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Hell-Fire Clubs, Knights Templar and First Ladies in Drag Decoded

So my last article was on the caves and their relation to the Hell-Fire Clubs. And in looking at those clubs we found they have been around for hundreds of years. Possibly even thousands, to the very beginning, however we only have record from as far back from at least the 1600’s. BUT even the 1600’s shows us that they are NOT NEW. This was even before the US became a nation.

Now if these clubs are not new and they do all these crazy things like murder people for fun (The Mohocks), mock religion in every way possible (Abbey of Theleme- anti-church) and even have sex clubs (Medmenham Friars) then a CROSS-DRESSING CLUB fits right in. Well there was one. It was called The Mollies Club! So the members of the Mollies would get together and dress up in women’s clothing.

Now the Mollies share a similarity to the Jesuits of the time. The Jesuits are the ones that first started stage performances or “theater”. And when they put on these performances all roles were played by men. That would include any female characters in the stories. There were no women actors. The men played the role of the women as well. Professor Walter Veith has an excellent presentation on Jesuit Theater. I will leave a link below.

Now the Jesuits are connected to the Masons and we know a number of the Founding Fathers were Masons. We also know that Benjamin Franklin was a member of the Hell-Fire clubs. So you can see how they are all connected.

And if we look back to the charges against the Knights Templars and their Grand Knight, Jacques DeMolay, we can see a connection as well. DeMolay and his men were brought up on charges of blasphemy and sodomy by the Pope. So men with men. And we know that Jacques DeMolay is celebrated among Masons and they even have a youth group for young men, ages 12 to 21 called the Order of the DeMolay.

So if your group is charged with sodomy would you use two men on the same horse as your emblem if it wasn’t true? And then notice the skull and bones of the KT. KT are the initials for Knights Templar. And who were members of Skull and Bones? Well we know Senator John Kerry and George Bush Jr., our 43rd President, were.

George Washington was a Mason FIRST and THEN the first President! The plaque reads, “George Washington, Freemason and First President.” Not First President and Freemason second. But no President should be a Freemason PERIOD because the only oath they are supposed to swear to is their country and the constitution.

So what does that tell us? So we know George Washington was a Mason and we know George Bush was a Skull and Bonesman, what about the other Presidents? What do they have to do with the Mollies Club? So let’s look at the President’s and their “wives” and see what it reveals.

So much attention has been put on Michelle Obama like she is the first man in drag to “grace” the White House, but in actuality it appears that the position of the “First Lady” has been “played” by a man from when our country first began.

But before we go there, lets look at this photo of President Barack Obama and his wife. First notice how tall Michelle is. You can see she’s almost the same height as Barack. Him being 6’1″ and her being 5’11”. How many women do you know that are 5’11”? And that’s what ladies do, adjust their crotch.

1789 – 1797

So this is supposed to be a portrait of Martha Washington on our left. And here we have George on the right. To me, they not only BOTH look like males, but they look like they are related by blood! Now we know the Blue Bloods are famous for intermarrying to keep their blood line pure. I would say these two are at least cousins.

Here’s some more… to me it looks like two males posing.

Deuteronomy 22:5 states, ” A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this.

Now the Mason’s god is NOT the Prime Creator. It is Lucifer. So they will do everything they can to mock God and to invert. So if God says men should not wear women’s clothing than to be a good little Luciferian, THEY will wear women’s clothing.

This is Abigail Smith Adams. To me this one is so obviously NOT a female. Total man in drag.

1797 – 1801

This is supposed to be a portrait of Abigail Smith Adams as well, and one of her husband John, although “she” looks different than the previous. But since these are paintings who is to say which are the true likeness? What we can say is that BOTH look like men regardless.

1801 – 1809

A great example of different paintings supposedly being the same person are these of Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States.

And here… do these look like the same person?

Now this one is supposed to be Martha Jefferson Randolph, the third daughter of Thomas Jefferson, who’s mother died in 1782 when Martha was 33 years old. Martha assumed the role of “first lady”. And 33 being one of the most important numbers to the Masons.

