurial approaches to address global poverty. “We would not make tiny loans to women, but would invest hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in enterprises that applied to reach at least a mission customers. My passion was using business models to create effective, sustainable systems where government or charity alone had failed poor people”.

In 2009 she published her book The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World.  And it still continues today to leave it’s impact on millions around the world. The book is rich in amusing and touching anecdotes of Jaqueline’s myriad encounters in third world countries.

Along with her entrepreneurial efforts aiding poverty, some of her other accomplishments include having lived with some of the most impoverished families in different parts of Africa. And helping so many survivors after the bloody geneocide in Ruwanda. She paid a special visit to Agnes, an inmate at Kigali’s Central Prison in Ruwanda. Agnes was accused of being a perpetrator of the geneocide. She had made incendiary speeches, urging Hutu men to kill the Ruwandan Tutsis and inciting women to encourage their husbands to work harder in their murderous acts. Agnes, a born leader, serves as a reminder that power corrupts on an equal opportunity basis. She had traded her integrity for power.

So Jacqueline’s story is richly composed of the stories of many others, the extraordinary people who have shaped her life. They came from all corners of the world—a Cambodian monk who lived his entire life in a mud hut in Africa. Some very poor Kenyan women dancing with joy in their own huts.  A genocide survivor who fought back to claim her life again with just 4 liters of milk. And a little girl who had lost her home in Pakistan.

“Spending my weekends wandering the hillsides of Rio, talking to whomever I met in the favelas or slums. Though I felt people staring at me, some with anger in their eyes, I wanted to know this country, not just its wealthy places. The chasm between rich and poor was stunning. I’d never experienced such povery alongside such wealth before, and I’d never felt such a strong desire to make a difference or felt so fully alive”

Helping the world’s disadvantaged was always Jacqueline’s destiny, she just didn’t know how she was going to do it. So she just dove in with her heart and let her work in those third world countries show her the rest of the way.

She did return to Ruwanda 20 years after she first arrived, to see how the country had changed and try to understand the genocide that took the lives of 800,000 people in 100 days in 1994. She found that some colleagues had died, yet another had become a perpetrator of the violence, and others had lost everything. The stories were shocking and heartbreaking, and left her with new questions about human behavior.

Despite the tragedy, Jacqueline remains optimistic and still believes in the interconnectedness of people around the world as much as ever! “We have only one world for all of us on Earth and the future is really ours to create, in a world we dare to imagine together”, she concludes.

So this is just a short story I feel strongly about sharing. And again, it’s a way for me to thank my dear friend Rosette. Through our own connecting, a true synchronicity for sure, she has found in me the dormant voice that was afraid to speak up, afraid to share with others. She kindly gave to me the opportunity to start writing!  And in turn, I have found in her, my own blue sweater!

Rich Blessings to You All, Luke

You can also watch this short clip of Jacqueline Novogratz describing her experiences:


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7 responses on “A Special Tribute to Rosette from Luke

  1. Allen Metzger

    Thank You Rose!!!!!!!!!
    Happy THANKS for your love of GIVING. I have been propelled to higher and wider spaces of awareness because of your gift of decoding.
    Love to you and yours.

    1. rosette delacroix

      Awe! Thank you al! It’s people like you that make me want to do more. Write more. Expose more. Looking on the bright side of what THEY do, what I can say, they made me more aware of my world, have more discerning eyes, and above all were the catalyst in connecting me with like minded souls like you al. For that I am grateful. I used to think I was alone in the world. I always wondered, where are the people like me? So if it wasn’t for my awakening, I wouldn’t have connected to all you lovely people. With that said, I don’t condone THEIR work ever. But what I wish, in a perfect world, is that THEY see their evil ways and have a change of HEART. That’s the true battleground. Christ showed us this by pointing to HIS heart. Heart ~ Earth. Best regards, rosette

  2. rosette delacroix

    So I first read luke’s article while I was at work and this is my reply slightly edited for clarity:

    luke, Well I have to tell you, you made me cry TWICE! And I’m at work! ha ha. I should have known to wait until I got home! What a sweet sweet soul you are luke! I adore you. What a very special person you are and you have really touched me let me tell you. Your email here was enough. THAT was so touching! But the article, well, just the best ever! And how you added our little group I know they will be so pleasantly surprised! YOU are a thread in MY blue sweater luke! Just like each of our dear friends are on here. And it is a breath of fresh air to focus on the good that people do. This lady jacqueline is amazing! And to get off of the negativity that is so so rampant, especially on the internet! And I always had faith in you! I knew you could write an exceptional article and I didn’t doubt for one second that it was going to be anything less than excellent! You showed that in your comments already. And did you see your Dots article? Over 2,700 views now! 😀

    Now I hope you don’t mind ME sharing one of your quotes as well. When the blue sweater article is published I’d like to add your story that you relayed to me above about queenie in the park. That one is so touching as well! And it shows how YOU touch people all the time luke! You do have a wonderful way with people! I mean just ask Carlos! And your lovely Aunt! People WANT you around luke. You are one of those people with a special spark that brings out the best of the ones you come in contact with.

    And OH MY GOSH on the Ida McKinley anagram! ha ha! I would say that one is very accurate! I think they would poop their pants if they knew!💩 Or maybe they did and didn’t think someone was clever enough to discover it? They do live in a world of anagrams. ha ha.

