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Jupiter Ascending Decoded

On the surface this looks like a cute little Cinderella story; poor girl cleaning toilets finds out she is royalty and gets saved by an interstellar prince; however, if we look through the layers we can see what is really being promoted here.

Let’s look at the title, Jupiter Ascending. Now Jupiter is traditionally the planet of Zeus, King of the Gods. But here, they have Jupiter in a feminine aspect, ascending or… rising. So she is the equivalent of Lucifer Rising but in the feminine aspect, so basically Lillith Rising.

So what does this mean actually? Well, we live in a duality here on Earth. There is Yin and Yang energy, sun and moon, day and night etc. Now the sun energy is the “giving” energy and the moon is the “receiving” energy. This is also represented by the phallus (male) and the obelisk (female). The “giving” energy, gives life and the “receiving” energy takes it. This whole system is made to be in balance. “Everything in its proper place,” like Mason says in Snowpiercer. So the left handers are trying to invert the proper order. They know we are in a time of the Christ returning, the good “giving” energy, but they don’t want this. They want to invert our system. They want the bad “receiving” energy to rule. This is represented by the Baphomet. The main proponents of the left energy are people such as Aleister Crowley, Robert and Mary DeGrimston, Joseph Mengele and Michael Aquino. Aquino likes his name to be pronounced A-Queen-O. So you can see his allegiance right in his name.

In The Minions movie there was a subtle “shout out” to the left. On the license plate of the taxi it had the numbers 89 and the letters “Qi’ Then the TV commentator mentions the “89th” annual Villain Con event. Qi is 89 in numerology. So you have Qi energy tripled. Qi energy is the feminine version of the Chi energy. Ki energy is the male version. Notice Ki is 11/9 or 9/11. Ki is the Sumerian name for the Earth. So 9/11 represents the male active energy tied to the Earth. Qi energy would be an INVERSION of the natural energy of the Earth.


Let’s find some evidence to back up my premise. This film was directed by Andrew and Lana Wachowski. Lana was born “Larry” on June 21, 1965. There is nothing wrong with gender reassignment per se, but this is an agenda being promoted by the followers of the left hand path. Bruce Jenner (Gender) an icon of the masculine active man, was turned into a he/she as well; basically a Baphomet. If they keep their “parts” or not, they embody both male and female in one form. So we have this playing out here as well with Lana. (On a side note, notice Andrew is covering his right ear when Lana speaks. He listens with his “left”.)


We just watched the latest installment of Star Wars last night and I can see the same theme playing out here. They suppress the traditional male active hero and replace it with a female. They are basically replacing the “Christ” figure, coming to save Earth, with a feminine negative or “Lillith”. In Star Wars they have the main character named Rey. “Rey” represents the Sun. Notice she is carrying a “spear”. She is very boyish in her appearance. Again replacing the male active.


Let’s look at the Wiki for a good lead in to the story, “At the beginning of the story, Earth’s residents are unaware that the human species on Earth and countless other planets were established[17] by families of transhuman and alien royalty[18] for the purpose of later “harvesting” the resulting organisms to produce a type of youth serum for the elites on still other planets.[19] After the death of the matriarch of the House of Abrasax, the most powerful of the alien dynasties,[9] her children, Balem, Kalique and Titus, quarrel over the inheritance, with Balem inheriting an enormous refinery on Jupiter and Titus declaring his intention to dismantle the youth serum trade, of which Earth is the next intended source.”

So we have the Abrasax family who are Transhumanists. They extend their life by sucking the life force off of humans that they harvest. The agenda of the left is to live in their current bodies forever. That way they DO actually play God. The head of the family Balem, looks very much like a vampire with his alibaster white skin and dark clothes with a cape that gives the impression of wings. Jupiter even comments to Kalique if they are “some kind of vampire race.” (Note that Jupiter finds out that she is a reincarnation of the head of this family, so she is one too.)

Now we know Prince Charles claims descendancy from Vlad the Impaler, otherwise known as the vampire Count Dracula.