This looks like a dude in drag to me. She looks more like his third son than his daughter. Now remember that the Luciferians like to raise their children as the opposite sex. Was this the case here?

1809 – 1817

Here we have James Madison and his wife, Dolley Payne Madison. Somewhat believable as a woman in her younger portrait…

But what about here? Look at the prominent nose and chin, very manly features.

1817 – 1825

Here is our 5th President, James Monroe and his First Lady, which was his daughter, Elizabeth Kortright Monroe. So far, this one is the first not so clear cut, as to if she is a male or female. But we didn’t have a good selection of paintings to look at so we could say inconclusive.

1825 – 1829

But if we look at the 6th FLOTUS, First Lady of the United States, I see a man in drag again.

Louisa Adams, but I would say more like Louis Adams. “Her” husband John Quincy Adams on the right.

1829 – 1837

Here is FLOTUS Emily Donelson Jackson and her husband Andrew Jackson. Now when I look at these two I think of Halloween. These two look like they dressed up for a costume party. Andrew dressed as Count Dracula and Emily as an ugly girl.

Andrew was supposed to be one of the “good” Presidents. He was against forming a central bank. But if his wife was really a man, which is a possibility here, than it would show he was a part of their club. Remember, the controllers give us our enemies and our “heroes”. They control both sides.

So this is Hannah Van Buren’s parents. Don’t they look like the same person? One in regular street clothes, one in drag? Same nose, same mouth, and the mother actually has more of a square jaw than the father.

1837 – 1841

The 8th President Martin Van Buren and his First Lady Hannah. Not the clearest image but you can notice their height from it. Hannah is the same height as Martin. And we know on average women are shorter than men.


Next is William Henry Harrison who was President for only one month before he died.

And here is his wife Anna Symmes Harrison. Same dark eyes. The eyes look so similar don’t they? Isn’t that odd?

And this is supposed to be her too. A cleft chin? Women don’t have cleft chins, or if they do it is a highly unique feature. If you stuck this face on a male body with a suit and tie and took off the bonnet you wouldn’t even blink twice. You would just assume “male”.

1841 – 1845

The 10th President was John Tyler, pictured here, with a portrait of his wife Letitia. This First Lady actually looks feminine to me.

1845 – 1849

James Polk and Sarah Childress Polk.

1849 – 1850

Zachary Taylor , who died in office, and his wife Margaret Smith Taylor. Margaret has manly features.

1850 – 1853

Millard and Abigail Filmore. Can’t tell so much here…

But in these two portraits of Abigail, to me she looks very masculine.


1853 – 1857

Franklin Pierce and Jane Appleton Pierce. Looks female to me. I guess this was before the cameraman would say, “say cheese!”

1857 – 1861

James Buchanan- the only President who never married. And considered the worst President. Why? Because he didn’t have a FLOTUS in drag?

1861 – 1865

Here’s Abraham Lincoln, who died in office, and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln. Who looks more like a Todd than a Mary.

1865 – 1869

Andrew Johnson and Eliza Johnson. These two remind me of George and Martha Washington, they have a strong resemblance to each other and frankly Eliza looks like Andrew in drag. The portrait is not very kind. It makes it appear as if Eliza has a  five o’clock shadow. Her nose is very prominent for a female as is her jaw.

1869 – 1877

Ulysses Grant and Julia Dent Grant. She could be a dude in drag to me. She has masculine features and wide shoulders.

1877 – 1881

Rutherford Hayes and Lucy Webb Hayes. Now although she doesn’t look male to me, Rutherford IS doing the Hidden Hand. So although she might not be a he, Rutherford is letting us know that HIS first allegiance is not to the people but to the Masons, just like his predecessor George.


James Garfield, who died in office, is ALSO doing the Hidden Hand. And on the right is a photo of his wife Lucretia. In her photo she looks feminine to me.

But in these two portraits she looks like a male.

1881 – 1885

Chester Arthur and his wife Ellen Lewis Arthur. She looks female.

1885 – 1889

Grover Cleveland and Frances Folsom Cleveland. To me she looks female.