    And thank you for understanding the criticism. You don’t even know. I get it on YouTube as well. Here’s how I see them, either 1) ignorant 2) an egoist 3) a troll or 4) a Lucifierian. Now they can be any combination of those. Just categorizing them has helped me. So if I read a mean comment I think, well that person is a complete number one and seems to be part number two as well! hee hee. But then on the OTHER side we have 1) a truth seeker 2) an open person 3) one that cares about the spirit not material world 4) believers in Christ. Now the power of THESE people overpower the former a hundred to one! It’s amazing how that works! So YOU dear luke have added to that power a hundred fold today with your kind words. Be the change you want to see in the world. You ARE literally. 💝

    And HERE is the lovely story luke relayed about queenie. She, like jacqueline, like luke, like you dear readers that have become a part of our little group of truth seekers, is another like kind soul trying to make this world a better place. THIS is the true spirit of Christ in action.

    Here’s something else you’ll appreciate knowing, what I wrote has quite a synchronicity to it! It will really capture you! Let me tell you this much, last year while I was in downtown Atlanta Centennial Park, I met a young Asian gal name Queenie. I noticed she had been sitting in the park for 3 days with a small setup of photos. Very beautiful ones she had taken from all around the world. I asked her how much she was selling them for & she said they were not for sale but she was just giving them away. She only asked in return for a photo that I tell her a story! I thought what? For the entire 3 days she had been giving the photos away & collecting stories from anyone wanting a photo. That simple. She said I could tell her anything I wanted, just hopefully it would be something she could learn from, that’s all. So I thought, well if I tell that poor Asian gal one of my MK Ultra sagas it will surely scare her all the way back to China. Then it dawned on me, I told her all about a lady from Virginia & her amazing synchronicity. Well Queenie wrote it all down as I was telling her the story. When I finished, she just looked at me with tears in her eyes & then gave me a big hug. She said of all the stories she had collected, mine was the absolute best! And it was truly something she could learn from, and would certainly tell others!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone, big big virtual hugs, with love~ rosette

  3. Lola

    Hello Dear Rosie,
    What a wonderful tribute! I do remember quite well the day you left your comment about your hand made sweater! It too left me feeling so sad for you! But bless dear Luke, putting together all of this for you! And I simply can not believe Jacqueline finding her beloved sweater again! Can you Rosie? So please, do tell me, just what went through your mind as you were reading about her reuniting with her sweater? That is true providence, it simply must be!
    I am telling all my friends and neighbors about it. I have watched Jacqueline’s video several times now with my daughters and a few neighbors. I will continue to tell more here about it too. I just wish the whole world could know and appreciate this lady’s fine work!
    Well I wish you dear Rosie and Luke and all the others here the most sincere blessings!
    Love, Lola

    1. rosette delacroix

      I loved jacqueline’s story and the lovely gal in the park as well! Both were very touching! It just shows that there are a lot of wonderful people out there making a difference. I read a comment recently (can’t remember exactly where) apologizing for some Christians being rude to people who were not. This lady said that is not the way to be a Christian, the way to be a Christian is THROUGH GOOD WORKS. Talking the talk is not enough, you have to walk the walk. And walking the walk is by making other’s lives BETTER. By touching their hearts! THAT is the way to be a Christian. So even if someone doesn’t consider themselves a “Christian” they are if they are doing things to better humanity. THAT is what it’s all about. That’s why Christ didn’t want churches built. He didn’t want to be worshipped. That’s why he pointed to his HEART. Letting US know THAT is where it’s at. The true battle is in our HEARTS. Doing good for others is from the heart. The sweater lady is of the heart. The park lady is of the heart. luke is of the heart! And YOU are of the heart dear lola! Your comments are kind and uplifting and HELP me and others. Take care dear one~ rosette

  4. Downtown Julie Brown

    What a lovely tribute to you Rosette!
    So I have to tell you this was also the perfect thing for me to read. Since this year I’ve had to deal with some rather difficult stress in my life. My husband passed away and my son was in a serious accident. And all of that has left me feeling so down and depressed. But when I read here about another soul losing her prized sweater only to find it again, being worn by a small impoverished child, like wow!
    And a child much less fortunate than myself, that pretty much puts things in a better perspective. Wouldn’t you say Rosette?
    So I’m moving forward with more hope and certainly gratitude. Grateful for all the good I still have left in my life! I’ll be spending Christmas with my daughter in Seattle and while there I’ll be savoring all that good!
    I have also found the perfect gift to give to others this Christmas, what else but a copy of the book The Blue Sweater! Such a divine synchronicity for sure!
    Anyway, I do wish our small group of regulars here and everyone else, a very joyous holiday with loving cheer!
    Julie <3

    1. rosette delacroix

      I am so sorry for your loss dear Julie! You hide it very well. On here you are very chipper. I hope we were able to take you away from the grief for short periods. I had a loss of someone very close to me last year. And although the pain is still there, it is not as sharp. And THANK GOD your son made it through his accident! The worst thing that can happen to a mother! I am relieved you have family to be with during Christmas. The support is so key to getting through the holidays. Much love to you and your family Julie and big big hugs. <3

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