We also have stories of other royalty, such as Elizabeth Bathory, bathing in the blood of innocent maidens killed so they can retain their youth. (Notice she has BATH in her name. Is this where blood bath was originally derived from?)


Here’s the Wiki on her:

Al Gore (gore as in “blood and gore”) is known to carry around vials of blood during his travels. Angelina Jolie carried around blood in a vial around her neck when married to Billy Bob Thornton. Are these “elite” hiding something in plain sight here? (Notice the “Bat” imagery. Tied into Batman- Lucifer Rising. BATaclan theater.. Paris attacks.)

blood vial

On the opposite side of the “vampires” we have the “werewolves”. Kane Wise is said to be a “splice”. A cross between human and wolf. Some of the traits of a wolf help him to be an exceptional soldier, but then it also makes him uncontrollable. He acted out against his superiors and so he would have been killed if his buddy Stinger didn’t step in. Instead he got his wings clipped.

Super Soldier James Casbolt, mentioned that the elite DO plan to live in their current bodies for as long as possible and promote Transhumanism as an instrument to do just that. Now if they have made dealings with spirits or “demons” from another dimension or hell, then the demon is supposed to do the bidding of the human in THIS life but once the human dies, then the demon owns their soul and they become the property of the demon. Crowley did a magical ritual at Boleskine House at Loch Ness to bring in the top demon of this hierarchy. Many actors, musicians etc. speak on how they have a “muse” within them that help them create music, “act” exceptionally etc. “Muse” is another name for demon. So all these people with muses will have to “pay the piper” once they pass from this earthly realm.

So we can’t leave the Abrasax family without looking into the name itself. (Abrasax was actually the original spelling. Later versions changed the name to Abraxas.) Now Abrasax is the god that the Templars worshiped. Here is an image on one of their coins.


And here… notice it says ABRA on one side. Short for Abraxas yes, but also ABRA means OPEN. What are they trying to open? Portal to the demon world? (Abracadrabra, Open Sesame, or AbraHadabra as Crowley changed it to). Abraxas’ home perhaps? Notice too Venus in the Crescent of the Moon. Venus is hot, like Hell. And Venus and Luna (lunacy) are being associated here.


Now we have Abraxas associated with Venus. Now those crafty Phoenicians loved their world play, their Phonetics. Remember that PH can also make the V sound, like in the name StePHen. So if we pronunce the PH in Phoenician with a V sound we see that the Phoenicians are really Venetians. And who are the Venetians? They are the Merchants of Venice (like the Shakespeare play).  Now where did we see Abraxas in modern day imagery? Oh yes, on the Starbucks logo. (Starbuck is the star Venus.)


So here we have the female version of Abraxas.


Now in the series Battlestar Gallactica, the main character was named Starbuck. In the recent version they made the Starbuck character female, but made her very tough like a male. They even have her fight in a ring with male.


So we have Abraxas or Lillith, the female equivalent portrayed in art. Notice the pedestal is a chicken foot, to give you a clue to who this character is.


And if you are still not sure then look at this depiction of Lillith with the owls…


Now let’s not forget to cover a little on the rooster head.


A friend did a post on Facebook showing the symbolism behind why Matt Boylan aka The Wizard Math Powerland (notice he is letting us know he is a witch calling himself a “wizard”?), who is a supposed EX Nasa employee who calls anyone a shill who believes that the Earth is covered with some sort of dome. He promotes “infinite plane” theory, which to me, is another version of “infinite space”. I only bring him up here because he made sure to show himself drinking out of a cup with a rooster on it. Showing his allegiance to Abraxas. Picture by Brandon Stokes. See rooster image on far right center.


Now the Abrasax family in the movie are the Merchants of space. They sell their “youth juice” across many galaxies. They go by the corporate name of Abrasax Industries.

Abrasax is the embodiment of destruction that was the counterpart to the very act of creation. So we can see how this family fits because they go through space “harvesting” humans (destruction) to produce their elixir of life that only a privileged few can benefit from.