1889 – 1893

Benjamin Harrison and Caroline Scott Harrison. Caroline looks more like a Scott than a Caroline.

Here is another photo of her. Either she is a male or a very masculine looking female.

Grover Cleveland 1893 – 1897 22nd and 24th President.

1897 – 1901

William McKinley, who died in office, and his wife Ida McKinley. Now Ida to me totally looks like a man in drag. They look about the same height and build as well.

Again William on the left and Ida on the right.

Around this time other photos of men in drag appeared. Look at this one. These ARE men. Ida would fit right in with them.

1901 – 1909

Theodore Roosevelt with his wife Edith Kermit Roosevelt. Now I believe she is female.

1909 – 1913

And next is William Taft and his wife Helen Herron Taft.

To me Helen looks female, however most women do not have clefts in their chin, so that is a little suspicious.

1913 – 1921

And Woodrow Wilson with his first wife Ellen Axson Wilson. Notice she has a cleft chin too. What are the odds?

And here is Woodrow with his second wife Edith.

Hard to tell! She has a feminine figure but her face could pass for a man.

Here are some more men in drag from around that era. So you can see it was still going on and with the use of make-up and costumes they can hide the masculine features pretty well.

1921 – 1923

William Harding, who died in office, and his wife Florence Kling Harding. Now she has the stature of a female.

But in the close-ups she looks like a man. So could she just be a petite man?

1923 – 1929

Calvin Coolidge and his wife Grace.

The face is questionable…

But to me, here in this shot, she is the one on the farthest left, she looks like a petite woman.

Here is a cross-dressing couple from around that era. If we put him in a wig, shaved his mustache and put some make-up on him could he pass for a woman? Probably.

1929 – 1933

Herbert Hoover and his wife Lou. Now Lou looks like a Lou to me. She has a very masculine face.

In this shot if you only saw the heads you would think “two males”.

Look at her close-up on the right. She TOTALLY looks like a man to me.

1933 – 1945

Franklin Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor. We learn they are distant cousins and there were rumors she was a lesbian. Notice how she appears taller than Franklin here.

Was this one an arranged marriage? It reminds me of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Eleanor looks like a dude in the close-up to the right.

And in these two photos…

Here is another pic from that era of men dressing as women for some sort of stage performance.

1945 – 1953

And here we have Harry and Bess Truman. Now I believe Bess is a female.

Although she has somewhat masculine features.

1953 – 1961

Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower. They looked like a cute couple when they were first married.

But Mamie didn’t age as well as Ike. But still, I would say she is female.

Here is a cross dressing club from the late ’50’s.

1961 – 1963

John Kennedy, who died in office, and his wife, Jackie Bouvier Kennedy. Now some think she was a male but I don’t think so. She doesn’t have masculine features.

She is smaller than John, doesn’t have a prominent nose or chin like a man.

The movie Some Like It Hot came out in 1959, starring Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon. Do they pass a females?

 And the movie featured Marilyn Monroe who would later be tied with JFK.

1963 – 1969

Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson. To me Lady Bird is female.


Feminine features and petite compared to her husband.

Here is a cross dressing club in New York in the late ’60’s, getting together for a dinner.

1969 – 1974

Richard and Pat Nixon. To me this one is questionable. Pat is an androgynous name. She has masculine features, a strong jaw and prominent nose.

And on the sitcom Bosom Buddies, the character of Hildegard, played by Peter Scolari, seems to be taken from her. Notice his hair is the same color and style as Pat’s.

1974 – 1977

Gerald and Betty Ford. To me she is female.

Here are a couple more pics of them.

1977 – 1981

Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn. Again a female FLOTUS.

Here is a semi current photo of the two of them.

IN ’82 we had Tootsie, Dustin Hoffman in drag. Notice her hair is the same color and a similar style to Rosalynn’s.

1981 – 1989

Next in office was Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy. Nancy is female.

This was around the time “glam” rock was popular with bands like Twisted Sister. Notice they are not called Twisted Brother.

And here Nancy and Ron are in masonic black and white. Notice the ladders of freemasonry on each side and the “black hole sun” in the center.

1989 – 1992

George H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara Pierce Bush. Now Barbara looks like a man. This is the first First Lady that I actually thought looked like a man even before I was awake. She just always looked “off” to me.

This shot reminds me of the movie Three Men and a Baby, except its two men a baby and three little ones.

Just a lot of weird speculation behind the Bush’s. We had Prescott Bush help fund the Nazi’s and actually charged for treason for doing so. George Senior was head of the CIA before becoming President. Barbara’s mother Pauline went to Europe, hung out with Crowley and his wife and came back pregnant. Speculation that it was actually Crowley’s.

There is a resemblance. But who can say for sure.

It was a very odd and unemotional response when Barbara talked about her dead baby here. Which leads to the speculation she is under some sort of MK Ultra program.

She does do the notorious “shhhhh” hand sign meaning she is a keeper of the secrets. And the polka dots are a symbol for sodomy.

1993 – 2001

Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton here with the Trumps. Well I don’t think Hillary is a male but I DO think she is a lesbian, like Eleanor Roosevelt was.

I believe theirs was also an arranged marriage. Hillary is a RODHAM. Rodham is a Rodman or Man of Rod, or Nimrod. I believe she is from the direct line of Nimrod and that’s why they put the two together.

Here they are doing the “shhhhh” just like their pal Barbara.

And here is Bill under mind control…I DO think Hillary is his handler.

And back to our man in drag theme, notice another Rodham, or Rodman, Dennis, who dresses in drag.

And here… isn’t he… purty?

2001 – 2009

After Clinton we have George Bush Junior here with his wife Laura Welch Bush. I believe Laura is female.

Here are her and George in their younger years…

And Laura with her “mother” in-law. Although Barbara is shorter, look how much bigger her head is than Laura’s. And Barbara has a much more prominent jaw line.

2009 – 2017

Now after Laura Bush it appeared to be “go” time when Barack and Michelle came to the White House.

He calls her Michael at times, NOT Michelle. Now how many people do you know that slip up and call their wives another name that is similar to theirs but is a male name? Huh? Like never. If she really was a female he would NEVER call her Michael!

And “Michelle” really likes laying down the devil’s horns. Notice her doing it on these three magazine covers. One is called “Chasing Light”. Is that a reference to the “lord of light”? Another name for Lucifer?

Michelle made an appearance on the Ellen show. Notice how much taller and bigger she is compared to Ellen.

And another time when she came for a visit her and Ellen did a dance. It appears Michelle has some extra bits bouncing around in the front.

Decide for yourself and watch this clip.

Extra bits… it is not normal to “adjust” female body parts.

And if you had extra bits you would think she would adjust it better? Is it that hard to keep it under control? Do they WANT us to know Michelle is really Michael? I would say yes. They are going from covert to overt these days. Ramping up their agenda to finish their Great Work.

And here you can see that Michelle has the masculine shoulder features of both Venus and Serena Williams who are allegedly males living as females.

Here Michelle is on the Jimmy Fallon show. Notice how they look like TWO men in drag. Similar height, similar build. Are they mocking us?

And here with Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell, three guys acting like girls. All members of the Mollies Club? I wouldn’t be surprised.

2017 to present

And in 2017 we got our second actor President, or I should say, officially known as an actor. We had Ronald Reagan, but really ALL the Presidents are actors. And now we have Donald Trump. Remember his show called The Apprentice?

He is one of the most blatant President’s in showing his allegiance to the Masons. He does the downward triangle hand sign on every occasion possible. The downward triangle is the water element. Water is the element of the left, the Left Hand Path and associated with the moon. As above, so below. He is doing the “so below”.

He does the 666, omega hand sign as well as the “L”, among others. Watch this short clip I made on his doing the “L” before he was elected President. L is 3 in numerology and when you do two “L” hands signs you are symbolically showing 33.

Now his wife is named Melania. And if you switch the letters around in Melania you get “I an male” or “I am male”.

Remember that Michelle is 5’11” which is very tall for a female. Well Melania is 5’11” as well.  Obama is 6’1″ and Trump is 6’2″.