So the story starts off with Jupiter being born at sea. So she has no allegiance to any particular country. (Much like the elite.) Notice they have her born under a full moon as well.

Jupiter Ascending 001

We visit her several years later when she is an adult. We find out she is a cleaning lady, along with her mother and aunt. (She is wearing blue. Blue is the color of the left handers, red is the color of the right. The right hand of God.)

Jupiter Ascending 004

We are introduced to the Abrasax family and learn of their “ownership” of many planets in the galaxy. They have a discussion on harvesting, the primary tool in their trade. Kalique asks her brother if he’s ever seen a harvest. He replies, ” No never. But I’ve heard they feel no pain. It’s all quite humane. Done according to code. Most of them are miserable and what we do for them is a MERCY.” (There is a Masonic word for you. Boaz, countered by Jachim, the pillar of Justice.)

Jupiter Ascending 006

So the infinite space thing with billions of planets I don’t buy. That would make Earth insignificant, instead of the special place that it is. The “harvesting” aspect has been put into our consciousness already. You can check out the Above Top Secret (ATS) conversation with The Hidden Hand. Here is a link if you would like to read it for yourselves. (Note that I do NOT concur with the harvesting premise. I think it is put out there to instill fear in us.)

Now what I do believe though, is that the elite have been sacrificing innocents since the beginning of time to their god and also to prolong their youth. You can look to many elite that look much younger than their age and also to ones that are very old. Here’s a couple of examples. Jane Fonda is 78 years old.


This one is Jane Fonda posing for V magazine as “Cat Woman”.


And David Rockefeller is 100 years old.


So these are mortals, fellow humans doing this, not god like people who fly around in spaceships to distant galaxies.

Jupiter Ascending 009

Here is Jupiter enforcing Ball (Baal) theory by cleaning this globe.

So her cousin Vladie has a great idea for them to make some money, Jupiter having her eggs “harvested”. She agrees and goes to a clinic to have one removed. While there, she gets attacked by creatures called Keepers. These creatures look like grey aliens.

Jupiter Ascending 029

Now the alien abduction thing could actually be an extension of the satanic ritual. They are good at putting cover memories into their victims. What better way to cover up their crimes of ritual abuse then by making the victims believe they were abducted. Who would believe them? It’s the same thing with cattle mutilations. A great way to cover up animal sacrifice is by saying they were mutilated by aliens on UFO’s.

Jupiter Ascending 030

So Jupiter is rescued by Kane Wise. Notice the name Kane, same pronunciation different spelling and we have Cain of the Bible. Cain can also be flipped around to Inca, just like the Indians that took their name from him. Inca is very similar to Enki. Enki means “from the Earth”. And again Ki is 9/11, the number for the Earth. It does come down to a battle over Earth doesn’t it? Notice too that EArth has EA in it, which is another name for Enki. (Kane is also a common last name in Hawaiian) The Ki energy is the Christ energy. Hidden all in plain sight. He is lowered in this movie from savior to soldier status. He is hired by Titus to find Jupiter and bring her to him.

Jupiter Ascending 038

Now Balem is Old Germanic for “the destroyer” and in Latin means “to spoil”. Quite fitting name for the head of the Abrasax (Lucifer) Clan. Balem~ Baal. Bale- M… M is for the 13 bloodlines and Bale is an anagram for Abel, the brother of Cain. So we have Balem against Kane, or Abel against Cain in this movie.

Balem finds out that Jupiter was not killed by the keepers as he ordered and that she got away. Notice his silhouette here. He looks very vampire like. Notice his messenger and his wings as well.