Now around this time we had Bruce Jenner come out as they called it “transgender”. So we have a play on HIS name as well. Jenner- Gender. BUT he kept his bits, so what is he really? Just a man in drag. And we can see that the controllers are pushing this idea because they named an obvious dude the Woman of the Year in one of their magazines. Remember we showed Michelle on the cover of several doing her devil’s horn hand sign, so you can see where these magazine editor’s allegiance lies.

They show us in plain sight how they can take one of the most masculine males in history, Bruce, who was an Olympic athlete, and dress him as a glamorous female.

What I found interesting, and I haven’t seen anyone else mention this so far, is that Bruce and Melania look like they could be “sisters”! They have the same hair, the same eyebrows, eyes, nose and even jaw line!

So COULD Melania be a male? Could this be two males kissing?

Does former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani look confused?

I would say hardly, since he likes to dress in drag and hang out with his buddy Trump.

Now we have other examples of hiding the possibility of their spouses being men in their names. Let’s look at a couple. We have David Bowie and his wife Iman. Iman is “I man” short for “I am a Man.” Notice Iman is taller than her hubby.

And Bowie, like Giuliani, liked to cross dress. He did here on one of his album covers.

And here as Ziggy Stardust, his alter ego.

And here we have George Clooney and his wife Amal. Notice in her name we have “a mal” short for “a male”. We have a theme going on. Notice she appears taller than HER hubby.

And she has the hips of a male.

And George, just like Bowie, dressed in drag as well. Here is George in the film The Harvest, from 1994. And George has similar hips to Amal.

And is Vanity Fair giving us truth in plain sight? Notice it says, “First Lady” with a question mark. More mockery. And here, a family portrait, with Donald doing the downward triangle.

So what do you think? Is there ample circumstantial evidence that some of the First Lady’s could be men in drag? That this is an age old club that has been going on for hundreds of years but just now is coming to light?It appears that way to me. But you be the judge.

All things will be revealed.

Here is my YouTube version:

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10 responses on “Hell-Fire Clubs, Knights Templar and First Ladies in Drag Decoded

  1. Lou

    As far as I know I’m the only male Christian that objects to being called the bride of Christ. And when I quote God’s Law on the subject I get blank stares. I’ve even had discussions with an expert on the Law. He insists the women will be sons and the men will be brides. He sees no conflict in his position. He also refuses to even consider a level plane under a dome. Its very frustrating.

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Women will be sons and the men will be brides. Sounds so inverted to me! Do you have the passage in the Bible where it discusses this lou? I’d like to take a look at it.

  2. Luke Aspen

    Well I also object to being called a “bride of Christ!”
    And Rosette, I love all the research you did going all the way back to the 1600’s!
    I mean Lou Hoover & Ida McKinley look mighty manly to me!
    In fact I found this anagram: IDA MCKINLEY = MAINLY DICK
    Not only that but I also did a long anagram question that 9 times out of 10 I get what I call the perfect anagram answer!
    Check this out: SO IS IDA MCKINLEY REALLY A MAN IN DRAG? I found my perfect anagram answer, word for word, letter for letter: I’D SAY SO! CLEAR LINK IN A GIRLY-MADE MAN! Is that not weird or what??!!
    Rosette, you’ve got me doing these anagrams every day, can’t stop!! So I can now take any person, place or thing & simply pose my long question & I will get my anagram answer. I’ve found so many they are starting to pile up!
    Famous names like Bill Clinton, Jim Carey, Anthony Hopkins, Oprah, Kevin Spacey, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie etc. I just write out my detailed question like I did for Ida McKinley & I find my anagram answer! And it gets very creepy because the answer describes that particular person & something about the stuff they are hiding!!!! AND all the famous names I just listed, they ALL came out as the perfect anagram. All the letters are used!!! So how can that be?? Kinda like magic how it works! I just write out the first question that pops into my head, like for Ida, and it formats perfectly!
    Penny for your thoughts?