Jupiter Ascending 039

So Kane takes Jupiter to a house on Earth that his friend Stinger is at. Notice Kane’s mark, 2112 or 222… “Stinger” is associated with bees and we see at his house there are bees nests all over the place. We find out that Stinger is a splice as well. He is spliced with a bee. Stinger shares some of the “history” of the human race with Jupiter. He says that “the birth place of the human race was not Earth but a planet in the Kinablum system called Orrus over a billion years (also to make us feel insignificant, vast time, vast space) of your years ago. Earth was found during the Great Expansion. (Sounds very scientific, we must believe him now- the Great Expansion.) At that time Earth was inhabited by a species called Sorosapiens. A large scale extinction event took place.” Jupiter exclaims, “Dinosaurs!” (Yes Jupiter, let us promote the dinosaur propaganda here as well.) Stinger goes on to say that Earth was seeded by Abrasax Industries 100,000 years ago. Humans were “spliced” with indigenous people. Once the population exceeds the planet’s capacity they are RIPE for HARVEST.” (Oh my!)

Jupiter Ascending 040

Now the bee is associated with the Merovingians. So when the bees surround Jupiter they would like us to believe she is “royalty” and of this line. Notice too that she is wearing blue, the color of the left. And in a masonic checker board pattern.

Jupiter Ascending 041

Jupiter gets abducted by mercenaries working for Kalique (Notice KALI in her name? The Indian goddess of Destruction). We see here how they flatten the corn field like a crop circle. Reinforcing the “aliens” made the crop circle story. And the keepers make an appearance. (The keepers as in the BEE KEEPERS?)

Jupiter Ascending 046

Back on Balem’s planet of Jupiter, where he has a refinery located in the red dot, we see the humans under the floor in the harvesting chambers.

Jupiter Ascending 047

Notice the blue coloring. Here is Balem walking over them with his aide. They are discussing when the optimal time to harvest the human’s of Earth would be.

Jupiter Ascending 048

So Jupiter is brought to Kalique and shown a statue of her mother. She mentions how she is a spitting image of Jupiter and explains that Jupiter has the same DNA signature as her mother. Basically that Jupiter is her reincarnated mother. (blue background)

Jupiter Ascending 068

Kalique takes a dip in the “youth serum” and comes out her optimal self. She explains to Jupiter that she can be eternally young as well being the head of the Abrasax family and having control of Earth.

Jupiter Ascending 070

So Jupiter is taken to the planet Orrus where the administrative center of the galaxy is, to process her paperwork so she can make her rightful claim to the OWNership of Earth.

Jupiter Ascending 072

Here we have a he/she transhumanist droid named Bob BB=22 with O for Omega in the middle, controlled by the left. Notice we have Bob in The Minion’s too.Bob tells her he will be helping her through the ASCENSION process. (So the process is a matter of paperwork. No enlightenment needed here. Just a formality.) Jupiter mentions that the process was worse then the DMV on Earth. (So we can relate to her suffering here? And ownership of a planet is a similar process of ownership of a car. Anyone else see the silliness of all this?)

Jupiter Ascending 079

When she gets done, she then gets abducted by Titus. (You would think if they were so worried about her “claiming her title” that they would just make it impossible for her to finalize the process at the “DMV”?) Notice in this still shot that we have two pillars, with Anubis dogs on each side, on a flat platform with a dome over head.


Anubis, also known as the Jackal, guardian of the afterlife and protector of Isis/Lillith.


So we have Titus (Notice Titus is from Titan. The Titans were the original pantheon of gods, They were the Nephilim, the fallen ones. Lucifer (Abraxas) being their leader) telling Jupiter some propaganda about Earth. He says, “I know its hard to hear regarding under developed world’s. There’s is not the only inhabited planet in the universe (proof please?)” Jupiter remarks it seems like a dream. Titus retorts, ” Only a dream. Compared to what? The idea that you are the ONLY intelligent species and the ONLY habitable planet in the universe? You actually don’t even have a number to describe how MANY there are.” (Wow. Now if that doesn’t make us feel insignificant I don’t know what does.Thanks Titus.)

Jupiter Ascending 084

So the only way for Jupiter to save the Earth is basically to “keep it in the family” and marry her son Titus. She agrees. Here is a shot of her looking out onto the people. Notice again we have the pillar imagery (this time they look “icy” like the ice wall) and the dome above. Also notice the essential wardrobe changes. That is what MATTERS to the  Abrasax clan after all. There is nothing spiritual here.

Titus further mentions that, “Your Earth is a very small part of a very large industry.” (Similar to each human as a commodity, as we see by our serial number given to us on our birth (B-earth) certificates?) He goes on to say, “Only one resource worth fighting for, for killing over, MORE TIME. TIME is the single most precious commodity in the universe.” (I would suppose he’s right if you sell your soul.)

Jupiter Ascending 071

So right before Jupiter gets abducted again and then agrees to her marriage to Titus she has a heart felt moment with Kane. She asks why Kane attacked his commander. He replies that it is a defect in his genes. He tells her that she is royalty and he is just a splice. He says, “you don’t know what that means. I have more in common with a dog than I have with you.” (Well it’s true, dog is an anagram for god. Kane represents the son of god, the son of the Creator. Jupiter on the other hand is an Abrasax, the daughter of the Destroyer.) She replies, “I’ve always loved dogs.”


Without Jupiter’s knowledge, Titus has Kane thrown out into the VOID. The void is synonymous with the Abyss or the Pit. He makes a comment to Jupiter, “You still trust him? Beauty and her Beast.” Kane overcomes the void and is rescued by the Aegis.

Jupiter Ascending 088

So like a good little lap dog and not the divine being he really is, Kane saves Jupiter just in time from marrying her son.

Jupiter Ascending 090

Balem finds out about his brother’s plan and once he knows the wedding wasn’t finalized, he has his minions go down to Earth and kidnap Jupiter’s family as ransom. He will return them safely to Earth if Jupiter abdicates her title.

Jupiter Ascending 091

Kane comes crashing through in the Aegis (Aegis was the protector of Zeus. Also interpreted as his shield.) But in this case we have a female Jupiter (Zeus) so Aegis is coming to save her. The crash destabilizes the red spot and chaos ensues.

Before Balem’s final battle with Jupiter he exclaims, “I create life! And I destroy it… life is an act of consumption. To live is to consume. This vast machine is defined by evolution (oh lord, we couldn’t leave this movie without hitting on every one of their main propaganda themes) for a single purpose… to create PROFIT. Lives are like PYRAMIDS and some lives will always MATTER more than others. (Masonic philosophy as well as the elite, survival of the fittest and of the bloodline.)

Jupiter Ascending 095

So Balem is defeated, the Aegis rescues Jupiter and her family and they make it back to Earth. In the next scene we see Jupiter is back to cleaning toilets. But now she knows she is royalty and OWNS the Earth. (Notice she is wearing more blue.)

Jupiter Ascending 097

She tells her family she has a date and meets up with Kane. Kane now has his wings back thanks to her royal pardon. She gets a pair of nifty space boots as well. The pair fly off into the sunset with the people of Earth ignorant to their Savior Jupiter.

An addendum here: what does it mean to “OWN” the Earth? Isn’t that the agenda all along? OWN~NWO, New World Order. They see US as slaves, they OWN us already (B-earth certificates) and NOW they want to OWN the Earth as well. So Jupiter OWNing the Earth is NOT some cute little Cinderella story, it’s about the takeover of our HOME.

With Love~ Rosette Delacroix


P.S. YouTube Presentation Below.

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8 responses on “Jupiter Ascending Decoded

  1. Lilith Levine

    Brilliant work Rosette keep them coming I love your work
    My name was my fathers idea of a joke the first demon the first girl in the family for 50 years I am not a demon I just have to live with the name lol I am nothing like my name sake I can assure every one lol

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Lillith you are an exceptional lady. Truly compassionate. You’ve really touched me hearing about your hospice work. I would NEVER associate you with the negative feminine. YOU are from the heart! I am honored to know you.