  3. Lou

    My understanding, as I wrote in my very first communications to you, is men make up the Body of Christ, and women make up the Bride of Christ. I base that on the Law that forbids men dressing as women. The mystery of the marriage of Christ to His Church is not in doubt, its the insistence that men are part of the Bride, that upsets me. I believe, after reading your work, the church has been deceived and purposely corrupted by those who currently rule us. Here are some scriptures: Romans 8:19- Ephesians 5:32- Revelation 7:1-4- Revelation 14:1-5-Revelation 21:9- Revelation 22:17. You might want to also look at Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9. Those two verses convinced me to give up being a Zionist. This is just off the top of my head, it’s a complicated subject, but I bet once you look at this you’ll find the cross dressers have been very successful at destroying our churches, including hyping the Rapture doctrine, and the spinning ball earth, and men as the Bride. My friend the Law expert Romans 8:19 to insist we are all sons. I think Children is a more accurate translation. Lou

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      I agree lou. We are most definitely Children. We are here for a time to learn. And with God being so careful to make a man a man and a woman a woman and any mixing is an abomination but then calling men “brides”? I agree. That doesn’t sit right. I haven’t had a chance to study this or read the scriptures you cite but I will when time permits. I appreciate your insights on the subject. Others are welcome to chime in here as well! Maybe they can add more clarity to our discussion.
      take care~ rosette

  4. Andrejka

    Yes, thank you for bringing this up. I too have been following the elite gender inversion aka “transinvestigatio ns” or transpocalypse on YT and FB.. Often it seems what appears in Hellywierd to be a dewy eyed female is a male bred in vitro with hormones (you blogged here I think about bull worship for the testes…and mares urine was used to transgender males to females), Gender inversion to worship lucifer or whatever seems to have been going on since antiquity. In Egypt that ruler Akhenaten 18th dynasty pharaoh had a mans’ face and a womans’ hips. Back to modern day, when I look past the strategic shadows (scarves, glasses, hands, choker necklaces) and twisted angled poses I find the manly broad shoulders that could host three heads, and find the inevitable square jaw, thick tranny neck, straight up and down hips, straight up and down thighs, adams apple (Marilyn and all major females) and long arms, among other things. While there may be real females in the above, they probably had to sacrifice their kids (if they procreate or acquire children) into the cult. By the way, I am a woman with a little bit of a cleft chin..Also, when we see freemasonic symbols and people everywhere, how do you cope? This is freaking me out. There is not one movie I can enjoy with a free conscience, tv shows (even Agatha Christi mysteries have trannies galore), cooking shows, nor popular or classical musician/composer, comedian…even christian pastors are in on this…I have been reading classic literature and the freemasons appear regularly (Moby Dick, Captains Courageous, the Man Who Would be King, the Phantom of the Opera, and more…So far I have not found anything in Jane Austen though I suspect she was gender inverted. As was Emily Bronte. If you look at illustrations of these authors or of the depictions of :the females in their books, they look like transvestites in period costumes. I guess this infestation of the illuminati into everything makes one keep entertainment very local… What do you do for fun after learning all this?

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      andrejka you just have to see it differently. That you now have the gift to see it is a GOOD thing. You can discern. You are empowered. You can help others see. It is what it is. KNOWING gives us a firm footing to do something about it. ~rosette

  5. child of jahowah

    David Bowie is female – notice “his” hips during his almost-nude reveal scene in “The Man Who Fell To Earth” (the story of Lucifer, reimagined as an androgynous alien, dropped from the sky). David’s co-star, Candy Clark (fake name, double C, 33 in numerology) went on record as saying David was “very nervous” during his nude scenes with crew present – a little intel drop from one of the dupers.
    David, interestingly, went bald fast, like many FtMs. “Ain’t got no money and I ain’t got no hair”, Bowie remarked in “Ashes To Ashes”, as (s)he collapsed under deception and addiction. Wigs, then expert hair plugs, carried David into the 90s.
    The Hollywood satanist division is built off of the Kenneth Anger, Dennis Hopper, David Lynch set – obviously. Their children are all serious junkies, entitled sociopaths and dumb, dumb, dumb. The rattled, crazy children are what I deduce will make this satanist effort combust and reveal itself at an inopportune time. Inopportune for them.

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