  2. r47

    Poignant piece. I just wished it could have been a good movie. Kunis’ only good role ever is meg from family guy.
    Writing tip, if i may offer one: one or two parentheses per article, so make it/them count.
    you seem very well versed, there may be hope in your generation afterall. Most youth would have watched it with a dose of soda and popcorn, and stumbled off unaware of the subliminal mind twists.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Well thank you r47. I actually have a degree in journalism with a minor in English, but when I write I just write how it comes out of my brain. Ha. I am working on the youtube vid for Jupiter Ascending at present and it should be available by Monday. So that vid might interest you.

  3. Jason Perez

    This analysis of the Jupitor movie was interesting. Throughout your analysis I saw thw constant inversion of roles. The Jupiter male to female inversion and the inversion of Cain and Abel. Caine or Kane as depicted in the movie is designed to engage the audience in empathizing with him. This reversal of meanings would mean that the TPTB are deceving us into believing that the true nature of these personalities should be accepted and embraced. Empathy and conpenetration of the Kane character is designed to allow us to subconsciously accept the gene splciing and manipulation as something good since it makes him formidable against the adversary in the movie. So gene splicing is okay because it can make you a hero, thus, reducing the importance of being a normal human being.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Cain is actually related to Christ energy and Abel is Luciferian energy. So they actually show that correctly. Abel is an anagram of Bael or Baal. Cain is Inca or Enki… The “ka” sound in Cain goes with the “ka” sound in Christ. Notice Abel can also be an anagram of Blae… change the “a” with a “u” and you have Blue, the color of the left handers… so Abel is related to Enlil and Cain to Enki. Enki the KI is 11/9 in numerology or 9/11, Enki is tied to the Earth, the heart. He is the good guy.

  4. bianca

    very weird… i do not know if you know that here in México there are a lot… i might say not a lot but a massive pandemia of missing young people especially young women…. and like a month ago, my cousin told me something about the fact that if someone like my age or older can access to blood transfussion from a younger person, they immediatly feel awsome and renewed an younger… so in my mind i immediatly start to connect the dots… elite are in fact buying young people from the third world countries. People which they actually see as cattle, not humans (i am sure that elite still think they are -as they actually believed in ancient times- gods descendants).
    So what i immediatly infer is that they buy this young people to have them as their permanent blood providers.
    I haven´t seen the movie but your description of it blow my mind since it is exactly what they are depicting in the movie, the same thing that i think is actually really hapenning. No extra discussion about that maybe they are buying them for human sacrifices…. Really scary… as i write it, it really freaks me out! And one more thing: you say that left handed -which i infer is the way you call the luciferian worshippers- are linked with blue… so i do not have to add nothing else when i recall that it is said an very well known that monarchy offspring have blue blood… And we could keep on connecting dots…. Grettings from México. Pd. At the end i don´t think that blue is a bad color and red is a good one. They are just part of the reality which i do not think is either good or bad but a whole. The same story with moon and sun, they are not good or evil, they are just part of a whole… the problem is that elite are pushing a despicable agenda to invert everithing so their “cattle” -us- end very confused and fucked up, with no knowledge about anything but what they sell to us. And all these with the ultimate goal of make exactly what they want without any restrictions… as the movie says, they want to be the owners of the whole world… frightening and ominous.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Bianca,
      Yes it is frightening and not just happening in third world countries. Many Satanic covens have “breeders”; women who specifically become pregnant to use their babies in rituals. Missing children come up all over the world. This has been going on since Ancient times when rituals were done out in the open. They now just moved them underground. It’s great you are aware of this. Spread the word. The more people know the easier it will be to put a stop to this.

      Regarding duality… our world is set up to be in harmony, in balance with the sun and moon energy, however, the Luciferians are trying to create chaos by infusing an abundance of “moon” energy basically. So that isn’t how it is right now. Blue isn’t inherently bad, it is just used symbolically. Look at the gangs in LA. You have the bloods (red) and the Crips (blue). What are the Crips? They are crypts… coffins…. where the vampires live.

      I appreciate your input. Thank you Bianca.

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